Community: A Journey to the Heart of Community

Summit University Press, 2002 - 298 σελίδες
In every age the great spiritual teachers have established their communities--Gautama Buddha and his sangha, Jesus and his disciples, Saint Francis and his brothers. In Community, Elizabeth Clare Prophet draws on the teachings of the ascended masters to explain the universal principles of true community. She also draws on her own many years of experience as leader of a spiritual community to present examples of the challenges and joys of applying these principles in the real world. Includes commentary on the spiritual classic New Age Community, by Nicholas and Helena Roerich.

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Striving to the Faroff Worlds
Keepers of the Lightning
Guard the Outpost
The Education of the Heart
The Extinguished Consciousness
The Impetuosity of Striving
Embody the Flame of Trust
The Perpetual Labor of Love
The Community of the Holy Spirit
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Σχετικά με τον συγγραφέα (2002)

Elizabeth Clare prophet is a pioneer of modern spirituality and an internationally renown author for over 40 years. She publishes the teachings of the immortal saints and sages of East and West known as the ascended masters. She has given the world a new understanding of ancient wisdom as well as a path of practical mysticism.

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