Islands in the Sky: Bold New Ideas for Colonizing Space

Stanley Schmidt, Robert Zubrin
Wiley, 8 Φεβ 1996 - 266 σελίδες
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"Let the meek inherit the earth—the rest of us are going tothe stars! Here's how it's going to be done." — Robert Zubrin

"These articles are not 'just science fiction.' They are thingswe can do—and with any luck at all, and vision anddetermination, we will." — Stanley Schmidt

Take off on a thrilling journey of space exploration andspeculation—to the realm where science fiction becomesscience fact—as leading writers, researchers, and astronauticengineers describe a not-too-distant future of interstellar traveland colonization. From cable cars that ride "skyhooks" into spaceto rockets that can refuel out of Martian air, from "terraforming"planets (a process that makes them habitable for human life) tofaster-than-light propulsion systems, Islands in the Sky offers anastonishing collection of challenging—andplausible—ideas and proposals from the pages of Analogmagazine. Brilliant and provocative, here is fun-filled reading foreveryone interested in science, technology, and the future.

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STANLEY SCHMIDT, Ph.D., is the Editor of Analog ScienceFiction/Science Fact magazine, for which he has received 16 HugoAward nominations. He is the author of four novels, includingLifeboat Earth and Newton and the Quasi-Apple, and is a member ofthe Board of Advisors of the National Space Society.

ROBERT ZUBRIN, Ph.D., is an astronautics engineer whose work hasbeen profiled in Newsweek and Air & Space/Smithsonianmagazines. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the NationalSpace Society and a Fellow of the British InterplanetarySociety.

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