The Encyclopedia of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars: A Political, Social, and Military History, Τόμος 1

Gregory Fremont-Barnes
ABC-CLIO, 2006 - 1213 σελίδες

This comprehensive three-volume work on the French Revolution and Napoleon's rule and campaigns covers a wide range of military, political, social, and cultural events and personalities during a time of dramatic change in Europe.

âeuro;¢ Nearly 900 A-Z entries on the military, political, cultural, and social aspects of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

âeuro;¢ More than 100 contributors drawn from North America and across Europe, including a wide range of academics, independent historians, and others with specialist knowledge of their respective subjects

âeuro;¢ Ten contextual essays providing useful background information on war, society, politics, science, diplomacy, art, and other subjects

âeuro;¢ A range of primary source documents totaling more than 50,000 words, including first-hand accounts of battles, treaty texts, key state papers, and more

âeuro;¢ Approximately 100 illustrations including battles on land and at sea; commanders representing all the major belligerent powers; and sovereigns and political leaders from a range of nations

âeuro;¢ 65 maps, including depictions of Europe at the start and conclusion of the wars; major battles and campaigns, including troop movements; and the political changes produced by major treaties and international conferences including those at Campo Formio (1797), Amiens (1802), and the Congress of Vienna (1815)

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Preface and Acknowledgments
Introduction by Charles J Esdaile
Key to Military Map Symbols
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Gregory Fremont-Barnes, PhD, is a professional writer. He is coauthor of ABC-CLIO's five-volume The Encyclopedia of the American Revolutionary War.

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