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Σελίδα 111 - ... within a short period, would but prolong a contest already sufficiently fruitful of animosity and discontent.
Σελίδα 65 - That in the opinion of this House it is the duty of the Government in all Government contracts to make provision against the evils recently disclosed before the Sweating Committee, to insert such conditions as may prevent the abuse arising from sub-letting, and to make every effort to secure the payment of such wages as are generally accepted as current in each trade...
Σελίδα 841 - STATEMENT of the Declared Value of British and Irish Produce and Manufactures Exported from the United Kingdom, specifying the various Countries to which the same were Exported, in each of the following Years : — COUNTRIES.
Σελίδα 283 - For every quarter, A duty equal in amount to the duty payable on a quarter of barley.
Σελίδα 237 - I recommend you to take into your early consideration, whether the principles on which you have acted may not with advantage be yet more extensively applied, and whether it may not be in your power, after a careful review of the existing duties upon many articles, the produce or manufacture of other countries...
Σελίδα 111 - I confess that on the general subject, my views have in the course of twenty years undergone a great alteration. I used to be of opinion that corn was an exception to the general rules of political economy ; but observation and experience have convinced me that we ought to abstain from all interference with the supply of food.
Σελίδα 113 - I remember when that great struggle was taking place — when the existence of the Turkish empire was at stake, the late sultan, a man of great energy and fertile in resources, was determined to fit out an immense fleet to maintain his empire. Accordingly, a vast armament was collected.
Σελίδα 141 - The Earl of Liverpool felt himself called upon to say a few words, in consequence of what had fallen from the noble lord on the cross-bench (Lord Lauderdale), and he could not but complain of the tone in which that noble lord had just spoken with respect to the motion under their lordships
Σελίδα 45 - We, your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal subjects, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, in Parliament assembled, beg leave to return your Majesty our humble thanks for your most gracious speech from the throne.
Σελίδα 45 - I regret that the conflicting claims of Great Britain and the United States, in respect of the territory on the north-western coast of America, although they have been made the subject of repeated negotiation, still remain unsettled. You may be assured that no effort consistent with national honour shall be wanting on my part to bring this question to an early and peaceful termination.

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