A Practical Treatise [o]f the Law of Vendors & Purchasers of Estates

J. Butterworth, 1818 - 772 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 1 - ... any annuity or rent-charge shall, from and after the passing of this act, be granted for one or more life or lives...
Σελίδα 423 - where a man by deed or will charges or orders an estate to be sold for payment of debts generally, and then makes specific dispositions, the purchaser is not bound to see to the application of the purchasemoney : it is just the same as if the specific bequests were out of the will.
Σελίδα 43 - ... unless the agreement upon which such action shall be brought, or some memorandum or note thereof, shall be in writing and signed by the party to be charged therewith, or some other person thereunto by him lawfully authorised...
Σελίδα 381 - ... seised or possessed, in trust for him against whom execution is so sued, like as the sheriff or other officer might or ought to have done, if the said party against whom execution...
Σελίδα 434 - To obviate this difficulty, which frequently occurs, it might, perhaps, be advisable (instead of naming the trustees in the clause) to say, that the receipts " of the trustees or trustee, for the time being, acting in the execution of the trusts hereby created," shall be sufficient discharges.
Σελίδα 22 - ... sale, together with all charges attending the same, shall be made good by the defaulter,
Σελίδα 71 - ... shall be allowed to be good, except the buyer shall accept part of the goods so sold and actually receive the same, or give something in earnest to bind the bargain, or in part...
Σελίδα 210 - THURLOW said, that to set aside a conveyance, there must be an inequality, so strong, gross and manifest, that it must be impossible to state it to a man of common sense without producing an exclamation at the inequality of it (1).
Σελίδα 43 - ... all leases, estates, interests of freehold or terms of years, or any uncertain interest of, in, to or out of any messuages, manors, lands, tenements or hereditaments made or created by livery and seisin only, or by parol, and not put in writing and signed by the parties so making or creating the same, or their agents thereunto lawfully authorized by writing, shall have the force and effect of leases or estates at will only...
Σελίδα 572 - June, no Writ of Fieri facias, or other Writ of Execution, shall bind the Property of the Goods against whom such Writ of Execution is sued forth, but from the Time that such Writ shall be delivered to the Sheriff...

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