The Best Travel Writing: True Stories from Around the World

James O'Reilly, Larry Habegger, Sean O'Reilly
Travelers' Tales, 7 Αυγ 2012 - 350 σελίδες
The Best Travel Writing, Volume 9 is the latest in the annual Travelers' Tales series launched in 2004 to celebrate the world's best travel writing — from Nobel Prize winners to emerging new writers. The points of view and perspectives are global, and themes encompass high adventure, spiritual growth, romance, hilarity and misadventure, service to humanity, and encounters with exotic cuisines and cultures.


Mysterious Fast Mumble
A Chip off the Old Bloc
Me and My Nobel
Got My Ohlala
Engagement Ceremony
Traveling to Mary
Hiking Grizzly CountryOr Not
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James O'Reilly, publisher of Travelers’ Tales, and Larry Habegger, executive editor, have worked as series editors on more than 125 Travelers’ Tales/Solas House titles, winning many awards for excellence. Larry also writes a syndicated newspaper column, "World Travel Watch," which has appeared nationwide since 1985. James and Larry live with their families in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sean O’Reilly is coeditor of many Travelers' Tales books and the author of How to Manage Your DICK: Redirect Sexual Energy and Discover Your More Enlightened, Evolved Self. He lives in Virginia with his wife and six children.

Introduction author Tim Cahill is one of America's foremost travel and adventure writers. He is the author of many books, among them Jaguars Ripped My Flesh; A Wolverine Is Eating My Leg; Road Fever; Pecked To Death By Ducks; Pass The Butterworms; Hold The Enlightenment; Lost in my own Backyard: a Walk in Yellowstone National Park; and the editor of Not So Funny When It Happened: the Best of Travel Humor and Misadventure (Travelers' Tales).

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