Practical and Mental Arithmetic, on a New Plan: In which Mental Arithmetic is Combined with the Use of the Slate ... To which is Added, a Practical System of Book Keeping

Richardson, Lord & Holbrook, 1831 - 268 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 199 - Compute the interest to the time of the first payment ; if that be one year or more from the time the interest commenced, add it to the principal, and deduct the payment from the sum total. If there be after payments made, compute the interest on the balance due to the next payment, and then deduct the payment as above ; and, in like manner, from one payment to another, till all the payments are absorbed ; provided the time between one payment and another be one year or more.
Σελίδα 81 - TABLE. 60 seconds" make 1 minute, marked '. 60 minutes • 1 degree, °. 30 degrees - 1 sign, s. 12 signs or 360° 1 circle, c.
Σελίδα 21 - Decedents," and to repeal said original sections, -and to repeal sections one (1), two (2), three (3), four (4), five (5), six (6), seven...
Σελίδα 76 - Measure. 3 barley corns (bc) make 1 inch, marked in. 12 inches, 1 foot, ft. 3 feet, 1 yard, yd. 5^ yards, 1 rod, pole, or perch.
Σελίδα 242 - Multiply the divisor, thus augmented, by the last figure of the root, and subtract the product from the dividend, and to the remainder bring down the next period for a new dividend.
Σελίδα 246 - Multiply the sum of the extremes by the number of terms, and half the product will be the sum of all the terms.
Σελίδα 227 - A hare starts 12 rods before a greyhound, but is not perceived by him till she has been up 45 seconds ; she scuds away at the rate of 10 miles an hour, and the dog...
Σελίδα 6 - Two 2 Three 3 Four 4 Five 5 Six 6 Seven 7 Eight 8 Nine 9 Ten 10 Eleven 11 Twelve 12 Thirteen 13 Fourteen 14 Fifteen 15 Sixteen 16 Seventeen 17...
Σελίδα 212 - A. 100 feet -í- 50 = 2 tons! 10. How many bricks 8 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 2| inches thick, will build a wall in front of a garden, which is to be 240 feet long, 6 feet high, and 1 foot 6 inches wide ? A.
Σελίδα 256 - Leg are given, to find the Other Leg;— From the square of the hypothenuse subtract the square of the given leg, and the square root of the remainder will be the other. 3. A river, 80 yarda wide, passée by a fort, the walla of which are 60 yard« h ii'li ; now, what is the distance from the top of the wali to the opposite bank ol'the river?

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