The Justice of the Peace: Designed to be a Guide to Justices of the Peace for the State of Maine, Τόμος 1828

Sanborn & Carter, 1852 - 407 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 315 - ... on, &c., and on divers other days and times between that day and the day of...
Σελίδα 378 - Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and declared by the said William Norris as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names: Wm.
Σελίδα 212 - A free and voluntary confession is deserving of the highest credit, because it is presumed to flow from the strongest sense of guilt, and therefore it is admitted as proof of the crime to which it refers ; but a confession forced from the 1783.
Σελίδα 370 - W. X., his executors, administrators or assigns ; for which payment, well and truly to be made, I bind myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, firmly by these presents.
Σελίδα 177 - ... together with the principal felon or after the conviction of the principal felon, or may be indicted and convicted of a substantive felony, whether the principal felon shall or shall not have been previously convicted, or shall or shall not be amenable to justice, and may thereupon be punished in the same manner as any accessory before the fact to the same felony, if convicted as an accessory, may be punished.
Σελίδα 302 - July, 1819; and on divers other days and times, as well before as after, with force and arms, at...
Σελίδα 368 - Inquest aforesaid, to a great number, to wit, to the number of one hundred persons and upwards, armed and arrayed in a warlike manner, that is to say, with guns, swords, clubs, stones, and other warlike weapons, as well offensive as defensive, being then and there unlawfully, maliciously and traitorously...
Σελίδα 270 - ... taxed at as to us appears of record, whereof execution remains to be done...
Σελίδα 321 - No person who conscientiously believes that the seventh day of the week ought to be observed as the Sabbath...
Σελίδα 180 - All such warrants shall be directed to the sheriff of the county or his deputy, or to any constable of the county, commanding such officer to search the house or place where the stolen property or other things for which he is required to search are believed to be concealed, which place and property or things to be searched for shall be designated and described in the warrant, and to bring such stolen property or other things, when found, and the person in whose possession the same shall be found,...

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