Semiperipheral Development and Foreign Policy: The Cases of Greece and Spain

Ashgate, 2003 - 259 σελίδες
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M. Fatih Tayfur's theoretical approach to foreign policy analysis represents a useful addition to a field that is under-theorized. It develops the world systems theory of Wallerstein and Arrighi, while offering a critical analysis of the systems theory of Waltz and Modelski. In applying his theory to two case studies, Tayfur offers a detailed account of the domestic and foreign policies of Greece and Spain after World War II. He illuminates in particular their turn from a foreign policy orientation towards the United States to a growing identification with, and eventual integration into, the European Community. feature on the reading lists of courses on foreign policy analysis and international political theory. In addition, students of comparative politics, political transition and Mediterranean studies, should find this book particularly useful.

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