Handbook of Ship Calculations, Construction and Operation: A Book of Reference for Shipowners, Ship Officers, Ship and Engine Draughtsmen, Marine Engineers, and Others Engaged in the Building and Operating of Ships

D. Appleton, 1917 - 740 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 703 - Such water carriage shall be performed subject to all the terms and provisions of, and all the exemptions from liability contained in the Act of Congress of the United States, approved on February 13, 1893, and entitled "An act relating to the navigation of vessels, etc.
Σελίδα 692 - Nothing in the foregoing or following sections of this Act shall prohibit the transportation by steam vessels of gasoline or any of the products of petroleum when carried by motor vehicles (commonly known as automobiles) using the same as a source of motive power: Provided, however, That all fire, if any, in such vehicles or automobiles be extinguished...
Σελίδα 708 - A marine policy must specify — (1) The name of the assured, or of some person who effects the insurance on his behalf: (2) The subject-matter insured and the risk insured against: (3) The voyage, or period of time, or both, as the case may be, covered by the insurance: (4) The sum or sums insured : (5) The name or names of the insurers. Signature of Insurer. 24. (1) A marine policy must be signed by or on behalf of the insurer...
Σελίδα 707 - goods " means goods in the nature of merchandise, and does not include personal effects or provisions and stores for use on board. In the absence of any usage to the contrary, deck cargo and living animals must be insured specifically, and not under the general denomination of goods.
Σελίδα 691 - ... nor shall gunpowder be carried on any such vessel, except under special license; nor shall oil of vitriol, nitric or other chemical acids be carried on such steamers except on the decks or guards thereof, or in such other safe part of the vessel as shall be prescribed by the inspectors.
Σελίδα 663 - ... may be in collapsible boats or rafts, under regulations of the Board of Supervising Inspectors, approved by the Secretary of Commerce. At no moment of its voyage may any ocean-cargo steam vessel of the United States...
Σελίδα 527 - As a unit of current, the international ampere, which is one-tenth of the unit of current of the cgs system of electromagnetic units, and which is represented sufficiently well for practical use by the unvarying current which, when passed through a solution of nitrate of silver in water, and in accordance with accompanying specifications, deposits silver at the rate of 0.001118 of a gramme per second.
Σελίδα 663 - If the lifeboats attached to davits do not provide sufficient accommodation for all persons on board, additional lifeboats of one of the standard types shall be provided. This addition shall bring the total capacity of the boats • on the vessel at least up to the greater of the two following amounts : (a) The minimum capacity required by these regulations ; (b) A capacity sufficient to accommodate seventy-five per centum of the persons on board.
Σελίδα 664 - A life buoy shall satisfy the following conditions : (a) It shall be of solid cork or any other equivalent material.
Σελίδα 693 - ... crew, and is in a condition to warrant the belief that she may be used in navigation as a steamer, with safety to life, and that all the requirements of law in regard to fires, boats, pumps, hose, life-preservers...

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