The World's Greatest Civil Aircraft: An Illustrated History

Amber Books Ltd, 21 Δεκ 2015 - 224 σελίδες
Commercial air travel began just over a century ago. In that time there have been groundbreaking civilian aircraft, such as flying boats, the first pressurized cabin aircraft, jet and supersonic aircraft, as well as immense changes in the capacity of a typical airliner: in the 1920s aircraft struggled to carry 20 passengers, but today some models can carry up to 800 people.

The World's Greatest Civil Aircraft includes many types, from cargo transports and freighters, through flying boats, passenger airliners, business jets and supersonic carriers. Featured aircraft include: the Ford Trimotor ‘Tin Goose’, one of the great workhorses of early aviation history; the first post-war intercontinental airliners, such as the Douglas DC-4 Skymaster, De Havilland Comet and Boeing 377 Stratocruiser; the Vickers VC10, one of the greats of the 1960s golden age of commercial airliners, when jet-powered air commerce was new and airliners pampered passengers; the massive Super Guppy heavy transport, one of the widest aircraft in aviation history; the supersonic Tupolev Tu-144 ‘Charger’ and Concorde, Cold War competitors in aviation excellence; the Embraer ERJ, part of a new range of narrow-bodied airliners; and the most popular passenger aircraft of the present, including the Boeing 747 and Airbus A320.

Each entry includes a brief description of the model’s development and history, a profile view, key features and specifications. Packed with more than 200 artworks and photographs, The World’s Greatest Civil Aircraft is a colourful guide for the aviation enthusiast.


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Dornier Wal 1922
Ford TriMotor 1926
Junkers Ju 523m 1931
Douglas DC2 and DC3 1934
Clipper 1938
Douglas DC4 DC6 and DC7 1938
Stratocruiser 1947
Tupolev Tu144 Charger 1968
McDonnell Douglas DC10 and MD11 1970
Airbus Industrie A300 and A310 1972
De Havilland Canada DHC8 Dash 8 Bombardier Q Series 1983

De Havilland DH 106 Comet 1949
SudAviation Caravelle 1955
Douglas DC8 1958
Vickers VC10 1962
Douglas DC9 MD8090 and Boeing 717 1965
Airbus A340 1991
Bombardier CRJ 1991
Embraer EJet 2002
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