The British Tariff


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Δημοφιλή αποσπάσματα

Σελίδα 345 - ... points of the compass, so fixed as to throw the light from right ahead to two points abaft the beam...
Σελίδα 347 - When two steam vessels are meeting end on, or nearly end on, so as to involve risk of collision, each shall alter her course to starboard so that each may pass on the port side of the other.
Σελίδα 145 - Defender of the Faith, in the sum of one thousand pounds of good and lawful money of Great Britain, to be paid to...
Σελίδα 345 - On the port side a red light so constructed as to show an unbroken light over an arc of the horizon of ten points of the compass, so fixed as to throw the light from right ahead to two points abaft the beam on the port side, and of such a character as to be visible at a distance of at least two miles.
Σελίδα 137 - Customs, then this obligation to be void, otherwise to be and remain in full force and virtue.
Σελίδα 345 - ... use : and shall, on the approach of or to other vessels, be exhibited on their respective sides in sufficient time to prevent collision, in such manner as to make them most visible, and so that the green light shall not be seen on the port side nor the red light on the starboard side, nor, if practicable, more than two points abaft the beam on their respective sides.
Σελίδα 289 - ... thus obtained by one-third of the common interval between the areas, and the product will be the cubical contents of the space under...
Σελίδα 290 - ... on the timbers at the stern, and divide the length into the same number of equal parts into which the length of the tonnage deck is divided...
Σελίδα 324 - All vessels, whether steam- vessels or sail- vessels, when at anchor in roadsteads or fairways, shall, between sunset and sunrise, exhibit where it can best be seen, but at a height not exceeding twenty feet above the hull, a white light in a globular lantern of eight inches in diameter, and so constructed as to show a clear, uniform, and unbroken light, visible all around the horizon, and at a distance of at least one mile.
Σελίδα 290 - Measure in feet the inside length of the space at the middle of its height from the plank at the side of the...

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