Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia: With Select Cases, Relating Chiefly to Points of Practice, Decided by the Superior Court of Chancery for the Richmond District


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Σελίδα 304 - ... the same shall be taken as to the creditors and purchasers of the persons aforesaid, so remaining in possession, to be fraudulent within this act, and that the absolute property is with the possession, unless such loan, reservation, or limitation of use or property, were declared by will or by deed, in writing proved, and recorded as aforesaid.
Σελίδα 324 - That in controversies respecting property, and in suits between man and man, the ancient trial by jury is preferable to any other, and ought to be held sacred.
Σελίδα 51 - State, which authorizes it, is repugnant to that provision of the Constitution of the United States which says that no State shall pass any law impairing the obligation of contracts.
Σελίδα ii - Co. of the said district, have deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof they claim as proprietors, in the words following, to wit : " Tadeuskund, the Last King of the Lenape. An Historical Tale." In conformity to the Act of the Congress of the United States...
Σελίδα 520 - But a testament of chattels, written in the testator's own hand, though it has neither his name nor seal to it, nor witnesses present at its publication, is good, provided sufficient proof can be had that it is his hand writing.
Σελίδα 87 - Ann. c. 14, s. 1, specifies the games: it enacts that all notes, bills, bonds, &c., where the whole or any part of the consideration shall be for...
Σελίδα 313 - Where the debtor has absconded or absented himself from his usual place of abode, or is about to abscond or absent himself, so that the ordinary process of law cannot be served upon him.
Σελίδα 180 - Porter, deceased, do out of the assets of said estate in their hands to be administered, pay to the appellant his costs by him expended in the prosecution of his appeal aforesaid here; and this Court proceeding to...
Σελίδα 302 - the principles and rules of the common law, as now universally known and understood, are so strong against fraud in every shape, that the common law would have attained every end proposed by the statutes 13 Eliz. c. 5, and 27 Eliz. c. 4. The former of these statutes relates to creditors only : the latter to purchasers. These statutes cannot receive too liberal a construction, or be too much extended in suppression of fraud.
Σελίδα 304 - ... five years, without demand made and pursued by due process of law on the part of the pretended lender...

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