Les recueils de jurisprudence du Québec, publiés par le Barreau de Québec: Cour supérieure, Τόμος 2


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Σελίδα 103 - In order, however, that any such instrument when completed may be enforced against any person who became a party thereto prior to its completion, it must be filled up strictly in accordance with the authority given and within a reasonable time. But if any such instrument, after completion, is negotiated to a holder in due course, it is valid and effectual for all purposes in his hands, and he may enforce it as if it had been filled up strictly in accordance with the authority given and within a reasonable...
Σελίδα 491 - Toute disposition au profit d'un incapable sera nulle, soit qu'on la déguise sous la forme d'un contrat onéreux, soit qu'on la fasse sous le nom de personnes interposées.
Σελίδα 409 - Le capitaine est tenu, avant de prendre charge, de faire visiter son navire, aux termes et dans les formes prescrites par les règlements. Le procès-verbal de visite est déposé au greffe du tribunal de commerce ; il en est délivré extrait au capitaine.
Σελίδα 331 - ... code for the registration of titles to and claims upon such property. But if a party oblige himself successively to two persons to deliver to each of them a thing which is purely moveable property, that one of the two who has been put in actual possession is preferred and remains owner of the thing although his title be posterior in date ; provided, however, that his possession be in good faith.
Σελίδα 535 - La faculté de réméré stipulée par le vendeur lui donne le droit de reprendre la chose en en restituant le prix et en remboursant à l'acheteur les frais de la vente...
Σελίδα 458 - No train shall pass in or through any thickly peopled portion of any city, town or village, at a speed greater than ten miles an hour, unless the track is fenced or properly protected in the manner prescribed by this Act, or unless permission is given by some regulation or order of the Board.
Σελίδα 525 - If the moveables have already been seized and the debtor dispossessed, the creditor making a second seizure is bound to name the same guardian, who can only be discharged • by the sale of the properly so seized, the consent of all the seizing parties, or the order of a judge.
Σελίδα 128 - Total loss may be either absolute or constructive. It is absolute when the thing insured is wholly destroyed or lost. It is constructive when, by reason of any event insured against, the thing though not wholly destroyed or lost becomes of little or no value to the insured, or the voyage and adventure are lost or rendered not worth pursuing. Before the insured can claim for a constructive total loss he must make an abandonment as declared in the following section.
Σελίδα 304 - The first proposition is a general one to this effect, that the plaintiff in an action for negligence cannot succeed if it is found by the jury that he has himself been guilty of any negligence or want of ordinary care which contributed to cause the accident. But there is another proposition equally well established, and it is a qualification upon the first, namely, that though the plaintiff may have been guilty of negligence, and although that negligence may, in fact, have contributed to the accident,...
Σελίδα 306 - Imperial regulations for preventing collisions at sea, are. in force, the obligation is imposed on a vessel that has infringed a regulation which is prima facie applicable to the case, to prove, not only that such infringement did not. but that it could not, by any possibility, have contributed to the accident; but when the collision occurs in Canadian waters, and the Act respecting the navigation of Canadian waters, RSC c.

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