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Free List.- Continued. 395. Baryta, carbonate of, or witherite, and baryta, sulphate of, or barytes, unmanufactured, including barytes earth.

396. Bauxite, or beauxite. 397. Beeswax.

398. Bells, broken, and bell metal broken and fit only to be remanufactured.

399. All binding twine manufactured in whole or in part from New Zealand hemp, istle or Tampico fiber, sisal grass, or sunn, of single ply and measuring not exceeding six hundred feet to the pound, and manila twine not exceeding six hundred and fifty feet to the pound.

400. Bird skins, prepared for preservation, but not further advanced in manufacture.

401. Birds and land and water fowls. 402 Bismuth.

403. Bladders, and all integuments of animals, and fish sounds or bladders, crude, salted for preservation, and unmanufactured, not specially provided for in this Act.

404. Blood, dried.
405. Blue vitriol, or sulphate of copper.
406. Bologna sausages.

407. Bolting cloths, especially for milling purposes, but not suitable for the manufacture of wearing apparel.

408 Bones, crude, or not burned, calcined, ground, steamed, or otherwise manufactured, and bone dust or animal carbon, and bone ash, fit only for fertilizing purposes.

410. Books, engravings, photographs, bound, or unbound, etchings, music, maps, and charts, which shall have been printed more than twenty years at the date of importation, and all hydrographic charts, and scientific books and periodicals devoted to original scientific research, and publications issued for their subscribers by scientific and literary associations or academies, or publications of individuals for gratuitous private circulation and public documents issued by foreign governments. See notes in Schedule, title “Books,” page 354.

411. Books and pamphlets printed exclusively in languages other than English; also books and music, in raised print, used exclusively by the blind. See notes in Schedule, title “ Books,” page 354.

412. Books, engravings, photographs, etchings, bound or unbound, maps and charts imported by authority or for the use of the United States or for the use of the Library of Congress.

413. Books, maps, music, lithographic prints, and charts, specially imported, not more than two copies in

Free List.- Continued. any one invoice, in good faith, for the use of any society incorporated or established for educational, philosophical, literary, or religious purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use or by order of any college, academy, school, or seminary of learning in the United States, or any State or public library, subject to such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe.

See notes in Schedule, title “Books," page 354, and “Societies,” page 517.

414. Books, libraries, usual furniture, and similar household effects of persons or families from foreign countries, if actually used abroad by them not less than one year, and not intended for any other person or persons, nor for sale. See notes in Schedule, title “Effects,” page 395. 416. Brazil paste.

417. Braids, plaits, laces, and similar manufactures composed of straw, chip, grass, palm leaf, willow, osier, or rattan, suitable for making or ornamenting hats, bonnets, and hoods.

418. Brazilian pebble, unwrought or unmanufactured. 419. Breccia, in block or slabs 420. Bristles, crude, not sorted, bunched, or prepared. 421. Bromine. 422. Broom corn. 423. Bullion, gold or silver. 424. Burgundy pitch. 42472. Burlaps, and bags for grain made of burlaps. 425. Cabbages.

426. Old coins and medals, and other antiquities, but the term “antiquities” as used in this Act shall include only such articles as are suitable for souvenirs or cabinet collections, and which shall have been produced at any period prior to the year seventeen hundred. See notes in Schedule, title “ Antiquities," page 337. 427. Cadmium. 428. Calamine. +29. Camphor, crude. 430. Castor or castoreum.

431. Catgut, whipgut, or wormgut, unmanufactured, or not further manufactured than in strings or cords.

432. Cerium. 433. Chalk, unmanufactured. 434. Charcoal. 435. Chicory root, raw, dried, or undried, but unground. 436. Cider. 437. Civet, crude. 438. Chromate of iron or chromic ore.

Free List.- Continued. 439. Clay-Common blue clay in casks suitable for the manufacture of crucibles.

441. Coal, anthracite, and coal stores of American vessels, but none shall be unloaded.

443. Coal tar, crude, and all preparations except medicinal coal-tar preparations and products of coal tar, not colors or dyes, not specially provided for in this Act. See note in Schedule, title “Coal tar,” page 374. 444. Cobalt and cobalt ore. 445. Cocculus indicus. 446. Cochineal. 447. Cocoa, or cacao, crude, leaves, and shells of. 448. Coffee. 449. Coins, gold, silver, and copper. 450. Coir, and coir yarn. 451. Copper imported in the form of ores.

452. Old copper, fit only for manufacture, clipping from new copper, and all composition metal of which copper is a component material of chief value not specially provided for in this Act.

453. Copper, regulus of, and black or coarse copper, and copper cement.

454. Copper in plates, bars, ingots, or pigs, and other forms, not manufactured, not specially provided for in this Act.

455. Copperas, or sulphate of iron.
456. Coral, marine, uncut, and unmanufactured.
457. Cork wood or cork bark, unmanufactured.
458. Cotton, and cotton waste or flocks.

459. Cotton ties of iron or steel cut to lengths, punched or not punched, with or without buckles for baling cotton.

460. Cryolite, or kryolith. 461. Cudbear. 462. Curling stones, or quoits, and curling stone handles. 463. Curry, and curry powder. 464. Cutch. 465. Cuttlefish bone.

466. Dandelion roots, raw, drieå, or undried, but unground.

467. Diamonds; miners', glaziers', and engravers' diamonds not set, and diamond dust or bort, and jewels to be used in the manufacture of watches or clocks. See note in Schedule, title “Diamonds," page 390. 468. Divi-divi. 469. Dragon's blood.

470. Drugs, such as barks, beans, berries, balsams. buds, bulbs, bulbous roots, excresences, fruits, flowers, dried fibers, dried insects, grains, gums and gum resin, herbs, leaves, lichens, mosses, nuts, roots and stems,


Free List.-Continued. spices, vegetables, seeds aromatic, seeds of morbid growth, weeds, and woods used expressly for dyeing; any of the foregoing drugs which are not edible, and which have not been anvanced in value or condition by refining or grinding, or by other process of manufacture, and not specially provided for in this Act.

471. Eggs of birds, fish, and insects: Provided, however, That this shall not be held to include the eggs of game birds the importation of which is prohibited except specimens for scientific collections.

472. Emery ore. 473. Ergot.

474. Common palm leaf fans, and palm leaf unmanufactured.

475. Farina.

476. Fashion plates, engraved on steel or copper or on wood, colored or plain.

477. Feathers and downs for beds, and feathers and downs of all kinds, crude or not dressed, colored, or manufactured, not specially provided for in this Act.

478. Feldspar.
479. Felt, adhesive, for sheathing vessels.
480. Fibrin, in all forms.
481. Fish, frozen or packed in ice fresh.
482. Fish for bait.
483. Fish skins.
484. Flint, flints, and ground flint stones.

485. Floor matting manufactured from round or split straw, including what is commonly known as Chinese matting

486. Fossils.

487. Fruit plants, tropical and semitropical, for the purpose of propagation or cultivation.


489. Fruits, green, ripe, or dried not specially provided for in this Act.

490. Tamarinds.

491. Brazil nuts, cream nuts, palm nuts, and palm-nut kernels not otherwise provided for.

492. Furs, undressed; dressed fur pieces suitable only for use in the manufacture of hatters' fur. 493

Fur skins of all kinds not dressed in any manner. See notes in Schedule, title “Fur skins," page 410. 494. Gambier.

495. Glass, broken, and old glass, which can not be cut for use, and fit only to be remanufactured.

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Free List.- Continued. 496. Glass plates or disks, rough-cut or unwrought for use in the manufacture of optical instruments, spectacles, and eye-glasses, and suitable only for such use: Provided, however, That such disks exceeding eight inches in diameter may be polished sufficiently to enable the character of the glass to be determined. GRASSES AND FIBERS:

497. Istle or Tampico fiber, jute, jute butts, manila, sisal grass, sunn, flax straw, flax not hackled, tow of fax or hemp, hemp not hackled, lemp, flax, jute, and tow wastes, and all other textile grasses or fibrous vegetable substances, unmanufactured or undressed, not specially provided for in this Act.

498. Gold-beaters' molds and gold-beaters' skins.

499. Grease and oils, including cod oil, such as are commonly used in soap-making or in wire-drawing, or for stuffing or dressing leather, and which are fit only for such uses, not specially provided for in this Act.

500. Guano, manures, and all substances expressly used for manure.

501. Gunny bags and gunny cloths, old or refuse, fit only for remanufacture.

503. Gutta percha, crude.

504. Hair of horse, cattle, and other animals, cleaned or uncleaned, drawn or undrawn, not specially provided for in this Act; and human hair, raw, uncleaned, and not drawn.

505. Hides and skins, raw or uncured, whether dry, salted, or pickled.

506. Hide cuttings, raw, with or without hair, and all other glue stock.

507. Hide rope.
508. Hones and whetstones.
509. Hoofs, unmanufactured.
510. Hop roots for cultivation.

511. Horns, and parts of, unmanufactured, including horn strips and tips.

See note in Schedule, title “Horns," page 426.

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512. Ice.

513. India rubber, crude, and milk of, and old scrap or refuse India rubber, which has been worn out by use and is fit only for remanufacture.

514. Indigo, and extracts or pastes of, and carmines.
515. Iodine, crude, and resublimed.
516. Ipecac.
517. Iridium.

519. Ivory, sawed or cut into logs, but not otherwise manufactured, and vegetable ivory.

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