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4 inches off waistline


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by this remarkable discovery See what it will do for you in ten days-FREE Without Medicine Without Dieting

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"In the fifteen days I have had your Automatic Waistline and AbdomenReducer I have reduced my waistline 4 inches," writes J. J. Collins of 5326 West Adams Street, Chicago.

Short and to the point is this testimonial from one of the thousands of men who are regaining their normal, symmetrical figures through the use of Dr. Lawton's Automatic Waistline and Abdomen Reducer. Between the lines may be read many pounds of weight reduction, also, for when you take off that fatty unsightly mass about the waist and abdomen, weight is sure to fall as well.

Something entirely new

This astounding discovery must not be confused with ordinary rubber belts. It does all that they do-AND MORE. In the center and on the inner side is the patented Vacuum Applicator, which gently, surely massages away the fatty tissue with every breath you take with every step you make. Further, it is cool, comfortable, well ventilated and made of special reducing material. Ten days free trial for you Just decide how much you want to reduce. Then send for Dr. Lawton's Automatic Waistline and Abdomen Reducer. Use it for ten days. If that trial does not convince you that it will do for you what it has done for Mr.

Collins, your purchase
deposit will be


Sign your name and
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ed coupon. Send it to
Dr. Lawton. It will

bring you full descrip-
tion of this remark-
able reducer and de-
tails of the FREE
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to get rid of that un-
sightly pauch.


Dr. Thomas Lawton, Dept. K-110, 19 West 70th St., N. Y. C. Please send me complete description of your Automatic Waistline and Abdomen Reducer. Also details of your FREE TRIAL OFFER, under which I am to be the sole judge of the efficiency of your device. ; Mr.

Name Mrs. Miss Street


(Please sin 3.r. Mrs. or .iss)


major league record) are chiefly as

scribable to the shrewdness of John THE PRESS

McGraw, their square-jawed manager, and to heavy financial backing. Not only has McGraw the acumen for constructing and lubricating a baseball machine but he has also been supplied with dollars sufficient to maintain a farflung network of "scouts" on the lookout for fresh material; sufficient to purchase such material at any price..

In Washington's rise to championship heights is seen the work of Stanley Harris, 28-year-old manager, and of Walter Johnson, wizard pitcher (TIME, Sept. 22).

Never before had the National Capital been the scene of a World's Series game. Never before had famed Walter Johnson pitched in one.

At Baltimore, Md., the "Junior" World's Series" was scheduled to start, between the Baltimore "Orioles," winners (a sixth successive year) of the International League, and the St. Paul "Saints," winners in the American Association. The Kansas City "Caseys". were 1923 junior champions.

New World's Record

One mile for automobiles-Malcolm Campbell of Great Britain, in a 12-cylinder Sunbeam; at Brooklands Course, England. Time 23.06 sec. (156.11 m. p. h.) (Unofficial.)

The two St. Louis teams are now the only nines of either Big League never to have won the right to play in a World's Series.


Last week, a bronze-skinned buckaroo, with a flashing red neckerchief above his blue shirt, with shining leather chaparejos and crimson saddleblanket, dashed up from a Western skyline on a snorting, piebald cow-pony. Standing in his stirrups, leaning over the pommel, swinging a great lariat as he came, he gallivanted right onto the country's newsstands, into peoples' hands, on to library, kitchen, schoolboy and other tables. He was a creation of the late Frederic Remington, famed cowboy-and-Indian portrayer. He was on the cover of The Frontier, a new adventure-story magazine offered to the humdrum world by Doubleday, Page & Co. Over him swung a long frontiersflintlock rifle. Over him burned

man red Lone Star of Texas.

Said the publishers: "We have a firm belief in the vitality of the frontier tradition in American life." Obviously they had-firm enough to spend money testing that vitality. The stories were, and will be, trail-blazing. pioneering, exploring tales, of the West and of all other frontiers, including the sea-each, by the way, complete in one instalment. A visit to The Frontier costs 25¢.


Journalists who read the American Mercury for October went hot with

Louis Mencken had delivered himself of another diatribe on U. S. journalism Once a newspaper man himself, Editor Mencken now looks down upon his former fellows and their calling with scorn and impatience. His tirades are bitter, egregrious, painfully penetrating. They are the firebrands of a studious but inactive idealist.

Provoked by recent discussions, in journalistic trade sheets, of codes of journalistic ethics, Editor Mencker. launched forth upon a masterly historical account of the deliverance of journalism from commercial bondage. "The spirit spread like a benign pestilence and presently it invaded even editorial rooms. In almost every great American city some flabbergasted advertiser, his money in his hand, sweat pouring from him as if he had seen a ghost. was kicked out with spectacular Ceremonies. All the principal papers. growing rich, began to grow independent, virtuous, even virginal. Νο could dictate to them.

God damn! So free reading notices dic appeared. salaries continued to climb and the liberated journalist, taking hu sniffs of free air, began to think of himself as a professional man."

As a professional man, the journalis then began patronizing the schools of journalism he had hitherto scoffed; he talked of his craft's dignity; of its responsibilities, ethics. He gilded and engauded his picture of himself-but "remains, for all his dreams, a hired man. "The Kiwanian bombast of business managers" continues; likewise "the stupidity, cowardice, and Philistinism of working newspaper men."

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"All the knowledge that they pack into their brains is, in every reasonable cultural sense, useless; it is the sort of 1:nowledge that belongs, not to a professional man, but to a police captain. a railway mail clerk, or a board boy in a brokerage house. It is a mass of trivialities and puerilities; to recite it would be to make even a barber or a bartender beg for mercy. . . . Honor does not go with stupidity.

"Nevertheless [here Editor Mencken became uncharacteristically lenient]. I believe they can still acquire it. But not by drawing up codes of ethics that most of their fellows laugh at, as a Congressman laughs at a gentleman.

There are dozens of papers in the U. S. that already show a determined effort to get out of the old, slough. Any managing editor in the land, if he has the will, can carry his paper with them. ... Is the paper trifling, ill-informed. petty and unfair? Is its news full of transparent absurdities? Are its editorials ignorant and without sense? Is it written in blowsy slipshod English. full of clichés and vulgarities-English that would disgrace a manager of prizefighters or a county superintendent of schools? Then the fault belongs plainly not to some remote man but to a proximate man-to the man who lets such drivel slide under his nose."..

And so on. Editor Mencken's picture was mortifying, save to the scattered few who classed themselves among

In 12 Weeks!


HOUSANDS of people who only a short while ago were struggling along in low-salaried routine positions are today earning double and treble their former salaries and are enjoying all the luxuries that make life worth while.

They owe their sudden success to the evolution of a new science; a science through which they actually acquired new mindsminds which were entirely remade in 12 to 15 weeks!

This may seem an utter impossibility. Yet one has only to investigate the facts. Thousands of signed statements from students of this new science offer indisputable evidence of the fact that it is easily possible for anyone to acquire a new mind-that it is easily possible for anyone to secure great increases in salary. (A few of these statements are reproduced below.)

you are a subordinate instead of an executive-it is a certain indication that you have let your mind "go slack." Success depends upon brain-power. With a mind which is only one-third as efficient as it should be you cannot even hope for success. The thing to do, therefore, is to acquire a new mind. You can do it, just as thousands of others have done it. The way is easyit is through Pelmanism.

Pelmanism is the science of intensive mental development. Since its first appearance, 27 years ago, it has spread, with the sweep of a great religion, to every corner of the globe, until today its students number over 650,000 men and women in every walk of life.

The results that Pelmanism is bringing are nothing short of amazing. Instances of quick promotion through it are countless. Cases of doubled salary in less than six months and trebled salary in less than a year are not at all unusual. at all unusual. In exceptional cases there have been salary increases of 700, 800, and even 1,000 per cent. And all because Pelmanism shows the way to new minds for old!

Through New
Minds for Old

A few of the thou-
sands of letters from
successful Students!

How are these apparent miracles accomplished? The explanation is quite simple. Psychologists have definitely established the fact that the average man goes through life using only about one-third of his possible brainpower. This is not as surprising as it may seem. Your brain is just like any one of your muscles. Unless you keep it "in trim" unless you give it proper exercise it soon becomes dull, awkward, inefficient and "flabby." Yet the average man takes no steps whatever to keep his brain well developed. As a result his success faculties become weakened, and unless he develops a new mind he is doomed to live a life of inferiority or failure.

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If you are now working for low pay, if you have gotten. yourself into a rut, if

"From a salary of $975 I rose in one step to $2,000 a year, and in January this year to $4,000 year."


"I am glad to inform you that I have just received an increase in salary amounting to $1,000 a year extra."

"Since taking the course, I have more than doubled my salary which is due entirely to your teaching."

"Since becoming a Pel.manist I have actually increased my salary 300 per


"I had the pleasure of taking the course during 1917-1918. Previous to my joining the army my salary was $20 a week. present salary is $10,000 a year."



There is no "magic" about Pelmanism. There is no mystery about Pelmanism itself. Further, it does not promise anything but what it already has accomplished in thousands of cases.

Pelmanism is meant for everyone. That is what makes Pelmanism a truly great science-it can help all mankind without respect to age, sex, position, religion or previous education. It is easily understood; its principles are easily ap

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will begin to feel its mysterious effect almost immediately. Many have said that even after the first hour they were conscious of a startling change in their whole attitude toward life.

Pelmanism will give you the vital spark-it will give you the type of mind you have always admired and longed for. Under its powerful influence such handicaps as timidity, lack of Initiative, faulty judgment, dull perception and lack of directive ability disappear as if by magic. Pelmanism will swing the wasted two-thirds of your brain into action. You will actually be given a new mind-a mind which will sweep you forward, which will lead you on from success to success-until you have attained the goal you have set for yourself.

"Scientific Mind Training" -FREE


The coupon below will bring you without cost or obligation, a copy of a splendidly bound 64-page book on scientific mind training. This vitally interesting book describes Pelmanism in detail, reveals the unique method whereby thousands of people everywhere are acquiring new minds for old in 12 to 15 weeks. also contains the actual experiences of former students showing how this great new science led to unexpected heights of Intellectual, social and financial success. Your copy is ready for you. Simply fill out and mail the coupon. "Scientific Mind Training" is absolutely free. Send for it today.

The Pelman Institute of America Suite 6610, 2575 Broadway, New York City Approved as a correspondence school under the laws of the State of New York.

The Pelman Institute of America Suite 6610, 2575 Broadway, New York City

Please send me without cost or obligation on my part a copy of the 64-page book, "Scientific Mind Training."



You Can't Invest

on Tips and Ticker Talk

The present stock market

is puzzling nearly every one. Is a further advance ahead or are we just on the edge of a bear market?

To every one with an interest in security markets the new edition of our barometer chart has a very real value. It covers stock and bond prices for the past twenty yearswith the buying and selling range marked-and shows the direction now of the forecasting line. You will get a perspective

from this chart that can't be had from the tape, tips or ticker talk.

A copy will be sent gratis

BROOKMIRE ECONOMIC SERVICE, Inc. 25 West 45th St., New York

Please send me Chart T. M.-52.



the blessed exceptions. The guilty cringed, thanking their stars that it was no more mortifying. Editor Mencken's language* has amazing potentialities. In addition, though he seldom sees any


Has he been put upon?

thing of the country outside of Baltimore, where his office is, and New York, whither he periodically repairs to consult his publishers or to indulge his moderate taste for night life, Editor Mencken knows an enormous amount about the U. S. He is said to have friends "everywhere," who write him descriptions of life as it is lived among Kiwanians, Rotarians, journalists, farmers, all classes and conditions of men.

Here and there, an editor marveled at the zeal of Editor Mencken, at the bright and burning idealism of a man who had scouted idealism. in Theodore Roosevelt, in Edward W. Bok, in Woodrow Wilson, in virtually every poor struggling figure of public life striving to accomplish something in his day with what Mr. Mencken is prone to label the sensibility of a "yokel." Idealist Mencken has been called "cynic,' "iconoclast," "bad boy." His latest utterance suggested that he had been misunderstood and sorely put upon.

ed Seattle, their round-the-earth goal There they endured their final ovation with sirens shrieking, crowds cheering. orators expanding. Among the first to greet them was Major Martin, who commanded the flight at the start, 175 days before. Major General Charles G. Morton was there, representing President Coolidge and Secretary of War Weeks. He summarized in a few wellchosen words:

"The conquering by air for the first time in history of the hitherto uncharted air route over the Pacific Ocean by the perilous traversing of typhoon-swept areas of Japan and China; the pushing on through days of sweltering heat and tropical rains of Indo-China, Burma and India; and, after the comparative safety of Europe, the unflinching answering of the formidable challenge of the fog-encompassed and ice-locked stretches of the North Atlantic-these are facts that are dipped in an indelible dye, the nucleus of a story that will fire the imagination of old and young alike as long as appreciation of human accomplishment shall endure."

Four international records were established when the flyers completed their 27,000-mile flight: the crossing of the Pacific by plane; the crossing of the China Sea; the circling of the globe in a heavier-than-air machine; and a speed-mark for the same of 366 hours flying time. In the past year, aviators of four other nations attempted to circle the globe. They were:

Lieut. Locatelli, the Italian airman who came to grief off Ivigtut, Greenland, and was rescued by the U. S. cruiser Richmond.

Major Sarmento De Beires and two other Portuguese officers who flew from Lisbon to Macao (China), wrecking one plane, replacing it and landing the other in a cemetery whence they could not take off and where the machine was dismantled.

Major A. Stuart MacLaren and two other British soldiers who left Calshot, England, March 25, in one plane, put a new machine into service at Akyab, India, and wrecked the latter by hittig a heavy sea when trying to avoid a small island in alighting near Nikolski Bay off Kamtchatka on Aug. 3.

G Major Pedro Zanni of Argentina who started at Amsterdam, July 26, and at last accounts was pushing his way through the Ordient, intending to follow


AERONAUTICS the route of the Americans in the re

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verse direction.

242 M. P. H.

Last week, off Port Washington. L. I., a man in a U. S. Navy seaplane flew at an average speed of 227 miles an hour for 30 minutes, at one time attaining a speed of 242 miles. The man was Lieut. David Rittenhouse. The flight established a record. The previous mark of 169 miles an hour was set by Lieut. Rittenhouse himself at Cowes, England, last year.

A Poor Boy-An Old Envelope-A Banker's Tip


Financial Independence!

How a Veteran Financier Advised a Young Man to Invest So As to Double
His Money Every Ten Years-An Amazing Story of Legitimate

Investing and the Magic Power of Compound Interest

By William Ware



T the age of 22 I was a salesman on the road. Out of my small earnings I began to save and these Savings I "Invested" on tips given me by smoking-room acquaintances. first year $300 went into an oil well that produced-not oil but sulphur water! Into an irrigation project went $500. Another $500 was lost playing the stock market.



After five years of this sort of "investing" all my illusions were gone. began to face hard facts. In the towns of my territory there were a number of bankers and prosperous business men who never talked about tips or "sure things," but seemed to make ends meet just the same.

How Did They Get Rich? These men grew richer and richer while my train acquaintances were always on the verge of making some fortune which never arrived. I wasted a lot of effort trying to get the secret from outsiders, then I decided to go direct to one of the old bankers. When I told him my financial experience he came out frankly and told me exactly how he was investing his money, exactly how he had built up his fortune.

His secret was a revelation to me. He had never made a cent through speculation or a "clean up." All his money had come from natural increase in land values and through legitimate investment.

The Secret

On the back of an old envelope he did some figuring which literally astounded me!

He showed me that if $10,000 were invested in securities paying 7%, and the interest promptly reinvested, it would grow, in fifty years without the addition of a penny, to the amazing sum of $311,914.00!

The Amazing Way
Money Grows

How $1,000 Becomes $23,306.60 If
Invested in Safe, High-Yield Bonds
If you invest today $1,000 in 6%
First Mortgage Real Estate Bonds-
and then also invest the interest in
similar 6% bonds-your $1,000 will
grow to

$1,877.10 in 10 years 3,523.60 in 20 years 12.416.00 in 40 years 23,306.60 in 50 years at 6% it will grow to $1,806.11 in 10 years 3,262.04 in 20 years 10,640 90 in 40 years 19.218.60 in 50 years

"But while you may not have $10,000 now, you can arrange to save, out of your salary, at least a thousand dollars during the next year. That thousand will grow in fifty years to $31,191.40, not to mention the other thousands that you will save each year."

Putting Money to Work

That memorable talk took place ex-
actly five years ago. On account of un-
settled conditions I have been able to
get 7% during all this time on the saf-
est securities I was able to buy-First
Mortgage Real Estate Bonds. Each
year I have added $1,000 to my princi-
pal, making $5,000 invested in all. My
first $1,000 has grown to $1,410.60. My
second to $1,316.81. My third to $1,229.26.
My fourth to $1,147.52 and my last to
$1,071.22, making my total accumula-
tion to date, $6,175.41.

My Future Is Assured

Provided I am able to invest a thousand dollars a year each year for the next twenty-five, and provided my interest rate will average for the whole period of thirty years at 6%, I will have at the age of 57, when I retire from active work, the splendid fortune of $83,801.70! Of this amount only $30,000 will be money which I have saved and invested, the remain

ing $53,801.70, being the interest earned and reinvested. This estate will pay me when I am ready to retire the annual income of $5,028.10 (at 6%).


Building a Substantial Estate But with reasonable effort I expect my salary to increase materially during the coming years, so that we can not only raise our standard of living during these productive years, but also add more each year to our savings. am therefore confidently expecting to retire, at the age of 57, with a fortune well up in six figures, which will pay me a splendid income. I will be one of the four men out of a hundred who reach the age of 55 with a substantial estate.

Few people realize the magic power of compound interest. The amazing way money grows when invested in high grade securities is a revelation to the average man or woman.

Full Details In Valuable FREE Book

From our 39 years of intensive Anancial experience we have written a book which shows the amazing way money grows. This book tells how you can lay the foundation of your estate with an amount as low as $10. It shows how high yields may be obtained with absolute safety.

It gives eight simple tests which, when properly applied, furnish a complete and accurate index to the safety of every investment. With the aid of these tests the most inexperienced investor may go about the selection of his investments, confident that he is getting as good a yield as insurance companies and other big corporations


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With the climax of the Presidential campaign only a few weeks off,business is in general hesitating, to get a new and correct point of departure. Thus far, in fact, the early fall has furnished a period of doldrums, after an unusually active summer.

Outcome of the current crops is still undetermined, yet the probable result has been evidently forecast with considerable accuracy, except perhaps in corn and cotton. Industry is showing a seasonal increase of operations, with no particular snap or zest, except in a few departments. Money remains a drug on the market, and banks complain of poor profits caused by the low interest rates.

German Bonds

The collapse of the extraordinary rise in prices for German Government internal bonds, long predicted by Wall Street, has at this writing apparently occurred.

When the German mark descended to practical worthlessness, German national and municipal mark bonds naturally went down with it. In almost all financial centers they were considered merely amusing souvenirs. Bond dealers, when selling them,

would count them very carelessly. and sometimes throw in 1,000,000 marks in bonds for good measure.

Suddenly last summer, a powerful buying movement set in, under which the worthless securities rose amazingly in price. German speculators were apparently responsible. Stories of redemption on a 1% and 2% basis began to appear. Most American holders are believed to have sold the bonds to Germans at a handsome rise in price, while the excitement lasted, thus reversing the role which they had played when speculating in German marks.

At length it became obvious, even in Germany, that after the Experts' plan provisions, there would be no money left over to indemnify mark bond holders. Accordingly a terrific smash in these securities followed on the Berlin Boerse, in which some prominent firms were hard hit. The panic was quickly communicated to other continental centers, to London and then to New York. Now there are many mark bonds ready for sale. but buyers are scarce. The aircastle has vanished, apparently forever.

Moving Day

For some time officials of the Fedcral Reserve Bank of New York have

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