Electronic Technology Handbook

McGraw Hill Professional, 31 Μαΐ 1999 - 576 σελίδες
Cutting edge electronics technology demystified

Anyone with a basic technical background can gain a fast understanding of electronics technology with the easy-to-read Electronics Technology Handbook. Electronic engineering newcomers will find this a one-step, non-mathematical resource for clear explanations of electronics technology essentials--from AC theory and generation to wireless communications and microprocessors.

Encyclopedic coverage supported with hundreds of concept-clarifying illustrations shows you exactly how contemporary electronic devices and systems work and interact. You'll quickly discover the principles at the heart of such widely used technologies as transistors; integrated circuits; television; ATM machines; cell phones; bar-code readers; sensors; robotics; satellites; electron microscopes; process control; radar; global positioning system; night vision systems; and much more.

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Active Discrete Components
Electromechanical Components
Basic Amplifier and Oscillator Circuits
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Neil Sclater is an editor/writer who has written extensively on high technology for publication in various books and magazines. He is the author or co-author of seven McGraw-Hill books, including the McGraw-Hill Electronics Dictionary, Sixth Edition.

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