New Monthly Magazine, Τόμος 30

Thomas Campbell, Samuel Carter Hall, Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron Lytton, Theodore Edward Hook, Thomas Hood, William Harrison Ainsworth
Henry Colburn, 1830
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Σελίδα 95 - Hey presto cockalorum !' cried the Doctor, and lo, on uncovering the shillings, which had been dispersed each beneath a separate hat, they were all found congregated under one. I was no politician at five years old, and therefore might not have wondered at the sudden revolution which brought England, France, and Spain all under one crown ; but, as...
Σελίδα 205 - If a straight line meets two straight lines, so as to make the two interior angles on the same side of it taken together less than two right angles...
Σελίδα 321 - I have to move that an humble address be presented to His Majesty, to assure His Majesty that this House deeply...
Σελίδα 233 - Her birth, her education, but, above all, the genius with which she was gifted, combined to inspire a passion for the ethereal, the tender, the imaginative, the heroic, in one word, the beautifuL It was in her a faculty divine, and yet of daily life, it touched all things : but, like a sunbeam, touched them with a golden finger.
Σελίδα 321 - House sympathizes with his majesty in the deep affliction in which his majesty is plunged by this mournful event. The king, taking into his serious consideration the advanced period of the session, and the state of the public business, feels unwilling to recommend the introduction of any new...
Σελίδα 160 - ... is of a fleshy^ whiteness and transparency in its natural state, but when exposed to light, its skin gradually becomes darker, and at last gains an olive tint. Its nasal organs appear large, and it is abundantly furnished with teeth, from which it may be concluded that it is an animal of prey ; yet in its confined state, it has never been known to eat, and it has been kept alive for many years by occasionally changing the water in which it was placed.
Σελίδα 298 - To prepare brief instructions for such as are setting out on their travels ; pointing out the parts most desirable to be visited ; the best and most practicable means of proceeding thither ; the researches most essential to make ; phenomena to be observed ; the subjects of natural history most desirable to be procured ; and to obtain all such information as may tend to the extension of our geographical knowledge.
Σελίδα 341 - Months afterwards it was ascertained, that at the time of observation the bells of the city of St. Salvador, on the Brazilian coast, had been ringing on the occasion of a festival: their sound, therefore, favoured by a gentle wind, had travelled over...
Σελίδα 160 - Its fore feet resemble hands, but they have only three claws or fingers, and are too feeble to be of use in grasping or supporting the weight of the animal ; the hinder feet have only two claws or toes, and in the larger specimens are found so imperfect as to be almost obliterated.
Σελίδα 394 - ... ultimately gave the preference to a mixture of four ounces of nitrate of ammonia, four ounces of sub-carbonate of soda, and four ounces of water. This mixture, in three hours, produced ten ounces of ice ; whilst, with the mixture of sulphate of soda and...

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