Letters on the Chickasaw and Osage Missions

T. R. Marvin, 1833 - 169 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 2 - DEAN, of the said District, has deposited in this Office the Title of a Book, the right whereof he claims as Proprietor, in the words following, viz. "Letters and Conversations on the Cherokee Mission. By the author of Conversations on the Bombay Mission. Revised by the Publishing Committee.
Σελίδα 144 - I never felt myself more at home among the Osages than at present: I never had more of their confidence; and, indeed, never had higher hopes of eventual suci.
Σελίδα 134 - stand and pray, first to the east, then to the west, then to the north, and then to the south, as though God was in one direction or the other.
Σελίδα 148 - At an old town on the Missouri ; we shall have bodies as here ; it will be good hunting ground ; there will be plenty of game ; we shall go to war as we do now. Different nations will go to different places.
Σελίδα 146 - Nerf, a man about 60 years old, who had been acquainted with white men about 40 years; and who had visited St. Louis and the city of New York, and in both those places had been told something respecting the God of Christians. Before that time what did you hear about God? "I have formerly been taught to consider the sun, the moon, the earth, and the sky to be the principal gods.
Σελίδα 147 - If we want to go to war, we put mud on our faces and fast seven days, and then in a dream the several gods bring us tidings of certain success.
Σελίδα 165 - Let us not forget to assemble every Sabbath to receive instruction from the word of God.
Σελίδα 80 - ... company with the father of the children who are with us. On their arrival, the father told the Osages how well his children were fed and clothed, and how fast they learned to speak the American language. Clamore, the principal chief, was exceedingly pleased with the account, and said — " I wish that the war was over, that I might send my children there also.
Σελίδα 57 - Sans-Nerf replied as follows : — " My Friend, — You see I am not white like you ; I am red — but my heart is in the same place with your heart ; my blood is the same color as your blood ; my limbs are like your limbs ; I am an American.
Σελίδα 167 - ... September, has recently been forwarded to us. As it is the first of the kind from this station, and contains a brief view of the mission, we shall give it almost entire. IN compliance with the directions contained in the Circular from the Department of War, dated Sept. 3, 1819, the undersigned, missionaries under the patronage and direction of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, have the honor to make the following statement. The establishment, which they have had the pleasure...

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