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1088. Mississippi teachers' association. Proceedings of the thirtieth annual

meeting . . . Laurel, Miss., April 29 to May 1, 1915. Brookhaven, Miss.,
Lincoln county times, 1915.

8o. (H. L. McCleskey, secretary,
Hazlehurst, Miss.)

Contains: 1. P. P. Claxton: [Report of Dr. Claxton's address on the six-six plan), p. 37-39.

2. L. B. Evans: What we owe our children, p. 39-41. 3. B. L. Hatch: The course of study

and the principles underlying its determination, p. 72–76. 4. S. C. Eall: Should essentials
of a course of study vary to satisfy social demands in different school districts, p. 76-81.

5. Mabel Mitchell: Using home science as a means of more closely connecting the home and

school, p. 82-85. 6. Mary Stokes: Co-operation between the elementary school and the state,
P. 90-94. 7. J.J. Dawsey: Classification of schools, p. 97-102. 8. A. L. Bondurant: Livo Latin,
p. 104-8. 9. Should our educational system include activities whose special purpose is prepara-
tion for war? From the standpoint of the college (by) D. M. Nelson, p. 109-10; From the stand.

point of the common schools [by) Anna Jones, p. 110-11; From the standpoint of the home (by)

Mrs. G. D. Booth, p. 111-12.



1089. Ohio state teachers' association. Proceedings-sixty-eighth year, June

30 to July 2, 1915. Ohio educational monthly, 64 : 350-431, August 1915.

Contains: 1. P. E. Cromer: Attendance problem, p. 361–63. 2. J. H. Cook: Consolidation-
an indispensible feature of modern rural education, p. 363-67. 3. L. T. Skeggs: The social
opportunity of the rural school, p. 367–71. 4. G. J. Keinath: The curriculum of the country
school, p. 371-73. 5. Teacher training in Ohio-H. B. Williams: The raw material, p. 373-77;
E. C. Minnich: Possibilities and limitations, p. 377-79: 6. G. W. Knight: Agencies for training

teachers in Ohio, p. 379–84. 7. I. G. Williams: A question of standards, p. 384-91.
1090. Vermont state teachers' association. Report of the sixty-fifth annual

convention, St. Johnsbury, Vt., October 15–17, 1914. 128 p. (Margaret R.
Kelley, secretary, Derby, Vt.)

Contains: 1. E. B. Smith: Practical medical inspection, p. 20-23. 2. W. II. Crawshaw: The

human element in education, p. 24–29. 3. W.S. Learned: The teacher's interest in the teacher,

p. 31–42. 4. M. B. Lillegas: Some standards for judging the school's eficiency, p. 42-46. 5.G.S.

Wright: The grading of adolescent pupils; a plea for a system which does not sacrifice the welfare

of the pupil to subject matter, p. 55–59. 6. M. D. Chittenden: What subjects of the traditional

high school course can best be displaced by a course in manual training or home economics, p.59–65.

7. C. H. Willey: Elementary schools. Some troubles and how I have met them, p. 65–71. 8.

W. A. Beebe: Keeping children after school; its use and abuse, p. 78–79. 9. F. B. Jenks: Agri-

cultural education in our public schools, p. 80–88. 10. A. C. Iurd: How to make country life

more satisfying, p. 89-94. 11. E. L. Ingalls and J. L. McBrien: Boys' and girls' clubs, p. 94-100.

12. David Snedden: Some current problems in education, p. 107–11.


1091. Fisk, Carl R. The English parish and education at the beginning of American

colonization. School review, 23 : 433–49, September 1915.

Interesting historical sketch, with copious bibliographical references and notes.
1092. Graves, Frank Pierrepont. A student's history of education. New York,

The Macmillan company, 1915. 453 p. 12o.

“Supplementary reading" at end of each chapter.

1093. Sandys, Sir John Edwin. A short history of classical scholarship from the

sixth century B. C. to the present day. Cambridge, University press, 1915.

455 p. illus. 8o.

1094. Spranger, Eduard. Der zusammenhang von politik und pädagogik in der

neuzeit. Umrisse zu einer geschichte der deutschen schulgesetzgebung und
schulverfassung. (Fortsetzung.) $ 17. Ludolph Beckedorff. Die deutsche
schule, 19 : 283–93, May 1915.

For references to earlier installments see: Monthly record of current educational publications,

1914, item 1478; 1915, item 880.

1095. Wells, Guy F. The first school survey. Educational review, 50 : 166–74,

September 1915.

First survey undertaken by Rhode Island in 1843. Conducted by Henry Barnard, who was

asked by the legislature to draw up a bill revising the school code. With a few changes his bill

was enacted in 1845.


1096. Alabama. Dept. of education. The elimination of illiteracy in Dale

County; report of a visit of the rural school agent. Montgomery, Alabama

illiteracy commission, 1915. 31 p. illus. 8o.
1097. Boise, Id. Board of education. Special report of the Boise public schools.

[Boise, Id.) 1915. 96 p. 8o.
1098. Brown, Elmer E. Educational progress of the past fifteen years. American

education, 19 : 12–17, September 1915.

Address delivered at the Congress of education, Oakland, California, August 16, 1915.
1099. Castelli, Giuseppe and Brasca, Luigi. Le istituzioni scolastiche. Torino

[etc.] Unione tipografico-editrice torinese, 1915. 326 p. 8o. (Biblioteca
di ragioneria applicata. vol. XI, monografia 22)

CONTENTS.-pte. I. Natura e fini delle istituzioni scolastiche (G. Castelli).-pte. II. Amminis-

trazione e contabilità degli istituti d'istruzione (L. Brasca).

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Par, June

1915. olidationThe social le country

p. 373-77; or training

annual aret R.

Bw: The teacher, 5.G.S. welfare ditiona) 1.59–65. 71. 8. : AgriTy life 4-100.

1100. Cooper, Clayton Sedgwick. Modern ideals in American education. Edu

cational foundations, 27 : 12–21, September 1915. 1101. Deutscher lehrerverein. Pädagogische zentrale. Entwurf eines frage

bogens zu periodischen erhebungen über den fortschritt der verbesserungen der öffentlichen volksschulen im Deutschen reiche. Im auftrage der pädagogischen zentrale des Deutschen lehrervereins bearbeitet von Aloys Fischer. Zeitschrift für pädagogische psychologie und experimentelle pädagogik, 15: 454-65, September/October 1914.

Schema of a proposed school survey in the form of a questionnaire. 1102. Duval, P. Les programmes de l'enseignement primaire et la guerre. Révue

pédagogique, 66 : 455–73, June 1915.

A detailed account of the modification of the content of subjects of study for the purpose of

instilling the lessons of the European War. 1103. A handbook of the best private schools of the United States and Canada; an

annual publication, 1915. Boston, P. E. Sargent [1915] 514 p. 12o.

(Sargent's handbook series) 1104. Randall, A. W. G. The failure of Prussian education. Journal of education

(London), 47:561-62, 564, September 1, 1915.

Says that France is the most successful of all nations in combining "cosmopolitanism and an ineradicable sense of nationality,” in its institutions of learning. In France emphasis is laid

on culture; in Germany on erudition. 1105. Sadler, Michael E. Changes in English education since 1900. School and

society, 2:367–71, September 11, 1915. 1106. Schierbaum, Heinrich. Deutscher geist für deutsche schulen. Zeitschrift

für lateinlose höhere schulen, 26 : 195–200, 7. und 8. heft, 1915.

Condemns the still regnant Hellenic spirit in the schools and calls for the enthronement of the

German spirit in German schools.
1107. Tews, J. Umschau. Die deutsche schule, 19:315–22, May 1915.

A counsel on the future of education in Germany after the War. Revolutionary changes not.

expected, but a movement in the direction of an education more democratic and closer to life 1108. Wilkinson, Emma T. New idealism in elementary education. Education,

36:34–45, September 1915.
A strong plea for better ethical training in the public schools.

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PEDAGOGICS AND DIDACTICS. 1109. Burnham, William Henry. Bibliographies on educational subjects. 4. Ex

perimental and general pedagogy. Worcester, Mass., Clark university press, 1915. 32 p. 8o. (Publications of the Clark university library. vol. 4, no.5)

Bibliographies prepared by students of Clark university. 1110. Campagnac, Ernest Trafford. Studies introductory. to a theory of educa

tion. Cambridge, University press, 1915. 133 p. 12o. 1111. Leupolt, Edmund. Der neue lehrplan für die sächsischen seminare. Päda.

gogische zeitung, 44 : 265–67, May 27, 1915. 1112. Mulford, Henry J. The beginnings of education. Buffalo medical journal,

71:67–76, September 1915.

Second paper of series. Discusses the teacher and methods of teaching. Emphasizes the

danger of fatigue. Shows the physiological effects upon the child. 1113. Ruediger, W. C. Is credit for quality sound? School review, 23 : 450-54,

September 1915.

Writer deplores the fact that many high school and college teachers have no “consistent grasp of educational theory, including the theory of motivation, and are therefore unable to bring student and subject vitally together."


1114. Sleight, W. G. Educational values and methods based on the principles o

the training process. Oxford, Clarendon press, 1915. viii, 364 p. 12o. 1115. Vom rechte des kindes. Schweizerische lehrerzeitung, 60 : 153–56, 163–65,

173–75, 186–87, May 8, 15, 22, 29, 1915. (To be concluded)

A critical examination by a conservative thinker of the libertarian tendencies in educational

thought and practice represented by Ellen Key, Ludwig Gurlitt, Leon Tolstoi, Berthold Otto. 1116. Wyneken, Gustav. Der krieg und die schule. Akademische rundschau,

3 : 293-305, May 1915.

The most radical thinker among German educators advocates a pedagogy and educational policy oriented by the forward look to the needs of the present. Page 303–05, an invitation by the editors to a discussion of Wyneken's article.

EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY; CHILD STUDY. 1117. Chase, H. W. The recent spelling test. North Carolina high school bulletin,

6: 125–40, July 1915.

Some comments on the recent high school spelling test held in North Carolina. 1118. Jessup, Walter A. Standards and current practices. School and society,

2:137–43, July 24, 1915.

Theorists, investigators, and superintendents have for some time been critical toward the content, method of teaching, time expenditure, etc., in the teaching of arithmetic. While they are not perfectly agreed, yet there is sufficient agreement to make it worth while to know the

extent of these agreements, which are set forth in this article. 1119. Moore, Charles N. On correlation and disciplinary values. School and

society, 2: 378–85, September 11, 1915.

Discusses particularly the literature on correlation between abilities in different school subjects. 1120. Stark, William E. Measurement of eighth grade composition. School and

society, 2 : 208–16, August 7, 1915.

This study is based upon compositions written by all members of the eighth grade in the public

schools of Hackensack, New Jersey. 1121. Tidyman, W. F. A critical study of Rice's investigation of spelling efficiency.

Pedagogical seminary, 22 : 391-400, September 1915.

The writer thinks that Rice's investigation offers little of direct, positive value to pedagogical theory and practice. Its greatest and, indeed, its monumental service to education must be

that it raised questions and stimulated experimentation and criticism of existing practices. 1122. Zeidler, c. Beiträge zur psychologie des jugendwanderns. Zeitschrift für

pädagogische psychologie und experimentelle pädagogik, 15 : 465–82, September/October 1914.

A study of the psychology of children's outing tours based on material gathered by the Pädagogische vereinigung of Hamburg.

SPECIAL METHODS OF INSTRUCTION. 1123. Louisiana state university and agricultural and mechanical college.

Dept. of junior extension and home economics. Autostereopticon and moving picture machine for extension service in rural schools. Baton Rouge, Ramires-Jones printing company, 1915. 14 p. illus. 8°. (University bulletin, Louisiana state university. vol. VI, n. S., no. 7)

SPECIAL SUBJECTS OF CURRICULUM, 1124. Bagley, W. C. Minimal essentials in geography and history. American

school, 1:206–9, August 1915. 1125. Chiles, E. E. Oral exposition for colleges and high schools. English journal,

4:458–64, September 1915.

Discusses the technique of presentation in the longer theme work of the advanced high school student and of the beginner in college or university composition,

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