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Reference Books.


ican, embracing a Series of Original Memoirs of the most Distinguished Persons of all Times. With 600 Engravings.

One large 8vo. A truly excellent and useful volume. A BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY: comprising a Summary Ac

count of the Lives of the most Distinguished Persons of all Ages, Nations, and Professions. By John L. Blake, D. D.

Philadelphia : H. Cowperthwait & Co. 8vo. pp. 1366. APPLETON'S NEW AMERICAN CYCLOPÆDIA : a Popular Dic

tionary of General Knowledge. Edited by George Ripley and Charles A. Dana. New York : D. Appleton & Co.

This work is to be in fifteen volumes, large octavo. Six volumes have already been published, and from these we feel warranted in saying that the work is eminently worthy of public patronage. It will constitute a library of itself, — containing a vast amount of information on subjects in general and of prominent individuals. As a work of reference it will prove invaluable. THESAURUS OF ENGLISH WORDS AND PHRASES : so arranged

and classified as to facilitate the Expression of Ideas and assist in Literary Composition. By Peter Mark Roget. Revised and edited, with a List of Foreign Words defined in English, and other Additions, by Barnas Sears, D. D., President of Brown University. Boston : Gould and Lincoln.

12mo. pp. 510. CRABB's English SYNONYMES EXPLAINED. With copious

Illustrations and Explanations, drawn from the best Writers.

New York: Harper and Brothers. 8vo. pp. 535. ON THE STUDY OF WORDS. By Richard Chenevix Trench,

B. D., Professor of Divinity, King's College, London. New

York : Redfield. 12mo. pp. 231. . CHAMBERS'S CYCLOPÆDIA OF ENGLISH LITERATURE. Bos

ton : Gould and Lincoln. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 2400, and more than 300 elegant illustrations.

A selection of the choicest productions of English authors, from the earliest to the present time. A most valuable work. CYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN LITERATURE : embracing Per

Reference Books.

sonal and Critical Notices of Authors, and Selections from
their Writings. From the earliest Period to the present Day.
With Portraits, Autographs, and other Illustrations. By Evert
A. Duyckinck and George L. Duyckinck. New York: Charles

Scribner. 2 vols. Royal 8vo. pp. 1500.

plete Physical, Statistical, Civil, and Political Description of
the World ; exhibiting its various Rivers, Mountains, Lakes,
Plains, &c.; the Natural History of each Country, Beasts,
Birds, Fishes, Shells, Minerals, Insects, Plants, &c.; and the
Productive Industry, Commerce, Political Institutions of all
the Empires, Kingdoms, and Republics of the Globe ; includ-
ing the late Discoveries of Drs. Barth, Kane, and Livingstone.
Also a General View of Astronomy. By Hugh Murray,
F. R. S. E., assisted by Professors Jameson, Wallace, Swain-
son, and Hooker. Edited by Elbridge Smith, A.M., Principal
of the Norwich Free Academy. The whole embellished with
Maps, Charts, and over 1,100 Engravings. Norwich : Henry

Bill. 2 vols. pp. 1670. Very valuable.

New York : W. and S. Wood. Large 8vo. pp. 1028.

This volume should be in the hands of every teacher. It is
emphatically the Grammar of Grammars.
HistoRY AND CHRONOLOGY. The World's Progress. With

Chart. 12mo.

Ripley and Bayard Taylor. 12mo. pp. 647.
THE USEFUL Arts. By Dr. Antisell. 12mo. pp. 690.
UNIVERSAL BIOGRAPHY. By Parke Godwin. 12mo. pp. 821.
UNIVERSAL GEOGRAPHY : a Comprehensive Gazetteer of the

World 12mo.
SCIENCE : including Natural History, Botany, Geology, Min-

eralogy, &c. By Samuel St. John.

These six volumes, published by S. A. Rollo & Co., New York, are intended to comprise a comprehensive view of the whole circle of human knowledge; in other words, to form a

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pp. 716.

Reference Books.


General Cyclopædia in a portable shape, for popular reference, for family libraries, for teachers, for school libraries, and for the general reader. OUTLINES OF UNIVERSAL History, from the Creation of the

World to the Present Time. By George Weber. Boston Hickling, Swan, and Brewer. 1 vol. Royal 8vo. pp. 559.

In this work we find the principles of historical perspective applied to the annals of the world with wonderful success. Though a vast multitude of objects are introduced to the reader, there is not the least indistinctness or confusion. MATHEMATICAL DICTIONARY ; and Cyclopædia of Mathemat

ical Science. Comprising Definitions of all the Terms employed in Mathematics, - an Analysis of each Branch, and of the Whole, as forming a single Science. By Charles Davies and William G. Peck. New York : A. S. Barnes and Burr.

1 vol. 8vo. pp. 592. ELEMENTS OF CRITICISM. By Henry Home, of Kames, one

of the Lords Commissioners of Justiciary in Scotland. Edited by Rev. James R. Boyd. . New York: A. S. Barnes and Burr.

12mo. pp. 486. BOUVIER'S FAMILIAR ASTRONOMY : illustrated by Celestial

Maps and upwards of Two Hundred finely executed Engravings. To which are added, a Treatise on the Globes, and a Comprehensive Astronomical Dictionary: Philadelphia : Childs and Peterson. 8vo. pp. 499.

. FAMILIAR SCIENCE ; or, The Scientific Explanation of the

Principles of Natural and Physical Science, and their practical and familiar Applications to the Employments and Necessities of Common Life. Illustrated by nearly Two Hundred Engravings. By David A. Wells, A. M. Philadel

phia : Childs and Peterson. 8vo. pp. 566. MAURY'S GEOGRAPHY OF THE SEA. This excellent work is

published by Harper and Brothers, New York. It is well

illustrated with wood-cuts and charts. The Earth AND MAN: Lectures on Comparative Physical

Geography, in its Relation to the History of Mankind. By Arnold Guyot. Boston : Gould and Lincoln. 12mo. pp. 334.

Books for School Libraries.


count of Heat, Light, Air, Aliment, and Cleansing, in their Scientific Principles and Domestic Applications. By Edward

L. Youmans. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 12mo. pp. 470. THE CHEMISTRY OF COMMON LIFE. By James F. Johnston.

Illustrated with numerous Wood Engravings. New York :

D. Appleton & Co. 2 vols. 12mo. TREATISE ON ENGLISH PUNCTUATION. Designed for Letter

Writers, Authors, Printers, Correctors of the Press, and for School Use. With an Appendix, containing Rules on the Use of Capitals, a List of Abbreviations, Hints on Preparing Copy and on Proof-Reading, Specimen of Proof-Sheets, &c. By John Wilson. Boston : Crosby, Nichols, & Co. 16mo.

This is unquestionably the best work of its kind now before the public. Every teacher should own it.

Fowler and Wells, New York, publish some very good books. “ How to Write," " How to Talk," etc. will be found exceedingly useful to all classes.



MANY school libraries have been established within the last ten years. The usefulness of these will depend greatly upon the character of the books selected to furnish them. The press is teeming with books for the young, but many of the volumes issued are entirely unsuitable, and their circulation will do harm and not good. The following we commend as interesting and instructive books for school or family libraries.

Books for School Libraries.

RoLLo's TRAVELS. By Jacob Abbott. Rollo on the Atlantic;

Rollo in Switzerland; Rollo on the Rhine; Rollo in London; Rollo in Paris; Rollo in Geneva, etc. 10 vols. Boston: Brown, Taggard, & Chase.

These are beautiful 16mo vols., each containing about 225 pages, and full of instruction pleasantly expressed. They will be read with pleasure and profit by adults as well as by children. SEEDTIME AND HARVEST. Tales from the German of Rosalie

Koch and Maria Burg. By Trauermantel. With six colored

Illustrations. 1 vol. 16mo. WELL BEGUN IS HALF DONE; AND, THE YOUNG ARTIST.

Tales translated from the German. By Trauermantel. With

six fine Illustrations, printed in oil colors. 16mo. A WILL, AND A WAY. Tales from the German of T. Michel

and Aug. Moritz. By Trauermantel. With six colored Illus

trations. 1 vol. 16mo. . THE AGE OF CHIVALRY. Or, King Arthur and his Knights

of the Round Table. By the Author of “ The Age of Fable.”

Illustrated with Engravings. 12mo. THE LIFE OF WASHINGTON, FOR CHILDREN. By E. Cecil.

Illustrated with Engravings. 16mo. NANNIE'S JEWEL-CASE; OR, TRUE STONES AND FALSE.

Tales translated from the German. By Trauermantel. With

six fine Illustrations, printed in oil colors. 16mo. THE BOY OF Mount RuigI. By Miss C. M. Sedgwick,

author of " Home," "Live and Let Live." 16mo. THE JUVENILE LIBRARY. By Mrs. Tuthill, Mary Howitt,

and others. In sets of 14 volumes, uniform in size and style, embellished with engravings. Put up in neat boxes. 18mo. The titles are:- I will be a Lady ; I will be a Gentleman ; A Strike for Freedom; The Boarding School Girl; Onward, Right Onward; Anything for Sport; Happy Days; Childhood of Mary Leeson; Ellen Stanley; The Boy of Spirit; When are we Happiest ? Hurrah for New England; Keeper's Travels; The People of Bleaburn. The twenty-one volumes last named are very neatly pub

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