The History of the State of Maine: From Its First Discovery, A.D. 1602, to the Separation, A.D. 1820, Inclusive, Τόμος 2

Glazier, Masters & Company, 1832

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Σελίδα 434 - In our own native land, in defence of the freedom that is our birthright, and which we ever enjoyed till the late violation of it — for the protection of our property, acquired solely by the honest industry of our fore-fathers and ourselves, against violence actually offered, we have taken up arms. We shall lay them down when hostilities shall cease on the part of the aggressors, and all danger of their being renewed shall be removed, and not before.
Σελίδα 504 - St. Croix River to the highlands; along the said highlands which divide those rivers that empty themselves into the river St. Lawrence, from those which fall into the Atlantic Ocean, to the northwesternmost head of Connecticut River...
Σελίδα 504 - Scotia, viz., that angle which is formed by a line drawn due north, from the source of St. Croix River to the highlands, along the highlands which divide those rivers that empty themselves into the River St.
Σελίδα 443 - ... insult the inhabitants of Canada. Should any American soldier be so base and infamous as to injure any Canadian or Indian in his person or property, I do most earnestly enjoin you to bring him to such severe and exemplary punishment as the enormity of the crime may require ; should it extend to death itself, it will not be disproportionate to its guilt at such a time, and in such a cause.
Σελίδα 663 - Shall the Legislature be requested to give its consent to the " separation of the District of Maine Jrom Massachusetts, and " the erection of said District into a separate State ?" — requiring the affirmatives, the negatives, and the whole number of votes, in each municipal corporation, to be certified and sent under seal to the Secretary of State. At the present session, in June, it was found on examination...
Σελίδα 634 - His royal highness can never admit that in the exercise of the undoubted and hitherto undisputed right of searching neutral merchant vessels in time of war, the impressment of British seamen, when found therein, can be deemed any violation of a neutral flag.
Σελίδα 504 - East, by a line to be drawn along the middle of the river St. Croix, from its mouth in the Bay of Funcly to its source, and from its source directly north to the aforesaid Highlands, which divide the rivers that fall into the Atlantic Ocean from those which fall into the river St. Lawrence...
Σελίδα 277 - Another, in 1673, who was conscience President of Harvard College, pronounced ' the outcry, in this™ ' age, for liberty of conscience. — to be the great Diana of the ' libertines.' Nay, said he, " I look upon toleration as the first
Σελίδα 530 - Peace shall have the same jurisdiction, powers and authority, in the said county, as the Courts of Common Pleas and General Sessions of the Peace in the...
Σελίδα 94 - And lastly for the better providing and furnishing of masts for our royal navy, we do hereby reserve to us, our heirs and successors all trees of the diameter of twenty-four inches and upwards of twelve inches from the ground growing upon any soil or tract of land within our said province or territory not heretofore granted to any private persons...

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