Graying Gracefully: Preaching to Older Adults

William J. Carl
Westminster John Knox Press, 1 Ιαν 1997 - 157 σελίδες
When pastors look out over their congregations, there's a good chance that they see a lot of gray hair. This book gives practical instruction and examples of biblical and theological sermons to this growing population, enabling the preacher to proclaim the gospel more clearly for older adults. It is the only resource available for preaching the gospel effectively to older adults, covering topics from biblical and historical views of age to older adults' need for social justice. Each chapter concentrates on the practical issues for preaching to this group and contains a sermon to illustrate the application of the principles discussed.

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Whats So Good about Getting Old?
A Long Loving Look at the Real
Aging Changing Giving
Before the Stars Go Dark
Remembering and Reconciling
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William J. Carl Jr. is Pastor Emeritus at Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He has taught courses in Preaching and Reformed Studies at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa.

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