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without fear, in holiness and righteousness before him all the days of our life o.

VI. And because the powers which God hath ordained,and the liberty which Christ hath purchased, are not intended by God to destroy,but mutually to uphold and preserve one another; they who upon pretence of Christian liberty, fall oppose any lawful power, or the lawful exercise of it, whether it be civil or ecclesiastical, resist the ordinance of God p. And for their publishing of such opinions, or maintaining of such practices, as are contrary to the light of nature, or to the known principles of christianity,whether concerningfaith, worship or conversation; or to the power of Godlincís; or fuch erroneous opinions or practices as either in their own nature, or in the manner of publishing or maintaing them, are destructive to the external peace and order which Christ hath established in the church ; they may lawfully be called to account,and proceeded against by the censures of the church


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III. Gal. 5.13. For, brethren, every ordinance of man for the ye have been called unto liberty, Lords sake : whether it be to the only use not libertyforan occasion king as fupreme ; v. 14. Or unto to the flesh,but by love, serve one governors, as unto them that are another. 1 Pet. 2.16. As free and sent by him, for the punishment of not using your liberty for a cloke evil doers, and for the praife of of maliciousness, but as the ter. them that do well. v. 16. As free, vants of God. 2 Pet, 2.19. While and not using your liberty for a they promise them liberty, they cloke of m:liciousness, but as the themselves are the servants of cor- fervantsof God, (Rom. 13.1.to the ruption : for of whom a man is 8.verse. Heb. 13. 17. Obey them overcome, of the same is he that have the rule over you, and brought in bondage. John 8. 34. Submit your selves: for they watch Jesus answered them, Verily, ve- for your souls, as they that must rily, I say unto you, Whosoever give account; that they may do it committeth sin,is the servant of with joy, and not with grict : for lin. Luke 1. 74. That he would that is unprofitable for you. grant unto us, that we being de q Rom. 1.32, Who knowing the livered out of the hands of our judgmeni of God,(thatthey which enemies,might serve him without commit such things are worthy of fear, ?: 75. In holiness and righ- death) not only do the same, but Qusness before him all the days of havepleasure inthem that do them, our life.

With 1 Cor.5.1. Itis reported comIV.? Matth, 52.25. And Jelusmonly that there is fornication aknew their thoughts, & faid unto mong you;and such fornication as them, Every kingdom divided a is not io much as named amongst gainst itself, is brought to delola- the Gentiles, that one should have tion: and every city or housedivi- his fathers wife. v.5. To deliver ded against itlelf, Thall not stand. such anone unto Satan for the de. i Pet. 2. 13.Submit your lelves to struction of the flesh, that the fpi

and by the power
of the civil magiftater,


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rit may be saved in the day of the if he shall hear thee, thou halt Lord Jesus, v. 11. But now I have gained thy brother. v, 18. Bur if written unto you, not to keep hewill not hear thee,then take with company, if any man that is cal- thee one or two more, that in the led a brother, be a fornicator, or mouth of two or three witnefles,eçovetous, or an idolater, or a rai- very word may be established. v. ler,or a drunkard,or an extortion- 17. And if he shall neglect to hear er, with such an one, no not to them,tell it unto the church : but eat. v, 13. But them that are with- if he neglect to hear the church, out; God judgeth. Therefore put lethim be unto thee as an heathen away from among yourselves that man and a publican. i Tim. 1 19. wicked person 2 John 10. If there Holding faith and a good conscicome any unto you,and bring not ence: which some having put athis doctrine,receive hini notinto way, concerning faith have made your house, neither bid him God shipwreck. v. 20. Of whom is speed. v. 11. For he that biddeth Hymeneus and Alexander: whom bim God speed, is partaker of his 'I have delivered unto Satan, that evil deeds Anda Thell. 3.14.And they may learn not to blaspheme. if any man obey not our word by Rev.2.2. I know thy works, and this epistle, note that man, and thy labour, and thy patience, and have nocompany with him, that he how thou canst not bear them may be ashamed. Andi Tim. 6.3. which are evil;and thou halt tried If any man teach otherwise, and them, which say they are apostles, consent nottowholsomwords even and are not ; and halt found them the words of our Lord JefusChrift, liars. 2.14. but I have a few things and to thedoctrine which is accor- against thee, because thou halt ding togodlinessy; 4. Heis proud, there them that hold the doctrine knowingnothing but doting about of Balaam, who taught Balac to questions and Itrifes of words, cast a stumbling-block before the whereof cometh envy, strife, rail children of Israel, to eat things ings,evil lurmisings, v.5. Perverfe facrificed unto idols, and to condilputingsof menof corruptminds, mit fornication, v, 15.So halt thou & deltitute of the truth, lúpposing allo them that hold the doctrine that gain is godliness: from fuch of the Nicolatians, which thing I withdraw thy self.And Tit. 1. 10. hate. V. 20. Notwithstanding, I Forthere are many unruly & vain have a few things against thee, be talkers and deceivers especially cause thou sufferelt that woman they' of the circumcision, v. irJezebel, which calleth her felf a Whole mouth must be stopped, proplictels, to teach, and feduce who lubvert whole houses, teach- myservantsto commit fornication, ing things which they ought

not, and to eat things facrificed unto for filthy lucres fake. v, 13. This idols. Rev. 3. 9. Behold, I will witness is true: wherefore rebuke make them of the synagoguc of them sharply, that they may be Satan, (which say they are Jews, found in the faith. And Tit.3.10. and are not, but do lie, behoid, A man that is an heretick, after I will make them tocome and worthe first and second admonition, fhip before thy feet, and to know reject. With Mat. 18. 15. More- that I have loved thee. over, if thy brother thall trespass r(Deut. 13. 6. to the 12.)Rom. against thec, go and tell him his 13.3.For rulers are not a terror to fault between thee and him alone: good works, but to the evil. Tilt


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thou then not be afraid of the pow in their hearts to fulfill his will, &
er? do that which is good,andthou to agree, and to give their king.
"Thalt have praise of the same. '. 4., dom unto the beast, until the words
For he is the minister of God to of God shall be fulfilled. Neh. 13.
thee for good. But if thou do 15. In those days saw I in Judah
that which is evil, be afraid ; for some treading wine-presses on the
he beareth not the sword in vain; fubbath, and bringing in Theaves,
for he is the minister of God,a re- and lading alles; as also wine,
venger to execute wrath upon him grapes, and figs and all manner of
that doth evil. With 2 John 10. burdens, which they brought into
11.(See in the letter q.) Ezra7. 23. Jerufalem on the fabbath-day: and
Whatsoever is commanded by the I'testified against them in the day
God of heaven, let it be diligently wherein they sold victuals. V.17.
done, for the house of the God of Then I contended with the nobles
heaven : for why should there be of Judah, & said unto them, What
wrath against the realm of the evil thing is this that ye do, and
king and his sons? v.25. Andthou profane the fabbath-day? v. 27.
Ezra,after thewisdom of thy God, Then I testified against them, and
that is in thine hand, let magi: said unto them, Why lodge ye a.
Itrates and judges, which may bout the wall ? if ye do 1o again,
judge all the people that are be. I will lay hands on you.From that
yond the river,all suchas knowthe time forth came they no more on
laws of thy God; and teach ye the fabbath.r. 22,And I comman-
them that know them ìot v. 26. ded the levites, that they should
And whosoever willnot do the law cleanse themselves, and that they
of thy God; and the law of the thould come and keep the gates,
king, let judgment be executed to fanctify the fabbath-day. Res
fpeedily upon him, whether it be member me Omy od, concerning
unto death, or to banishment, or this also,and spare me accordingto
to confiscation of goods, or to im- the greatness of thy mercy. v.25.
prisonment. v. 27. Blelled be the And I contended with them, and
Lord God of our fathers, which cursed them, and smote certain of
hath put such a thing as this in the them,and pluckt of their hair, and
kings heart, to beautify the house made them fwear by God, saying.
of the Lord, which is in Jerusalein: Ye shall not give your daughters
v. 28. And hath extended mercy unto their fons, nor take their
unto me: before the king, and his daughters unto your sons, or for
counsellers,& before all the kings your selves. v. 30. Thus cleanled
mighty princes : & Iwas strength. i them for all strangers, and ap-
ned, as the hand of the Lord my pointed the words of the priests &
God was upon me, and I gathered the Levites, every one in his buli.
together out of Israel, chief men ness z Kings 23.5.Andhe put down
to go up with me. Rev. 17.12. the idolatrous priests, whom the
And the ten horns whichthousaw- kingsof Judah,hadordainedto burn
est, are ten kings, which have re- incense in the high places in the
ceivedno kingdom as yet; but re- cities of Judah, and in the places
ceivepower askings one hour with round about Jerufalem, then alfo
the beast. v.16. And the ten horns that burnt incense to Baal, to the
which thou sawelt upon the beast, lun, and to the moon, and to the
theseshall hate the whore and shall planets, and to all the hosts of hea-
make her desolate,and naked, and ven.v.6. And he brought out the
shall eat her Helh, and burn her grove from the house of the Lord,
with fire.v. 17. For God hath put without Jerusalem, untothe brook


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CHAP. XXI. Of religious worship, and the iabbath-day.

HE light of nature sheweth that there is a God, who

hath Lordship and sovereignty over all; is good, and doth good unto all; and is therefore to be feared, loved, prai. fed called upon, trusted in, and served, with all the heart, and with all the soul, and with all the might a. But the ac


Kidron, and burn it at the brook brook Kidron. Dan.3, 29. ThereKidron, andstamptit small to pow. fore I make a decree, That every der; and cast the powder thereof people, nation,& language, which upon the graves of the children of speak any thing amils againlt the the people.v.9. Nevertheless, the Godof Shadrach, Meshach, and Apriests of the high places came not bed-nego, shall be cut in pieces, up to the altar of the Lord in Jeru. and their houles hall be inade a falem,but theydid eat of the unlea- dunghill, because there is no other venedbread aniong their brethren. gol thai can deliver after thissort, 7.20. And he flew all the priests of i Tim.2.2. For kings, and for all the high places that were there, that are in authority; that we may upon the altars, and burnt mens lead a queit and peaceable life, in bones upon them, and returned to all godliness and honesty. Ifa.19. Jerusalem. v. 21. And the king 23. And kings shall be thy nursing commanded all the people, saying, fathers, and their queens thy nurKeep the pasfover unto the Lord sing mothers:they shall bow down your God, as it is written in the to thee, with their face toward the book of this covenant. 2 Chr. 34. earth, and lick up the dust of thy 33.And Sofiah took away all the a- feet and thou shalt know that I am bominationsoutofall the countries the ord;for theyshall not be ashathat pertained to the children of med that wait for me. Zech.13.2. Israel,and made all that were pre. And it shall come to pass in that fent in Israel to ferve,even to serve day, faith the Lord of holts, that I the Lord their God. And all his will cut of the names of the idols daysthey departednot fromfollow- out of the land, and they shall no ing the Lord, the God of their fa. more be remembred and also I will thers. 2 Chron. 15. 12. And they cause the prophets,and theunclean entred into a covenant to seek the spirit to pass out of the land.v. 3. Lord God of their fathers, with all Andit shall come to pass, that when their heart,and with all their foul; any shall yet prophely,thenhisfav. 13. That wholnever would not ther and his mother, that begat seek the Lord God of Israel, should hini, shall say unto him, thou shalt be put to death, whether small or notlive ; for thou speakeft lies in great, whether man or woman, v. the name of the ord; and his Fa16. And also concerning Maachah ther and mother, that begat him, the mother of Afa the King,he re- fhall thurst him through when he moved her from being queen, be- prophesieth. cause she had made an idol in a 1. a Rom. 1.20. Forthe invisible grove: and Ala.cut down her idol, things of him from the creation of and Itamped it, and burnt it at the


ceptable way of worshipping the true God is instituted by himself and so limitated by his own revealed will, that he may not be worshipped according to the imaginations and devices of men or the suggestions of Satan, under any visible representation,or any other way not prescribed in the holy Scriptures

II. Religious worship is to be given to God, the Father, Son, and holy Ghost; and to him alone c: not to angels,


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the world are clearly seen, being Deut 12 32 What thingsoever
Widerltood by the things that are I command you, observe to do it;
made, even his eternal power and thou fhalt not add thereto, nor di-
Godhead; so that they are without minish from it, Mat, 15. 9. But in
excufe. Acts 17.24.Godthat made vain do they worship me,teaching
the world, and all things therein, fordoctrinesthe commandments of
feeing that he is Lord of heaven men. Acts 17.25. Neither is wor-
and earth, dwelleth not in temples shipped withmens hands as though
made with hands. Pfal. 119.68. he needed any thing, seeing he gi.
-Thouart good and doftgood; teach veth to all life,and breath, and all
me thy statutes. Jer. 10.7. Who things. Mat. 4.9. And faith unto
would not fear thec, Ó king of na- him, all these things will I give
tions for to thee doth it apper. thee, if thou wilt fall down and
tain ; forasmuch as among all the worship me. v. 10. Then faith Je-
wife men of the nations, and in all lus unto him, get thee hence, Sa-
their kingdoms, there is none like' tan: for it is written, Thou shalt
unto thee. Pfal. 31.23.0 lovethe worship the Lord thyGod, and bim
Lord,all yehis faints; for the Lord only fialt thou ferve. (Deut. 15.to
preferveth the faithful, and plen- the 20. verse) Exod. 20. 4. Thou
tifuly rewardeth the proud doer. shalt not make untothee any gra-
Pfal. 18. 3. 1 will call upon the ven image, or any likeness of any
Lord who is worthy to be praised; thing that is in heaven above, or
.fo Thall I be saved from mine ene that is in the earth beneath, or that
mies, Rom. 10. 12. For there isno is in the water under the earth,
difference betweenthe Jew and the v.5. Thou shalt not bow down thy
Greek: for the fame Lord over all telf to them, nor lerve them: for
is rich unto all that call upon him I the Lord thy God am a jealous
Pfalm 02 8. Trust in him at all God, visiting the iniquity of the
times: ye pcople, pour out your fathers upon the children, unto
heart before him; God is a refuge the third and fourth generation of
for us. Joshua 24. 14. Now there. them that hate me. v. 6. And
fore, fear the Lord, and serve him shewing mercy unto thousands of
in sincerity and in truth, and put them that love me, and keep my
away the gods which your fathers commandments. Col. 2.23. Which
served on the other side of the things have indeeda Ahew of wil.
food, and in Egypt: and serve ye dominwill-worship, and humility,
the Lord. Mark 12. 33. And to and neglecting of the body,not in
love him with all the heart, and any honour to the fatisfying ofthe
with all the understanding, and flesh.
with all the loul, and with all the II. c Mat. 4. 10. (See before in
Ilrength, and to lovehis neighbour letter b.) With John 5.23. Thatall
as himself, is more than all whole men should honour the Son, even
burnt offerings and facrifices. as they honour the father. Hethat


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