Time, Τόμος 4

Briton Hadden, Henry Robinson Luce
Time Incorporated, 1924
Reels for 1973- include Time index, 1973-

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Σελίδα 10 - As a nation we began by declaring that "all men are created equal." We now practically read it "all men are created equal, except negroes." When the Know-nothings get control, it will read "all men are created equal except negroes and foreigners and Catholics." When it comes to this, I shall prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretense of loving liberty,— to Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, and without the base alloy of hypocrisy.
Σελίδα 3 - Why should they not invite men of the highest authority in finance in their respective countries — men of such prestige, experience and honor that their agreement upon the amount to be paid, and upon a financial plan for working out the payments, would be accepted throughout the world as the most authoritative expression obtainable?
Σελίδα 14 - And all and each that passed that way Did join in the pursuit. And now the turnpike gates again Flew open in short space; The toll-men thinking as before That Gilpin rode a race. And so he did, and won it too, For he got first to town ; Nor stopped till where he had got up He did again get down. Now let us sing, long live the king...
Σελίδα 1 - We denounce the mercenary system of foreign policy under recent administrations in the interests of financial imperialists, oil monopolists and international bankers, which has at times degraded our State Department from its high service as a strong and kindly intermediary of defenseless governments to a trading outpost for those interests and concession-seekers engaged in the exploitations of weaker nations, as contrary to the will of the American people, destructive of domestic development and...
Σελίδα 12 - In the present day, it is no longer expedient that the Catholic religion shall be held as the only religion of the State, to the exclusion of all other modes of worship.
Σελίδα 4 - I often think it's comical How Nature always does contrive That every boy and every gal, That's born into the world alive, Is either a little Liberal, Or else a little Conservative!
Σελίδα 3 - Duke of Cornwall and Rothsay, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles, and Great Steward of Scotland, Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester.
Σελίδα 10 - I am not a Know-Nothing, — that is certain. How could I be '! How can any one who abhors the oppression of the negroes be in favor of degrading classes of white people? Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid. As a nation, we began by declaring that 'all men are created equal.' We now practically read it ' all men are created equal except negroes.
Σελίδα 1 - Every generation must wage a new war for freedom against new forces that seek through new devices to enslave mankind. Under our representative democracy the people protect their liberties through their public agents. The test of public officials and public policies alike must be: Will they serve, or will they exploit, the common need?

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