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This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Recent Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially-R. D., cases commented upon in our Notes of Recent Decisions; and ann. case, annotated case.

Ætna Life Ins. Co. v. Florida (U. S. C. C. of App.) Life Insurance-Suicide-Missouri Statute, R. D. 484. Attorney-General v. Sullivan (Mass.) Quo WarrantoPublic Office-Right to Jury Trial, R. D. 303. Bailie v. Augusta Savings Bank (Ga.) Banks and Banking-Deposit of Check-Liability for Failure to Collect, R. D. 90.

Baker City v. Murphy (Oreg.) Principal and SuretyLiability on Official Bond, R. D. 464.

Bamberger v. Citizens' St. R. Co. (Tenn.) Negligence -Street Railway-Death of Child-Imputed Negligence, R. D. 304.

Bank of Perry v. Cooke (Okla.) Chattel MortgagePower in Mortgagor to Sell, R. D. 378.

Barber v. West Jersey Title & Guaranty Co. (N. J.) Public Records-Right to Inspect-Abstract of Title -Mandamus, R. D. 170.

Barchard v. Kohn (Ill.) Chattel Mortgage-Judgment on Notes-Exemption, R. D. 358.

Bassett v. Atwater (Conn.) Mandamus - Corporation
Meeting of Stockholders, R. D. 426.
Beatty v. Colby (Ind.) Contract in Restraint of Trade
-Consideration-Physician's Practice-Sale of-In-
junction-Pleading, ann. case, 494.

Birkett v. Western Union Tel. Co. (Mich.) Validity of
Conditions in Telegraph Blanks, Ed. 243.
Bissell v. Davison (Conn.) Compulsory Vaccination
in the Public Schools, Ed. 263.

Boulter, In re (Wyo.) Criminal Law-Right of Bail
Pending Appeal, R. D. 88.

Branham v. Stallings (Colo.) Illegal Contract-Recovery of Money Paid-In Pari Delicto, R. D. 30. Brown v. Mitchell (Tex.) Wills pacity-Witness, R. D. 228.

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Cannon v. State (Ark.) Criminal Law-Murder-Indictment, R. D. 224.

Canterbury v. Bank of Sparta (Wis.) Banks and Banking-Collection, R. D. 381.

Carpenter's Estate, In re (Pa.) Right of a Murderer to Inherit from or Profit by the Death of his Victim, Ed. 377.

Chattanooga Terminal Ry. Co. v. Felton (U. S. C. C. Tenn.) Eminent Domain-Condemnation of Prop. erty Already Condemned, R. D. 444.

City of Centralia v. Wright (Ill.) Municipal Corporation-Erection of Water Dam, R. D. 288.

City of Hastings v. Foxworthy (Neb.) Action against City-Personal Injuries-Filing Statement with City Clerk-Condition Precedent-Disability of Plaintiff -Effect-Appeal-Review of Former Appeal, ann.

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City of South Bend v. Martin (Ind.) Peddlers-Licenses-Interstate Commerce, ann. case, 400. Coffeeville Min. & Gas Co. v. Citizens' National Gas & Min. Co. (Kan.) Ex parte Injunctions, Ed. 357. Cole v. Hines (Md.) Sale-Default in PaymentWaiver, R. D. 168.

Commonwealth v. McCance (Mass.) Criminal LawObscene Publication-Indictment, R. D. 169. Commonwealth v. Mc Carthy (Mass.) Criminal LawReception of Verdict-Absence of Defendant, R. D.

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Rights of Heir of Legatee, R. D. 320.
Eyke City Treasurer v. Lange (Mich.) Mandamus-
Collection of Taxes, R. D. 109.

Farley v. Bateman (W. Va.) Circumstantial Evidence
in West Virginia, Ed. 107.

Farwell v. Klowan (Neb.) Sale-Fraud of Vendor-

Rescission-Disposition of Goods by Vendee, R. D.

Firkins v. Chicago Great Western Ry. Co. (Minn.) Ac-
tion for Personal Injuries-Evidence-Declarations
as to Suffering, ann. case, 96.

Fitzgerald v. Hanson (Mont.) Contract-Custom-Evi-
dence, R. D. 286.

Freeman v. Bellegarde (Cal.) Boundaries-Thread of
Stream-Shore Line, ann. case, 472.

Fuller v. Roberts (Fla.) Duress of Goods-What Con.
stitutes, ann. case, 114.

Gardiner v. Caldwell (Mont.) Receiver-Possession-
Levy of Execution, ann. case, 133.




Geiger v. President (Pa.) Whether a Bicycle is a "Ve-

hicle" and Subject to Toll on Highway, Ed. 29.

Gibbs v. Humphrey (Wis.) Partnership - Retiring
Partner Notice Insolvent Firm-Debt Due to
Partner, ann. case, 454.
Goodloe v. Memphis & C. R. Co. (Ala.) Carriers-In-
jury to Passengers-Torts of Servant, ann. case, 325.
Grim v. United States (U. S. S. C.) Federal Offense-
Postal Laws-Mailing Non mailable Matters-Decoy
Letters, R. D. 2.

Groesbeck v. Marshall (S. Car.) Negotiable Instru-
ment-Note Given to Prevent Prosecution for Em-
bezzlement, R. D. 361.

Hart v. Livermore Foundry & Mach. Co. (Miss.)
Foreign Corporations-Conflict of Laws-Validity
of Contract, R. D. 208.


Herr v. Central Kentucky Lunatic Asylum (Ky.) Ac-

tion against State Institution - Maintaining Nui-

sance, ann. case, 37.

Hilton y. Guyot (U. 8. S. C.) Conclusiveness of For-
eign Judgments, Ed. 67.

Holdom v. Grand Lodge, etc. (Ill.) Right of a Murderer
to Inherit from or Profit by the Death of his Vic-
tim, Ed. 377.

Holebrook v. State (Ala.) Criminal Law-Larceny, R.
D. 338.


House v. Houston Water works Co. (Tex.) Water
Company-Breach of Contract Liability for Loss
by Fire, R. D. 302.
Hughes v. Lamberville Electric Light Co. (N. J.) Me-
chanic's Lien-Fixtures-Electric Wires, R. D. 127.
Hughes v. Monroe County (N. Y.) Counties - Lia-
bility for Torts of Employee, ann. case, 386.

Ireland v. Globe Milling & Reduction Co. (R. I.) For-

eign Corporation-Attachment of Stock-By-laws,

R. D. 398.

Jackson v. Akron Brick Ass'n (Ohio) Association for
Illegal Purpose-Suit in Adopted Name, R. D. 338.
Jenkins v. Mapes (Ohio) Sale- Barter Complete
Payment-Delivery- Tender and Acceptauce, R.

D. 186.


Johns v. Northwestern Mut. Relief Ass'n (Wis.) Life
Insurance-Presumption of Suicide, R. D. 50.
Judson v. Giant Powder Co. (Cal.) Negligence-Es-
toppel to Claim Damages-Presumption, R. D. 244.

Krutz v. Robbins (Wash.) Mortgage-Penal Provisions

-Increase of Interest on Default, R. D. 68.

Kuhn v. City of Port Townsend (Wash.) Munici-
pal Corporation - Annexation of Territory- Col.
lateral Attack, R. D. 424.

Lake Shore, etc. Ry. Co. v. Salzman (Ohio) Railroad

Company-Carriers of Passengers-Duty Towards

Sick Passenger, R. D. 91.

Lawrence v. Phy (Oreg.) Landlord and Tenant-Farm
Leases-Interest of Lessee in Crop, R. D. 360.
Lewis v. Bartlett (Wash.) Sheriffs-Levy of Execution
Powers of Successor, R. D. 246.

Lewis v. Daily News Co. (Md.) Libel-Pleading-De-
murrer, R. D. 227.

Love v. City of Atlanta (Ga.) Municipal Corporation

Liability for Torts, R. D. 108.

McBurney v. Young (Vt.) Boundaries-Inland Lakes
Low Water, R. D. 321.

McCall's Administrator v. Hampton (Ky.) Expect.
ancies-Conveyance, ann. case, 432.

McCauley v. Tierney (R. I.) Combination to with-
draw Patronage-Unless Conditions Observed, R.
D. 467.

McCreery & Davis (S. Car.) Validity of Divorce Ob-
tained in Another State, Ed. 357.

McGrath & Vanaman (N. J.) Principal and Agent

-Authority of Agent-Receiving Note as Payment,

R. D. 428.

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- Vendor's Lien on

McVey v. Walker (Tex.) Justice of the Peace-Void

Judgment-Trespass, R. D. 168.

Martin v. Schichtl (Ark.) Deed
Crops-Priorities, R. D. 128.
Mayor, etc. v. Mulligan (Ga.) Municipal Corporation
-Abatement of Nuisance-Destruction by Health
Officer, R. D. 340.

Mayor, etc. v. State (N. J.) Mandamus- Municipal

Corporations-De Jure Officer-Recovery of Salary,

R. D. 229.

Meacham v. Bunting (Ill.) Husband and Wife-Curtesy

-Effect of Divorce-Adverse Possession, ann. case,


Millar v. Madison Car Co. (Mo.) Appeal from Order
for New Trial-Burden of Showing Error, Ed. 205,

Missouri, etc. R. Co. v. Kendrick (Tex.) Carriers of

Passengers-Failure to Wake Passenger, R. D. 288.

Mitchell v. Charleston Light & Power Co. (S. Car.)
Negligence-Electric Wires-Instructions of Court
ann. case, 364.

Morgan v. Hudnell (Ohio) Animal-Injuries by Do.
mestic Animal-Tenants in Common, R. D. 3.
Nash v. Minnesota Title Insurance & Trust Co. (Mass.)
Fraudulent Representations-Mortgage on Real Es-
tate-Evidence-Damages, R. D. 145.

Nashua & L. R. Corp. v. Boston, & L. R. Corp.

(Mass.) Contracts of Corporations-Res Judicata,

R. D. 339.

National Fire Insurance Co. v.

Chambers (N. J.)

Foreign Attachment-Jurisdiction of Choses in Ac-
tion-Priority of Liens, R. D. 284.

Nix v. Goodhile (Iowa) Abuse of Process-Action For
-Levy on Exempt Property, R. D. 187.

Norfolk & W. R. Co. v. Carter (Va.) Waters-Surface

Water-Action against Railroad Company, R. D.

Omaha & R. V. R. Co. v. Hale (Neb.) Statutory Penal-
ties-Action to Recover, R. D. 167.

Page v. State (Ind.) Modern Law of Self-defense, Ed.


Parmley v. Healy (S. Dak.) Elections and Voters-
Australian Ballot System, R. D. 341.

Payne's Appeal, In re (Conn.) Inducing Marriage by
False Representations-Cause of Action-Survival,
ann. case, 344.

Peevey v. Haughton (Miss.) Contract Relating to
Land-Specific Performance-Statute of Frauds, R.
D. 487.

People v. Considine (Mich.) Witness-Impeachment
-Stenographer's Minutes, R. D. 88.

People's Bank v. Jefferson County Sav. Bank (Ala.)
Negotiable Draft- Restrictive Indorsement- Col-
lection by Bank-Right to Proceeds, ann. case, 233.
Peterson v. Russell (Minn.) Statute of Frauds-Guar

anty of Note-Contract-Consolidation, R. D. 445.
Phenix Ins. Co. v. Rollins (Neb.) Insurance-Waiver
of Conditions-Premium Note, R. D. 4.

Pope v. Hanke (Ill.) Foreign Gambling Contracts in
Illinois Courts, Ed. 223.

Postal Tel. Cable Co. v. Western Union Tel. Co. (Ill.)
Landlord and Tenant-Construction of Lease-In-
junction, R. D. 148.

Pounder v. Ash (Neb.) Religious Societies-Rules of
Government-Res Judicata, R. D. 284.

Reardon v. Murphy (Mass.) Building Restrictions in
Deeds, R. D. 145.

Redington v. Pacific Postal Tel. Co. (Cal) Telegraph
Company- Incorrect Message-Negligence, R. D.


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St Johns Manuf'g Co. v. Munger (Mich.) Corporations
-Validity of Stock Subscription- Fraud of Pro-
moters, ann. case, 252.

St. Louis & S. W. Ry. Co. v. Berry (Ark.) Carriers of
Passengers-Liability for Money as Baggage-No-
tice, R. D. 30.

St. Louis, I. M. & S. Ry. Co. v. Kelley (Ark.) The Res
Gestæ of an Accident, Ed. 397.

Sanford v. Royal Ins. Co. (Wash.) Release-Insur-
ance-Policy, R. D. 447.

Scanlon v. Walshe (Md.) Descent and Distribution-
Children Born During Marriage- Presumption of
Legitimacy-Evidence, ann. case, 12.
Schmidt v. The Oregon Gold Mining Company (Oreg.)
Attorney's Fees in Mortgage Foreclosure, Ed. 283.
Shellenberg v. Fremont, E. & M. V. R. Co. (Neb.) Car-
riers of Goods Refusal to Surrender Goods to
Rightful Owner, R. D. 307.



Shelley v. State (Tenn.) Criminal Law-Incest-Inter-
course with Relative of Half Blood, R. D. 169.
Southern Ry. Co. v. Asheville (U. S. C. C. N. Car.) In-
junction Restraining Levy of Tax - Interstate
Commerce, R. D. 358.
Spear v. Farmers & Mechanics' Bank (Ill.) Statute of
Frauds-Promise to Answer for Debt of Another, R.

D. 247.

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State v. Bank of Commerce (Tenn.) Taxation of Banks
Exemptions-Vested Rights-Increase of Capital,
R. D. 209.

State v. Bishop (Mo.) Criminal Law-Counterfeiting
Trade-mark- Union Workingmen, ann. case, 72.
State v. Church (S. Dak.) Criminal Law-Separation
of Jury, ann. case, 313.

State v. City of Janesville (Wis.) Elections and Voters
-Australian Ballot Law-Ballots-Arrangement of
Names-Certificate of Nomination, R. D. 285.

State v. Duket (Wis.) Divorce Following Sentence of
Imprisonment for Life, Ed. 1.

State v. Judges, etc. (N. J.) Federal Control of State
Naturalization, Ed. 897.

State v Julow (Mo.) Constitutionality of Missouri
Labor Organization Law, Ed. 223.

State v. Myers (Neb.) Criminal Law-Rape-Evidence
-Declarations of Injured Female, R. D. 464.
State v. Tomasi (Vt.)
for Crime, Ed. 29.

Ignorance of Facts as an Excuse

State v. Woodson (Mo.) Appeal as a Supersedeas in
Contested Election Cases, Ed. 107.

Swift v. Philadelphia (U. S. D. C. Ill.) Federal Com-
mon Law, Ed. 87.

Tarkington v. State (Miss.) Criminal Trial-Presence
of Strangers During Deliberations of Jury, R. D.

Taylor v. Hearst (Cal.) Libel-Mistake-Damages,
ann. case, 54.

Terry v. Provident Fund Soc. of New York (Ind.) In-
surance Agent-Authority-Ratification of Acts,
ann. case, 291.

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United States v. Dodge (U. S. D. C. Pa.) What Con-
stitutes Threatening Letters or Dunning Envelopes
within the Meaning of the Federal Statute, Ed. 377.
United States v. Stanford (U. S. C. C. Cal.) Claim of
United States Government against the Stanford
Estate, Ed. 205.

Vallier v. Bracke (S. Dak.) Elections and Voters-
Australian Ballot System, R. D. 341.
Watkins v. Glenn (Kan.) Constitutional Law-Obliga
tion of Contracts-Mortgage Sale-Retroactive Ef
fect of Statute, R. D. 68.

Weller v. State (Ohio) Constitutional Law-Adultera-
tion of Vinegar-Artificial Coloring-Police Power,
R. D. 129.

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Wurmser v. Stone (Kan.) Abuse of Process by Officer
-Liability of Plaintiff in Process, R. D. 265.
Ziemann V. Kieckhefer Manufacturing Company
(Wis.) Negligence of Contractors Machinery-
Third Parties, ann. case, 213.

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