New Stone Architecture

McGraw-Hill Education, 29 Οκτ 2003 - 240 σελίδες
Here's the guide architects and building professionals need to meet the exploding demand for using stone in contemporary architecture and understand why stone is an attractive and practical option for new construction.

Magnificently illustrated with 300 illustrations (200 in beautiful full-color), the author covers every type of structure, including:
* Residential
* Religious
* Civic
* Commercial

Extensive case studies, primarily for structures built within the last decade, cover:
* Plans and elevations
* Creative ideas for using technological innovations to work with stone
* How to select and work with stone in conjunction with light conditions, water, and other materials
* The basics of cutting, surface treatment, and weathering
* How to incorporate stone into natural or urban landscapes

With a vast array of stone from all over the world now readily available, there is no better guide to using it in today's structures than New Stone Architecture.

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David Dernie (Cambridge, UK) is a Lecturer at the University of Cambridge and at the Bartlett, University of London, where he researches the use of materials in architecture.

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