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1913-1917 — Unused Cat. No.

Cat. Pr. Net Pr. 119 1/22 green

.03 .02 120 lp rose

.05 .03 120a 11/22 bistre

.06 .04 121 2p black

.08 .06 122 27/2p ultramarine

.10 .08 123 3p yellow and black.. .12 .10 124 4p red orange and black

.16 .12 125 5p yellow green & black .20 .15 126 6p lliac and black.... .24 .20 127 8p gray green & violet .30

.25 128 10p carmine rose & blue .35 ..30 129 ls turquoise blue and black

.40 .32 130 2s brown and black... .80 .60 131 2s 6p gray and blue.. 1.00 .75 133 5s green and blue ....2.00 1.50 135 10s yellow green and carmine

4.00 3.00

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Scarce Stamps in Good Condition

Priced according to the Advance Sheets of our 1924 Catalogue Cat. No. *Indicates Unused

Cat. Pr. Net Pr. 35b United States

1851-56 10c gr'n, outer line recut 45.00 30.00 *245 Argentine Republic

1917 10p violet and blue ...10.00 7.50 *246

20p dull blue and claret..20.00 15.00 *91 Bavaria

1911 20m black brown on yel'w 6.00 4.00 5 Cape of Good Hope 1885-86 6p lilac

. 10.00 8.00 *46 1884-87 5s orange

9.00 6.00 *71 Crete 1901 5d green and black

7.00 5.00 *34 Dominica

1903 5s brown and black 15.00 11.00 *54 East Africa and Uganda 1912 10r gr’n & red on green 10.00 8.00 *39 Falkland Islands 1912-14 £1 black on red .

9.00 7.00 *35 France, Kouang Tcheou Wan 1908 10fr. purple and black 6.00 4.50 *75 Gibraltar

1912 £1 violet & black on red 9.00 7.00 *95 India

1911-13 15r olive green and ultra. 9.00 7.00 *96

25r deep blue and brown

15.00 11.00 134 Portugal

1895 150r carmine & bistre. 7.50 5.00 *100 Rhodesia 1909 £1 gray violet

. 10.00 7.00 100

£1 gray violet

6.00 4.00 3 Saint Lucia

(6p) green

.40.00 25.00 *4 1863 (1p) lake

.12.00 9.00 1886-91 10s lilac & black

7.00 5.00 10 Saint Pierre

1885 5c on 4c claret on lav. 17.50 12.00 9 Saint Vincent 1863-69 1s indigo

15.00 10.00 14

1871-78 6p dark blue green 7.50 5.00 15

6p pale yellow green 8.00 6.00 *70

1898 5s green & ultramarine.. 8.00 6.00 *123 Samoa 1914-18 £1

8.00 6.00 *20 San Marino

1892-94 1L carmine and yellow..10.00 7.00 *104 Straits Settlements

1902 $5 green & brn. orange 10.00 7.00 *72 Johore 1904-08 $5 green and orange

6.00 4.00 *42 Surinam

1900 50c on 2gld 50c grn.
and orange

9.00 7.00 *17 Trinidad 1859 1s slate blue

.17.50 12.00 *801 Turkey

1879 10pa black & rose lilac.. 6.00 3.00 *805

5pi red and blue

7.50 4.00








Published Monthly by Scott STAMP & Coin Co., 33 West 44th St., New York City, N. Y. John N. LUFF, Editor KENT B. STILES, Associate Editor HUGH M. CLARK, Manager

Vol. 4. No. 8


Issue No. 44

The issue number with which your subscription will expire is shown at left of address on envelope

The Month


By John N. Luff USTRIA: It is announced that postal of 1897 with the vertical perforation rates are to be advanced so that they omitted. Mr. E. H. Finnegan tells us that

will be practically double those now he has a similar block of the $2 stamp of in force. A new series of stamps of vari the same issue. ous designs is being prepared to accord with the new rates.

COSTA RICA: Mr. A. Roterberg shows

us a number of uncatalogued varieties AZERBAIJAN , We are indebted to of the official stamps of 1921. First are the

Mr. Stanley Phillips, Editor of Stan 4C, 50c and I col (Nos. 264, 267 and 268), ley Gibbons Monthly Circular, for the with the surcharged date "1921-22" infollowing information:

verted at the bottom of the stamps. The "I had a visit yesterday from a man who 500 and I col are in vertical pairs with the has been in the police in Constantinople, normal variety. Then we have the 6c on and who had summary jurisdiction over ic and the 200 on 250 (Nos. 265 and 266) men caught forging stamps.

He tells me with both the date and the new value inthat Azerbaijan Nos. II to 14 in your cur verted. On all these stamps the word rent catalogue were shown him by a man “OFFICIAL” is upright.

From this it is apwhom he had before him, who stated that parent that the “1921-22" and the new valthey were the next lot of bogus stuff he

ues were surcharged on stamps which had would have issued if he had not been received the "OFFICIAL” surcharge in 1908. caught by the police."

It must have required some care to make The stamps referred to are four of the

the pairs with the normal and inverted first issue with hand-stamped surcharge surcharges. "75 rubles” or “100 rubles" in a small rectangle: Evidently the fakir's supposed ref- FRENCH OFFICES IN EGYPT: In ormation came too late or was not lasting,

this number we chronicle a new Alexfor the stamps with the bogus surcharges andria stamp, a 30 mill. on 15 mill. on I reached the market and deceived various

franc. This is shown us by the Economist collectors and dealers, as well as the Editor Stamp Co., who give the following account of Scott's catalogue. To make amends as

of it. The surcharge "15 mill." was usually far as possible, they will “get the axe” in applied to stamps of 40 or 50 centimes and the Errata of the next catalogue.

“30 mill.” to the i franc. Through error In this number we chronicle some Rus one sheet (150 stamps) of the I franc resian stamps of 1909-18 overprinted with a ceived the "15 mill.” surcharge, whereupon star having a Russian letter in each of the the Postmaster ordered that the stamp five points. This is similar to the star over

should receive the correct surcharge, “30 print that has been used in Russia in re mill.” and a bar be printed across the “15 cent months, but the latter has the Soviet mill.” Thus another variety was created hammer and sickle in the centre and a new for collectors. Apparently such a simple value below. All copies that we have seen expedient as destroying the sheet with the of the overprint were cancelled wrong surcharge was not considered. “BAKU.” It is probable that other values exist than those we list.


Monsieur Theodore Champion has HINA: Our publishers have recently shown us a copy of the 250 on 25C violet

acquired a large block of the $1 stamp of 1921 (No. 64) with “Protectorate Fran



caise” omitted and another copy of No. 64 with "Protectorate Francaise" printed twice, once in black and once in red.

L'Echo de la Timbrologie reports another variety of this nature.

is the 150 on 150 orange of 1914-17 (No. 43) with the "Protectorate Francaise" surcharge only, the Arabic surcharge having been omitted. GEOR

EORGIA: In these days of made-to

sell stamps, especially those with surcharges, it is a satisfaction to know that new varieties are not being received in wholesale quantities but

coming through the post on ordinary letters which are addressed to people who know nothing of stamp collecting. The new Georgian provisionals, which we list this month, have all been obtained from such sources. The few copies whose origin is known, were used at Sukhum-Kule, in the Tiflis postal district of Georgia.

ERMANY: Under date of August

21st, our Berlin correspondent, Mr. A. B. Saunders, writes us about postal affairs in Germany:

A rise in postal tariff, in its normal proportion probably unique in the postal history of any country, comes into force in Germany on August 24th. Under pressure of the progressive depreciation of the mark, this date will see the fee of an ordinary inland letter rush up from 1,000 to 20,000 marks, and all other fees will rise in proportion. An inland postcard will cost 8,000, a foreign letter 60,000, a foreign postcard


000 and 20,000 marks are the values mentioned) will therefore have to bridge over the first “stampless” days. But the Germany collector will be obliged to add a few new leaves to his im.

It is probable that the continued and excessive depreciation of the mark since this letter was written has made it necessary to advance postal rates to even higher figures than those quoted by Mr. Saunders, HUN

UNGARY: We translate from Cham

pion's Bulletin Mensuel : "The Hungarian Postal Administration is about to place on sale at auction 1000 stamps of 3 filler red lilac, harvesters type, inscribed 'Magyar Posta,' and without surcharge.

"This stamp has never served for the franking of letters. Until now it is only known with the surcharge ‘Magyar-TanacsKoztarsasag.'

“It appears that the very limited stock of this ‘not issued 3 fillers will be sold at auction in small lots.”

Can a stamp that is sold only at auction and not at the post office be said to have been issued for postal use? How does it differ from other waste paper that is sold to the junkman? I TALIAN OFFICES IN TURKEY; In

a sheet of the 77/2pi on 85C chocolate, provisional stamp of 1922 (No. 51 in the catalogue) we find one stamp with the variety "PIASIRE.” The second “I” seems to be a perfect letter and not a broken “T,” as no trace of a crossbar can be seen.

ICARAGUA: Mr. Leopoldo Lacayo

Hijo sends us the ic on 1oc yellow of 1922 (No. 418) with double inverted surcharge. ANAMA: Reference to the chronicle

in this number will show that a new provisional stamp has been issued in Panama. It is made by surcharging the 27/2c scarlet and black of 1915 with the date "1923” and a new value. Mr. J. P. Coveleski sends us some sheets of this provisional and gives us some information about it. The sheets first printed contained a number of errors, practically all of them in the date "1923." Nos. 18 and 63 in the sheets are without the date. After this we find in place of "1923” the following varieties : "1932" (No. 45), “3” (No. 57), "12" (No. 73), and "23" (Nos. 64 and 68). On Nos. 30 and 31 there is a bar above "centesimos.”

36,000 marks. The lowest fee of all, that N


for ordinary inland printed matter, will be fixed at 4,000 (till now 200) marks.

This twenty-fold tariff will result in the no doubt equally unique disappearance of every stamp at present in currency. It is true that the three “highest" values of 4,000, 5,000 and 10,000 marks will continue in use, but they, too, having become the lowest, will soon appear in another type and in small size. On the other hand the tariff calls for a multitude of new stamps in all denominations from 8,000 to at least 100,000 marks. The manufacture of these stamps is already in hand, but the new tariff having been only determined upon a few days before coming into force, the making of them is still at too early a stage for even the most needed values to be completed in time. A series of daily-to-be-expected surcharged provisionals (8,000, 12,



So many varieties in one setting, espe source and did not hesitate to chronicle cially as most of them occur in one place, them. We now learn that these sets were makes us wonder if the compositor had prepared as a coronation issue in 1914, philatelic leanings or a friend to advise but were never placed in use, and the whole him what would be interesting to stamp outfit has recently been sold to a dealer collectors. On the other hand, we must in Europe. Under these circumstances we notice that "1923" stands alone and this cannot see that they have any claim to a may have made it difficult to lock it firmly place among postal issues. in place, thus permitting some of the figures to drop out.

ERU: Mr. Coveleski is informed that after us copies of the recently issued 5c on about 100 sheets had been printed the

8c red brown and black, some of which were noticed and corrected. He have the surcharge 21mm. high, while on reports that one sheet was found with others it measures 22/2 mm. Having seen double surcharge and one with diagonal

only single copies, we are unable to say if surcharge. He sends us these two sheets these varieties occur in the same setting and we find that they contain all the or represent two distinct settings.

The diagonal surcharge is not only. slightly tilted but it is also shifted down USSIAN OFFICES IN CHINA: Our ward and to the left. The result of all publishers have recently obtained some this is that there are four vertical pairs, imperforate copies of the 14. cents on 14 with and without the surcharge, several

kopeks blue and rose of the 1917 issue, stamps with only small portions of the No. 56 in the catalogue. surcharge, and many with parts of two

We read in L'Echo surcharges. It is stated that there will be SAN MARINO: a total of 200,000 copies of this provisional. de la Timbrologie :

“The first Italian flag which entered Albe PARAGUAY: Philatelic matters seem

has been presented to San Marino, and to be very active in this country just

great fetes took place on the 6th of April, at present. In the chronicle we report two

on the occasion of the delivery of this commemorative stamps which show a pic

glorious trophy to the authorities of the. ture of a very ordinary and uninteresting

Republic. Il Corriere Filatelico announces building. This is described as "the house

two commemorative stamps to keep this from which the conspirators departed on

ceremony in remembrance, a 300 and a the night of May 14-15, 1811." We believe 500, 200,000 copies of each to be issued, this was the first step toward the over

and to be in use for fifteen days.” Rah! throw of Spanish government and the

Rah! Fireworks and hysterics! Now, you establishing of national independence. Just

stamp collectors, step up and buy souvenir why the year 1923 is selected to commem

stamps to pay the bills. Yeah! They alorate an event in 1811 is not made clear.

Mr. A. Roterberg shows us the two bi ARAWAK: In 1918 a supply of onecolored stamps of 1922 (Nos. 243 and 244)

cent stamps was sent out in which with inverted centres. He also shows the

the value tablet was printed in blue-green same two stamps with the centres in nor in error instead of in carmine. A corremal position but the stamps are imper- spondent of L'Echo de la Timbrologie forate.

states that these stamps were immediately

placed on sale and quickly bought up by PERSIA: Mr. A. Kurdistani shows us a local speculator. This statement, how

the 2 chahi stamp of the coronation ever, is incorrect, as the Sarawak Governissue of 1915 with the centre inverted. ment Secretary informs us that the stamps

In our August number we chronicled a in question were never issued and do not long and highly-colored set of stamps, bear franking powers. They have recently showing portraits, buildings, etc. There been purchased by a dealer, who has been

a second set of the same designs, negotiating for them since 1918, on the printed in different colors and surcharged understanding that if sold they are to be "SERVICE." We received these stamps as described as unissued stamps.-Whitfield a new issue from a supposedly reliable King & Co.'s Philatelic Bulletin.

ways do.




OUTH WEST AFRICA: Messrs. overprint has only a iomm. space between

Bright & Son report the following the words. So far we have seen it only varieties of the stamps with the bi-lingual on the 5 shillings, 10 shillings and 1 pound, overprint:

ordinary postage, and on the 2, 3 and 5 1/2d: “Wes” for “West.” No. 236 on the pence postage due. sheet.


RANS-JORDANIA: Id: “Af. rica.” No. 233 on the sheet.

On May 25th

240 sets of Palestine stamps were 6d: “UID” for “ZUID” on the original overprinted in three lines with an Arabic

stamp under the overprint. No. 213 inscription signifying "Arabic Government on the sheet.

of the East. Commemoration of Indepen5, 10 and 20 shillings: No period after dence, May 25th, 1923.” The stamps are

“Africa." Nos. 61 and 67 on the of the 1918 issue, watermark Royal Cypher, sheet.

and of the 240 sets overprinted, 216 were There have been two printings of the distributed amongst Government officials. bi-lingual overprint. The first setting has We think we have said enough to show a space of 14mm. between the two lines that these stamps have no interest for colof the overprint, both English and Dutch, lectors and are unworthy of catalogue and is found on all stamps of the series, rank.-Whitfield King & Co.'s Philatelic both ordinary and postage due. The second Bulletin.



Pet Set *1667 Libia, Special Delivery 1915-21 25, 30, 30, 50c..

.4 for $0.60 *2013N Liechtenstein

1920 15h to lk. imperforate, complete...8 for .1512 *1317

1921 Swiss Administration, 2r 10h

.2 for .15 *326 Newfoundland 1897 Jubilee, 1, 2, 3c.

.3 for .40 919 North Borneo 1893 lc to 24c

.9 for .50 5






1540 Persia

1882 5, 10, 25c complete. 647 Official

1903 lc to 10k *1692 Poland

1922 5f to 300m complete... *659 Saint Thomas

1869-87 5, 5, 10, 10, 20, 25, 25, 50r. *1476 Siam

1883 1a, 2a, la on 64a, 2a on 64a *1239 Charity


2, 3S *846 Federated Malay States 1900

1, 5c *1052 Switzerland

1882 2, 3, 5, 10c *1534

Charity 1922 1922, 5, 10, 20, 40c complete.. *521 Uruguay, various issues *1501

1901 2, 5c *1502


2, 4, 5c

[blocks in formation]


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