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This Country of Ours. By BENJAMIN HARRISON, Ex-President of the Ur States. 12mo, $1.50. The purpose of the book is to give a better knowledge of things that have been too near and familiar to be well known. I hope it may also tend to promote an intelligent patrioti«m and a faithful discharge of the duties of citizenship.”-Author's Preface.

CONTENTS.-The Constitution-The Congress—The President-The State Department-The Treasury Department-Departments of War and Justice-The Post-Office Department-The Navy Department Departments of the Interior and Agriculture- Independent Boards and Commissions-The Judiciary.

“Nowhere could there be found a volume better adapted to popular uses than this compendium of one of the wisest of our Presidents. ... These chapters possess a permanent value." -N. Y. Tribune.

Old Creole Days. By George W. Cable. With 8 full-page illustrations and 14 head and tail pieces by ALBERT HEKTER, all reproduced

in photogravure, and with an original cover design by the same artist. 8vo, $6.00.

A few copies still left of the Special Limited Edition on Japan paper. Each, $12.00 net.

This edition of Mr. Cable's masterpiece is a most remarkable achievement. Mr, Herter's Illustrations, while charmingly in key with the stories, are exquisite in their firmness, grace, and feeling. Indeed, they have probably never been equalled in these qualities by any American illustrator. The volume, with its wide margins, fine paper, and beautiful printing, really marks an epoch in the art of book-making on this side of the water, and forms an ideal gift-book. It is as unique in its mechanical perfection as the stories them. selves are in our literature,

London: As Seen by C. D. Gibson.
Written and illustrated by CHARLES DANA GIBSON. Large folio, 12x18 inches, $5.00.
Édition de Luxe, limited to the first 250 impressions, with special features. $10.00 net.

The readers of Scribner's Magazine will remember this interesting series of articles, but they wil probably be much surprised at the present form. The large size has made it possible to do much greater justice to the

strations, all of which have been remade, and much unpublished material has been added, making practically a new presentation of the subject. The volume represents Mr. Gibson's most important artistic output so far, and is of the greatest interest.

The First Christmas Tree. By Henry Van Dyke. With full-page illustrations by HOWARD PYLE, reproduced in photogravure, decorative bor.

ders, illuminated title, and a striking cover design. 8vo, $1.50.

Dr. Van Dyke is here in his happiest vein, for his keen feeling for nature and his deep religious sense have combined to render this story, dealing as it does with the transition to Christianity from primitive savagery, vivid and moving in the extreme. The illustrations by Mr. Howard Pyle are noteworthy exam. ples of that artist's sterling and satisfactory work, and of his ability, by conscientious attention to minutiæ, to depict realistically scenes of a bygone age.

The Decoration of Houses. By EDITH WHARTON and OGDEN CODMAN, Jr. With 56 full-page illustrations, Small 4to, $4.00.

This will be a most suggestive and helpful work to everyone who is interested in making the best" of his or her surroundings, æsthetically speaking. The problems encountered in the attempt to make the interior of one's home look attractive are here met by presenting examples of the most artistio ways of treating various forms of construction drawn from characteristic models of various periods.

Social Life in Old Virginia Before the War.
By Thomas NELSON Page. With illustrations by the MISSES COWLES. 12mo, $1.50.

A vivid picture in Mr. Page's usual fascinating style of the conditions and manners that existed among the unte-bellum gentle-folk of Virginia, which is admirably supplemented by the illustrations, imaginative and realistic. The latter form a very unusually artistic and striking series, and help one greatly in obtaining an idea of those picturesque p ople.

English Lands, Letters, and Kings. The Later Georges to Queen Victoria, By DONALD G. MITCHELL ("Ik Marvel').

12mo, $1.50.

This veteran author here continues his survey of the field of English letters, which The Outlook has pronounced “the most attractive of the familiar introductions to the study of English literature."

Previous Volumes. Each, $1.50. From Celt to Tudor.-From Elizabeth to Anne.-Queen Anne and the Georges. The Four Volumes in a box, $6.00.

CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS, 153-157 Fifth Avenue, New York.


ARA ශශ ශගුණි


Audubon and His Journals

Vasari's Lives of the Painters By MARIA R. AUDUBOV, with Notes by Elliott Coues. With many portraits and other illus- By GIORGIO VASARI. Edited in the light of trations. 2 vols., 8vo, $7.50

recent discoveries by E. H. and E. W. Blash

field and A. A. Hopkins. 4 vols., 8vo, $8.00. Contents:- Biography.-The European Journals, 1826-29.-The Labrador jour

" This is in the best sense a popular set of books nal, 1833.-The Missouri River Journal, held invaluable wherever Italian art is studied with

und deserves to be successful.

They will be 1843.–The Episodes.

diligent interest."- New York Tribune. The book is v.luable as presenting a carefully studled biograpby of our greatest ornithologist, pr.

“The best English edition in existence."- New pared from his own writings, and correcting and add- | York Evening Post. ing to th , former accounts, many brilliant unpublished letters and fragments from the journals being

His Grace of Osmonde given. The Workers

(Being the Portion of that Nobleman's Life

omitted in the Relation of His Lady's An Experiment in Reality. The East. By WALTER A. WYCKOFF. With illustrations.

Story, Presented to the World of Fashion

under the title of A Lady of Quality.' 12mo, $1.25.

By FRANCES HODGSON BURNETT. 12mo, This most unusual book tells the experiences of a $1.50. college-bred man who for two years earned his living

Mrs. Burnett's striking and successful novel of last as an unskilled laborer in order to find out for himselr

year is now followed by a novel even more remarkthe actual conditions of the American workingman, able in that it marks what is probably & unique ex: St. Ives

periment in fiction. There have been sequels, and Being the Adventures of a French Prisoner hut in the fullest sense a companion, being the man's

very successful sequels; but this novel is not a sequel, in England. By ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON. side of a story of which the woman's side has already (Fourth Edition.) 12mo, $1.50.

been told, “We are inclined to think it is in 'St. Ives' that Stevenson erects his true monument as a master of Mrs. Knollys, and Other Stories narrative style."The Bookman. In the Cameo Edition

By F. J. STIMSON. 12mo, $1.50.

This new volume by the author of "Guerndale," Each with frontispiece Etching. 16mo, $1.25. “First Harveste," and "King Noanett." contains BY J. M. BARRIE

BY HENRY VAN DYKE much of Mr. Stimson's best work, including two new Auld Licht Idylls

Little Rivers

stories, and is published uniform with Stockton's "A A Window la Thrums The Poetry of Tennyson Story-seller's Pack,"


Mrs. Burnett's Famous Juveniles

An Old-Field School Girl
An entirely new edition of Mrs. BURNETT'S By MARION HARLAND. With 12 full-page illus-

famous juveniles from new plates, with all trations. 12mo, $1.25.
the original illustrations by Reginald B.
Birch. Bound in beautiful new cloth bind-

With Crockett and Bowie ing designed by Reginald B. Birch. 5 vols., Or, Fighting for the Lone Star Flag. A Tale of 12mo. Each $1.25.

Texas. By KIRK MUNROE, Illustrated. Little Lord Fauntleroy.-Two Little (White Conqueror Series.) 12mo, $1.25. Pilgrims' Progress.-Piccino and Other Child Stories -Giovanni and the other. Lullaby Land. Songs of Childhood -Sara Crewe, Little Saint Elizabeth, By EUGENE FIELD. With an introduction by and Other Stories (in one volume).

Kenneth Grahame, and illustrated by Charles Three New Henty Books

Robinson. 12mo, $1.50. Each 12mo, $1.50.

The Stevenson Song-Book “Mr. Henty's books never fail to interest boy Verses from "A Child Garden,” by ROBERT readers. Among writers of stories of adventure he

LOUIS STEVENSON, with music by various stands in the very first rank."- The Academy

composers. A companion volume to the (London).

"Field-De Koven Song-Book." Large 8vo, With Frederick the Great. A Tale of the Seven $2.00. Years' War. With 12 full-page illustrations by Wal

The Knights of the Round Table Pazet.

A March on London, A Story of Wat Tyler's By WILLIAM HENRY FROST. Illustrated by Rising. With 8 full-page illustrations by W. A.

S. R. Burleigh, 12mo, $1.50. Margetson,

The King of the Broncos With Moore at Corunna. A Story of the PeninBular War, With 12 full-page illustrations by Wal And Other Tales of New Mexico. By CHARLES Paget.

F. LUMMIS. Illustrated. 12mo, $1.25. Will Shakespeare's Little Lad

Lords of the World By IMOGEN CLARK. With illustrations and A Story of the Fall of Carthage and Corinth.

cover design by R. B. Birch. 12mo, $1.25. By A. J. CHURCH. Illustrated, 12mo, $1.50.

CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS, 153-157 Fifth Avenue, New York.






A Memoir. By His Son. Two Yolumes. Cloth, $10.00 not.
The First Edition was
The Second Edition was

The Third Edition was
published October 12.
published October 23.

published November 10. This, the most famous biography

Two salient points strike the

reader of this memoir. One is that it "The chief worth of the book, of since Lockhart's Life of Scott, com

is uniformly fascinating, 60 rich in course is its minute and illuminating prises many hitherto unpublished

anecdote and marginalia as to hold portrayal of Tennyson himself. Its poems, letters, and the personal recol

the attention with the power of a lections of old friends, such as Pro

value is only less for the glimpses it fessor Tyndall, Mr. Aubrey de Vere, put together with consummate tact, novel. In the next place, it has been affords of other men of his time.

Both make it a biography that is Mr. Lecky, Professor Palgrave, eto, if not with academic art,

It likely to be more than the book of The portraits and views illustrating is faultless

in its dignity."'--'The one year, or of two. -The Tranit are uncommonly fine. Tribune, New York.

script, Mass.


The Story of Gladstone's Life. Elizabeth Barrett Browning. By JUSTIN MCCARTHY, M. P., author of "A HisTwo volumes. Crown 8vo. Price, $4.00. Edited

tory of Our Own Times.” Cloth, 8vo, $6.00. by FREDERIC G. KENYON. Simple natural letters telling of the life of an observant

The story of Mr. Gladstone's life is illustrated with porwoman among interesting people and stirring events, traits of many men prominent in English politics,

The Story

of a Great Highway.

The Old Santa Fe Trail.
By Col. HENRY INMAN, late of the U.S. Army. With eight full-page

Cloth Extra,
Photogravures from sketches, by FREDERIC REMINGTON, besides nu-
merous initials, tail-pieces, etc. There is a Map of the Trail and Medium Octavo.
a portrait of Col. Inman. The book is full of thrilling stories of Price, $3.50.
Indian fighting, of the Mexican War, and of the mountain hunting.

Old English Love Songs. A Companion to Old English Ballads. With an introduction by

Cloth, Price, $2. On which The Nation commented: “A HAMILTON W. MABIE, Limited Edition, most charming book of the very best Old by whom also the selection is made.

$5.00. English and Scotch ballads." Both volumes are Nlustrated and Decorated by GEORGE WHARTON EDWARDS.


“The mere 'story' is of absorbing interest, and possesses the transcendent Completing the merit that even a blasé or veteran reviewer is altogether unable to foresee the Two Volumes. Saracinesca conclusion,

Our author has created one of the strongest situations Cloth. Series. wherewith we are acquainted, either in the novel or the drama.'

Price $2.00.

-The Bookman.
In the Permanent Way.

Yankee Ships and Yankee Sailors. SHORT STORIES OF LIFE IN INDIA. By FLORA

ANNIE STEEL, author of "On the Face of the TALES OF 1812. By JAMES BARNES.
Waters," etc. Cloth, 12mo, $1.50.

Cloth, crown 8vo, $1.50. The Sun, New York: “Mrs. Steel does not introduce us to, but into, her characters. We do not look at them, A lively series of sketches of the troublesome times of but with them. We think their thoughts, suffer with them, 1812; a good means of arousing interest in the history of and are merry with them, We know them from the the war won by American sailors, hence a valuable addiinside, not the outside."

tion to any library consulted by young people,

Singing Yerses for Children. With Music and Illustrations in Color. Verses by LYDIA AVERY COONLEY. Illustrations and Colored

Borders by ALICE KELLOGG TYLER. Music by FREDERIC W. Root, ELEANOR SMITH, and others. Songs and Music The verses are simple and natural, full of the pleasures of child-life, outdoor, Every Page Spe. with Pictures

or indoor, bright and varied. The music is well suited to the verses.
"Never in the history of this city's literature and art has there been produced

cially Designed. and Decorative a work equalling this exquisite volume of verse, illustration and music.

Cloth, 4to, Borders. It is a work of rare beauty."--The Evening Post, Chicago.

$2.00 net.

Citizen Bird.

Wild Neighbors. SCENES FROM BIRD

LIFE IN PLAIN ENGLISH. By OUTDOOR STUDIES IN THE UNITED STATES. By MABEL 0. WRIGHT and Dr. ELLIOTT COUES. ERNEST INGERSOLL, Author of "Country CousFifth Thousand. Cloth, $1.50 net. Illustrated ins,etc. Crown Octavo, Cloth. Price, $1.50. from Nature by LOUIS AGASSIZ FUERTES.

“ Written in an admirable style, and with brightness “There is no other book in existence so well fitted for and vivacity. It is in all respects a most welcome book. arousing and directing the interest that all children of any in the club, in the libraries, and among the treas. bensibility feel toward the birds."-Chicago Tribune. ures of the growing boy no less."-Hartford Post.

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