Military Avionics Systems

John Wiley & Sons, 2006 - 520 σελίδες
Military avionics is a complex and technically challenging field which requires a high level of competence from all those involved in aircraft design and maintenance. As the various systems on board an aircraft evolve to become more and more interdependent and integrated, it is increasingly important for designers to have a holistic knowledge of aircraft systems to produce an effective design for their individual components and effectively combine the systems involved. This book introduces the military roles expected of aircraft types and describes the avionics systems required to fulfill these roles. These range from technology and architectures to navigations systems, sensors, computing architectures, and the human-machine interface. The book enables students to put together combinations of systems in order to perform specific military roles. Military Avionics Systems will appeal to practitioners in the aerospace industry across many disciplines, including aerospace engineers, designers, pilots, aircrew, maintenance engineers, ground crew, navigation experts, weapons developers, and instrumentation developers. It also provides a valuable reference to students in the fields of systems and aerospace engineering and avionics.

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Ian Moir BSc, CEng, FRAeS, FIEE work for 18 years at Smiths Industries, Cheltenham, UK Allan Seabridge BA, MPhil is Chief Flight Systems Engineer at BAE Systems

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