Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Common Pleas: With Tables of the Names of the Case and Principal Matters ... from Michaelmas Term 1813 to [Michaelmas Term 1816]


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Σελίδα 257 - ... to move to enter a nonsuit, if the court should be of opinion that the indorsement of the promissory note in pencil was not a good and valid indorsement.
Σελίδα 600 - W. executed a deed of assignment of all his property to trustees for the benefit of his creditors, and the plaintiffs and the defendant both sent in their claims, which were admitted to the full amount.
Σελίδα 145 - Term, obtained a rule, calling on the plaintiff to shew cause why the verdict should not be...
Σελίδα 555 - Vaughan had moved yesterday for a rule to shew cause, why this verdict should not be set aside, and a new trial granted, on the ground that the...
Σελίδα 137 - Campbell now moved for a rule to shew cause why the verdict should not be set aside and a new trial granted...
Σελίδα 586 - The jury found a verdict for the plaintiff on all the issues. In Michaelmas term, 1851, Ум. XXI. J COURT OF COMMON PLEAS : Butt obtained a rule to shew cause why the verdict should not be set aside, and a new trial had on the ground of misdirection, or for arresting the judgment.
Σελίδα 261 - ... until such new highway shall be completed and put into good condition and repair, and so certified by two justices of the peace upon view thereof, which certificate shall be returned to the clerk of the peace, and by him enrolled amongst the records of the court of quarter sessions next after such order as aforesaid shall have been made pursuant to the directions hereinbefore contained.
Σελίδα 26 - Replevins, may and shall in every Replevin of a Distress for Rent, take, in their own Names, from the Plaintiff, and Two responsible Persons as Sureties, a Bond...
Σελίδα 437 - ... well and truly observe, perform, fulfil and keep, all and singular the articles, clauses, payments, conditions and agreements in the said condition of the said writing obligatory, specified, comprised, and mentioned, in all things therein contained on their part and behalf, to be observed, performed, fulfilled, and kept, according to the tenor and effect, true intent and meaning of the said condition of the said writing obligatory.
Σελίδα 478 - ... any annuity or rent-charge shall, from and after the passing of this act, be granted for one or more life or lives...

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