The College Student's Manual: A Hand-book of Reference for Professors, Teachers, Students, and All Others Interested in the Progress of Liberal Education; Conataining a List of All the Colleges and Universities in the United States; Also General Information, Requirements for Admission, Terms, Examination Questions, Roman Pronunciation of Latin, Libraries, Scientific Specialists, Preparatory and Professional Schools, Universities of Great Britain, College Societies, Etc

H. E. & A. B. Moseley, 1884 - 187 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 120 - II met bas son fagot, il songe à son malheur. Quel plaisir at-il eu depuis qu'il est au monde ? En est-il un plus pauvre en la machine ronde ? Point de pain quelquefois, et jamais de repos. Sa femme, ses enfants, les soldats, les impôts, Le créancier, et la corvée Lui font d'un malheureux la peinture achevée. Il appelle la mort, elle vient sans tarder, Lui demande ce qu'il faut faire C'est, dit-il, afin de m'aider A recharger ce bois ; tu ne tarderas guère.
Σελίδα 118 - In any triangle, the square of the side opposite to an acute angle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides diminished by twice the product of one of these sides and the projection of the other upon that side.
Σελίδα 124 - How came the world's gray fathers forth To watch thy sacred sign ! And when its yellow lustre smiled O'er mountains yet untrod, Each mother held aloft her child To bless the bow of God.
Σελίδα 120 - Un pauvre Bûcheron tout couvert de ramée, Sous le faix du fagot aussi bien que des ans Gémissant et courbé marchait à pas pesants, Et tâchait de gagner sa chaumine enfumée.
Σελίδα 111 - Euclid's, and show by construction that its truth was known to us ; to demonstrate, for example, that the angles at the base of an isosceles triangle are equal, and that if the equal sides be produced the angles on the other side of the base...
Σελίδα 127 - THE splendor falls on castle walls And snowy summits old in story : The long light shakes across the lakes, And the wild cataract leaps in glory.
Σελίδα 180 - SHOWING — The Relation of Any Motion to Every Other Motion, and Answering at a Glance over 500 Questions in Parliamentary Practice; together with a Key containing Concise Hints and Directions for conducting the Business of Deliberative Assemblies.
Σελίδα 117 - ... gentleman bought a yacht for $3500, and sold it at a loss of 20 per cent ; the buyer sold it at a gain of 25 per cent ; what did the latter receive for it ? 6. What sum of money, at 10 per cent compound interest, will amount to $8651.50 in three years? 7. A cistern is 4m long, 24dm wide, and 80°m deep. How much water will it hold in cubic meters? In liters? 8. The longitude of St. Petersburg is 39° 19' east ; of New York 74° 41' west; when it is one o'clock in the afternoon at St.
Σελίδα 118 - If two angles of a triangle are unequal, the sides opposite these angles are unequal, and the side opposite the greater angle is the greater.
Σελίδα 111 - Straight lines which are parallel to the same straight line are parallel to one another. Triangles and Rectilinear Figures. The sum of the angles of a triangle is equal to two right angles.

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