An elementary text-book of mechanics (kinematics and dynamics).


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Σελίδα 26 - Every body continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a straight line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it.
Σελίδα 69 - Change of motion is proportional to the impressed force and takes place in the direction of the straight line in which the force acts.
Σελίδα 115 - If two forces acting on a particle be represented in magnitude and direction by two adjacent sides of a parallelogram, the resultant of these forces will be represented in magnitude and direction by that diagonal of the parallelogram which passes through the particle.
Σελίδα 117 - If three forces, acting at a point, can be represented in magnitude and direction by the sides of a triangle, taken in order, they will be in equilibrium.
Σελίδα 93 - The last carriage of a railway train gets loose whilst the train is running at the rate of 30 miles an hour up an incline of 1 in 150. Supposing the effect of friction upon the motion of the carriage to be equivalent to a uniformly retarding force equal to...
Σελίδα 1 - The straight line or distance between the centres of the transverse lines in the two gold plugs in the bronze bar deposited in the Office of the Exchequer shall be the genuine standard of length ifc 00 at 62° F., and if lost it shall be replaced by means of its copies.
Σελίδα 192 - Find the relation between the power and the weight in that system of pulleys in which each string is attached to the weight, the strings being parallel and the weights of the pulleys being neglected.
Σελίδα 149 - In consequence of this definition, the equations for determining the position of the centre of parallel forces shew that the sum of the moments of any number of parallel forces with respect to any plane is equal to the moment of their resultant.
Σελίδα 119 - If three forces acting on a particle keep it in equilibrium, each force is proportional to the sine of the angle between the directions of the other two.
Σελίδα 119 - If any number of forces acting at a point can be represented in magnitude and direction by the sides of a POLYGON taken in order, they are in equilibrium.

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