Reports of Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia, Τόμος 5


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Σελίδα 89 - House, but may be amended or rejected by the other; and on the final passage of all bills they shall be read at length, and the vote shall be by yeas and nays upon each bill separately, and shall be entered on the Journal ; and no bill shall become a law without the concurrence of a majority of the members elected to each House.
Σελίδα 516 - And if they are so mutually connected with and dependent on each other, as conditions, considerations, or compensations for each other, as to warrant the belief that the legislature intended them as a whole, and...
Σελίδα 244 - ... together with all and singular the tenements, hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining, and the reversion and reversions, remainder and remainders, rents, issues and profits thereof; and also all the estate, right, title, interest, property, possession, claim and demand whatsoever, as well in law as in equity, of the said part.
Σελίδα 79 - State court, may, at any time before the final hearing or trial of the suit, file a petition in such State court for the removal of the suit...
Σελίδα 326 - where the acts of the agent will bind the principal, there his representations, declarations, and admissions respecting the subject-matter will also bind him, if made at the same time, and constituting part of the res gestae.
Σελίδα 80 - Where a corporation is created by the laws of a State, the legal presumption is, that its members are citizens of the State in which alone the corporate body has a legal existence.
Σελίδα 79 - And where a suit is now pending, or may be hereafter brought, in any state court, in which there is a controversy between a citizen of the state in which the suit is brought and a citizen of another state...
Σελίδα 476 - What is termed the policy of the Government with reference to any particular legislation," as this court has said, "is generally a very uncertain thing, upon which all sorts of opinions, each variant from the other, may be formed by different persons. It is a ground much too unstable upon which to rest the judgment of the court in the interpretation of statutes.
Σελίδα 532 - The conviction of either party for an offense involving moral turpitude, and under which he or she is sentenced to imprisonment in the penitentiary for the term of two years or longer. § 2946. Discretionary grounds. In case of cruel treatment or habitual intoxication by either party, the jury, in their discretion, may grant either a total or partial divorce.
Σελίδα 87 - Each House shall keep a Journal of its proceedings, and cause the same to be published.

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