A Treatise on the Law of Companies, Considered as a Branch of the Law of Partnership, Τόμος 1

Sweet and Maxwell, limited, 1902

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Σελίδα 275 - Any contract which if made between private persons would be by law required to be in writing, and...
Σελίδα 143 - Every person who shall have subscribed the prescribed sum or upwards to the capital of the company, or shall otherwise have become entitled to a share in the company, and whose name shall have been entered on the register of shareholders hereinafter mentioned, shall be deemed a shareholder of the company.
Σελίδα 120 - ... untrue statement not purporting to be made on the authority of an expert, or of a public official document or statement...
Σελίδα 220 - We may now take for granted that the dealings with these companies are not like dealings with other partnerships, and that the parties dealing with them are bound to read the Statute and the deed of 'settlement. But they are not bound to do more. And the party here, on reading the deed of settlement, would find, not a prohibition from borrowing, but a permission to do so on certain conditions.
Σελίδα 121 - ... that the prospectus was issued without his knowledge or consent and that on becoming aware of its issue...
Σελίδα 364 - ... and shall further be personally liable to the holder of any such bill of exchange, promissory note, cheque, or order for money or goods, for the amount thereof, unless the same is duly paid by the company.
Σελίδα 217 - This doctrine ought to be reasonably, and not unreasonably, understood and applied, and that whatever may fairly be regarded as incidental to, or consequential upon, those things which the legislature has authorized, ought not, unless expressly prohibited, to be held, by judicial construction, to be ultra vires.
Σελίδα 630 - ... shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and being convicted thereof, shall be liable, at the discretion of the court, ,to any of the punishments which the court may award as hereinbefore last mentioned.
Σελίδα 121 - ... the prospectus was issued without his knowledge or consent and that on becoming aware of its issue he forthwith gave reasonable public notice that it was...
Σελίδα 483 - They stand, in my opinion, undoubtedly in a fiduciary position. They have in their hands the creation and moulding of the company; they have the power of defining how, and when, and in what shape, and under what supervision, it shall start into existence and begin to act as a trading corporation.

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