A Compilation of Laws Affecting the Regulation of Public Utilities

Railroad Commission of Wisconsin, 1909 - 65 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 46 - ... a like and contemporaneous service In the transportation of a like kind of traffic under substantially similar circumstances and conditions, such common carrier shall be deemed guilty of unjust discrimination, which Is hereby prohibited and declared to be unlawful.
Σελίδα 33 - No complaint shall at any time be dismissed because of the absence of direct damage to the complainant.
Σελίδα 31 - Commission any blanks with directions to fill the same, shall cause the same to be properly filled out so as to answer fully and correctly each question therein propounded, and in case it is unable to answer any question, it shall 'give a good and sufficient reason for such failure...
Σελίδα 29 - That the Commission hereby created shall have authority to inquire into the management of the business of all common carriers subject to the provisions of this act, and shall keep itself informed as to the manner and method in which the same is conducted...
Σελίδα 45 - That if any common carrier subject to the provisions of this act shall, directly or indirectly, by any special rate, rebate, drawback, or other device, charge, demand, collect, or receive from any person or persons a greater or less compensation...
Σελίδα 44 - ... act, upon which such public utility may be permitted to occupy the streets, highways or other public property within such municipality, and such contract, ordinance or other determination of such municipality shall be in force and prima facie reasonable.
Σελίδα 5 - The common council shall thereupon at its next regular meeting by resolution or ordinance direct the city clerk to call a special election for the purpose of submitting such question to the electors of such city and school district.
Σελίδα 40 - ... for the production, transmission, delivery or furnishing of heat, light, water or power, either directly or Indirectly, to or for the public.
Σελίδα 47 - ... shall be liable to the person, firm or corporation injured thereby in treble the amount of damages sustained in consequence of such violation; provided, that any recovery as in this section provided, shall in no manner affect a recovery by the state of the penalty prescribed for such violation.
Σελίδα 22 - The commission shall value all the property of every public utility actually used and useful for the convenience of the public. In making such valuation the commission may avail itself of any information in possession of the state board of assessment, Valuation: commission's hearing and report.

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