Matthew, Thy Kingdom Come: A Commentary on the First Gospel

Kregel Publications, 1 Αυγ 1998 - 264 σελίδες
This verse-by-verse commentary of the book of Matthew by popular author and scholar John Walvoord examines the life of Christ and the stages of acceptance and rejection that He endured.

Τι λένε οι χρήστες - Σύνταξη κριτικής

Κριτική χρηστών  - Jerry L Teets -

Prewrathers Robert Van Kampen & Rev. Roger Best in their article (...) ....ask us who believe in Pretribulationalism "ARE MATTHEW AND REVELATION FOR THE CHURCH OR UNSAVED ISRAEL?"....they make the ... Ανάγνωση ολόκληρης της κριτικής

Σχετικά με τον συγγραφέα (1998)


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