Memories of Half a Century: A Record of Friendships

Smith, 1908 - 362 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 219 - Nothing could stop that astonishing infantry. No sudden burst of undisciplined valour, no nervous enthusiasm weakened the stability of their order, their flashing eyes were bent on the dark columns in their front, their measured tread shook the ground, their dreadful volleys swept away the head of every formation, their deafening shouts overpowered the dissonant cries that broke from all parts of the tumultuous crowd, as slowly and with a horrid carnage it was pushed by the incessant vigour of the...
Σελίδα 218 - ... hesitated, and then vomiting forth a storm of fire, hastily endeavoured to enlarge their front, while a fearful discharge of grape, from all their artillery, whistled through the British ranks. Myers was killed, Cole, and the three colonels, Ellis, Blakeney, and Hawkshawe fell wounded, and the Fusilier battalions, struck by the iron tempest, reeled and staggered like sinking ships.
Σελίδα 338 - A saintly shape of fame, to cheer the right And steel each wavering glance. I write of one, While with dim eyes I think of three ; Who weeps not others fair and brave as he ? Ah, when the fight is won, Dear Land, whom triflers now make bold to scorn (Thee ! from whose forehead Earth awaits her morn), How nobler shall the sun Flame in thy sky, how braver breathe thy air, That thou bred'st children who for thee could dare And die as thine have done ! 1863.
Σελίδα 218 - Such a gallant line, issuing from the midst of the smoke, and rapidly separating itself from the confused and broken multitude, startled the enemy's heavy masses, which were increasing and pressing onwards as to an assured victory ; they wavered, hesitated, and then vomiting forth a storm of fire, hastily endeavoured to enlarge their front, while a fearful discharge of grape from all their artillery whistled through the British ranks. Myers was...
Σελίδα 210 - Old Roof Tree. Here be trust fast. Opinion free. Knightly Right Hand. Christian knee. Worth in all Wit in some. Laughter open. Slander dumb. Hearth where rooted Friendships grow, Safe as Altar even to Foe. And the sparks that upwards go When the hearth flame dies below, If thy sap in them may be, Fear no winter, Old Roof Tree.
Σελίδα 83 - While Memory watches o'er the sad review Of joys that faded like the morning dew...
Σελίδα 29 - I used to see him in those early, unforgotten days ; a neat figure of a cheerful plumpness, very small feet and hands, a full brown beard, a high and rounded forehead, a small nose not naturally intended to support a pair of large spectacles, behind which his eyes shone with humour and friendship ; not by any means the sort of man imagination would have pictured as the creator of Count Fosco and the inventor of the terrors of Armadale and the absorbing mystery of The Moonstone.
Σελίδα 356 - Like clouds that rake the mountain-summits, Or waves that own no curbing hand, How fast has brother followed brother, From sunshine to the sunless land! Yet I, whose lids from infant slumber Were earlier raised, remain to hear A timid voice, that asks in whispers, ' Who next will drop and disappear...
Σελίδα 90 - Respected Chief standing up in the centre. I don't know what it looked like most — a battlefield — an impossible tableau — a gigantic picnic. There was one very pretty girl in full dress lying down on her side all night, and holding on to one leg of my table. So I read Nickleby and the Trial. From the beginning to the end they didn't lose one point, and they ended with a great burst of cheering.
Σελίδα 82 - ... had been removed. The upper lip had become long, the corners of the mouth drooped, the nose was short and podgy, all the angles of the chin had gone, the chin itself had receded into the throat, and the eyes, lately so humorous and human, had become as malicious and obstinate as those of a pig.

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