Reports of Cases Heard and Determined in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Τόμος 127


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Σελίδα 56 - By reason of any defect in the condition of the ways, works, machinery, or plant, connected with or used in the business of the employer which arose from or had not been discovered or remedied owing to the negligence of the employer or of any person in the service of the employer and intrusted by him with the duty of seeing that the ways, works, machinery, or plant, were in proper condition; 2.
Σελίδα 233 - Every patent or any interest therein shall be assignable in law by an instrument in writing, and the patentee or his assigns or legal representatives may in like manner grant and convey an exclusive right under his patent to the whole or any specified part of the United States.
Σελίδα 627 - The holder of a bill presenting the same for acceptance may require that the acceptance be written on the bill, and, if such request is refused, may treat the bill as dishonored.
Σελίδα 449 - ... the pleading may be once amended by the party, of course, without costs, and without prejudice to the proceedings already had. But if it is made to appear to the court, that the pleading was amended for the purpose of delay, and that the adverse party will thereby lose the benefit of a term, for which the cause is or may be noticed, the amended pleading may be stricken out, or the pleading may be restored to its original form, and such terms imposed as the court deems just.
Σελίδα 636 - ... 5. Makes or sells, or offers to sell or dispose of, or has in his possession with intent to sell or dispose of, an article of merchandise with such a trade-mark as to appear to indicate the quantity, quality, character, place of manufacture or production, or persons manufacturing or producing the article, but not indicating it truly; or 6.
Σελίδα 937 - It shall be the duty of the court of appeals and of the Supreme Court of the United States to advance on the docket and to expedite to the greatest possible extent the disposition of any matter certified under subsection (a) of this section.
Σελίδα 660 - The absolute ownership of personal property shall not be suspended by any limitation or condition whatever, for a longer period than during the continuance and until the termination of not more than two lives in being...
Σελίδα 519 - The instrument is payable to bearer — 1. When it is expressed to be so payable; or 2. When it is payable to a person named therein or bearer; or 3. When it is payable to the order of a fictitious or nonexisting person, and such fact was known to the person making it so payable; or 4.
Σελίδα 760 - A conviction cannot be had upon the testimony of an accomplice, unless he be corroborated by such other evidence as tends to connect the defendant with the commission of the offense, and the corroboration is not sufficient if It merely shows the commission of the offense or the circumstances thereof.
Σελίδα 726 - Where the husband makes default in paying any sum of money specified in the last section, as required by the judgment or order directing the payment thereof, and it appears presumptively, to the satisfaction of the court, that payment cannot be enforced by means of the proceedings prescribed in the last section, or by resorting to the security, if any, given as...

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