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of the keys of the kingdom of heaven e: Yet he hath au-
thority, and it is his duty, to take order, that unity and
peace be preserved in the church, that the truth of God be
kept pure and entire, thatall Blasphemies and heresies be sup-
pressed, all corruptions and abuses in worship and discipline
prevented or reformed; and all the ordinances of God duly
settled, administred, and observed t, for the better effecting


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fawest uport the beast, these shall God. v. 2. Moreover it is required
hate the whore, and shall make her in Stewards, that a man be found
desolate, and naked, and thall eat faithful. Rom 10. 15. And how
her feth, and burn her with fire. Thall they preach, except they bc

III. e 2 Chron. 26. 18 And they sent? as it is written, How beauti-
with stood Uzziah the king,& faid ful are the feet of them that preach
unto him, it appertaineth not unto the gospel of peace, & bring glad
thee Uzziah, to burn insenle unto tidings of good things! Heb. 5.4.
the Lord, but to theprieststhe fons And no man taketh this honour
of Aaron, that are consecrated to unto himself, but he that is called
burn incense: go out of the fan- of God, as was Aaron.
ctuary, for thou hast trespassed ;

flfa 49. 23. And kings shall be
neither hall it be for thine honour thy nurlinglathers andthetrqueens
fromthe Lord God. With Mat. 18. thy nursing mothers : they thall
17. and if he shall neglect to hear bow down to thee with their face
them, tell it unto the church : but towards the earth, and lick up the
if he neglect to hear the church, dust of thy feet,& thou shalt know
let him be unto thee as an heathen that I am the ord: for they shall
man, and a publican. And Mat, not be ashamed that wait for me.
16. 19, And I will give unto thee Pfal.122.9. Because of the house of
thekeys of the kingdom of heaven: the Lord our God, I will seek thy
and whatsoeverthou shalt bind on good. Ezra 7.23. Whatloever is.
earth, shall be bound in heaven: commanded by the God of heaven,
and whatsoever thou shaltlooseon let it be diligently done, for the
earth, Thall be loosed in heaven. house of the God of heaven : for
1 Cor. 12. 28, And God hath set why should there be wrath against
some in the church, first apostles, the realm of theking and hisions?
secondarilyprophets,thirdly teach. v. 25. And thou, Ezra, after the
ers, after that miracles, then gifts wisdom of thy God, that is in thine
of healings, helps governments, di: hand, let magiftrates and judges,
versities of tongues. v. 29 Are all which may judge all the people
apostles ? are all prophets? are all that are beyond the river, as such
teachers are all workers of mi- as know the laws of thy God; and
racles ? Eph. 4. 11. And be gave teach yethem that know them not,
fome, apostles: and some, pro V. 26 And whosoever llall not do
phets: and lume evangelists : and the law of thy God, and the law of
fome, pastors, and teachers: v.12. the king,let judgment be executed
For the perfecting of the saints, for speedily upon him, whether it be
the work of the ministry, for the unto death, or to banishment or to
edifying of the body of Christ. confiscation of goods, or to impri-
1 Cor. 4. 1. Let aman so account of sonment.v.27. Blessed be the Lord
us, as of the ministers of Chrilt, God of our fathers, which hath puc
and itewards of the mysteries of such a thing as this in the kings


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whereof, he hath power to call fynods, to be present at them, and to provide that whatsoever is transacted in them be according to the mind of God g.

IV.It heart, to beautify the house of the minations out of all the countries Lord which is in Jerusalem;7.28. that pertained to the children of And hath extendedmercyuntome, Ifrael,and niade all that were pre: before the kings, and his counsel- sent in Israel toserve, even to serve lers, and beforeall thekings migh. the Lord their God. And all his ty princes: and I was strengthucd days they departed not from foto as thehandof the Lord myGod was lowing the Lord, the God of their upon me,and I gathered together fathers. 2 Chron. 15.12. And they out of Ifrael chief men to go np entred into a covenant,to seek the with me.Lev. 24. 16. And he that Lord God of their fathers, with all blafphemeththe nanie of the Lord, their heart and with all their soul; he shall surely be put to death and v. 13. That wholoever would not allthe congregation shall certainly seek the Lord God of Israel, should ftone him: as well the stranger, as be put to death, whether small or he that is born in the land, when great, whether man or woman. he blasphemeth the name of the g2Chron, 19.8. Moreover,in Je. Lord, thall be put to death. Deut. rufalem did jeholhaphat set of the 13.5. And that prophet, or that Levites and of the priests, and of dreamer of dreams, shall be put to

thechief of the fathers of Israel for death (because he hath spoken to the judgment of the Lord,and for turn you away from the Lord your controversies, when they returned God, whichbrought you out of the to Jerusalem. v.9. And he charged Jard of Egypt,and redeemed you them, saying, Thus shall ye do in Out of the house of bondage, to the fear of the Lord, faithfully and thrust thee out of the way which with a perfect heart. 7, 10. And the Lord thy God commandedthee whatcause soever Thallcome to you to walk in) lo shalt thou put the of your brethren that dwellin their evil away from the midst of thee. cities, between blood and blood, v. 6. If thy brother the ion of thy between law and commandment, mother, or thy fon,or thy daugh- statutes and judgments, ye shall ter, or the wife of thy bofom, or even warn them that they trespass thy friend, which is as thine own not against the Lord,and so wrath Soul entice thee secretly, saying, come upon you, and upon your Let us go and serve other gods, brethren: this do, and ye shall not which thou hast not known, thou trespass. 7. 11. And. behold, Amanor thy fatliers. v. 12. lt thou riah the chief priest is over you in fhalt hear fay in one of thy cities, all matters of the Lord; and Zebawhich the Lord thy God hath given diah the sonof Ishmael, the ruler of theeto dwell there, saying.2 Kings thehouse of Judah, for all the kings 18.4. He removed the high places, matters ; also the Levites Thall be & brake the images and cut down officers before you. Deal courathe groves,andbrake in pieces the giously and the Lord Thall be with brazen serpent that Moses had the good,( 2 Chro. 29. & 30. chapmade:for unto those days the chil. ters.) .at. 2. 4. And when he had drenof Israel didburnincense to it, gathered all the chief priests and andhecalledit Nehushtan,(1Chron. Icribes of the people together, he 13,7.to the overle.2 Kings 23. 1. demanded of them where Christ to the 26.verle) 2 Chron .34. 33. should be born.1.5. And they said and Juliah took away all the abo. unto him, in Bethlehem of Judea:



IV. It is the duty of people to pray for magistrates h, to honour their persons i, to pay them tribute and other dues k, to obey their lawful commands, and to be subject to their authority, for conscience fake I, Infidelity, or difference in religion, doth not make void the magistrate's just and legal au: thority, nor free the people from their due obedience to himm: From which ecclesiastical perfons are not exempted n; much less hath the pope any power or jurisdiction over them in their


forthus itiswrittenbythe prophet. God. 1 Kings 2.35. And the king IV. h iTim... 1. Iexhort there- put Benaiab the son of Jehoiadah fore, that first of all,fupplications, in his room over the holt'; and Zaprayers, intercessions,& giving of dok the priest did the king put in thanks be made for all men: v, 3. the room of Abiathar. Acts. 25.9. Forkings and for all thatare in au. But Festus willing to do the Jews a thority ; that we may lead a quiet plealure, answered Paul, and said, and peaceable life in all godlinels Wilt thou go up to Jerusalem,and and honesty,

there be judged of these things bei i Pet. 2. 17. Honour all men, fore me? v. 10. Then laid Paul, I Love the brotber hood. Fear God. itandatCesarsjudgment-leat, where Honour the king.

I ought to be judged: to the Jews k Rom. 1.3.6. For, for thiscause have I done no wrong, as thou very pay you tribute also: for they are well knowest, v, 11. For if I be an Gods ministers, attending conti- offender, or have committed any nually upon this very thing. v. 7. thing worthy of death, I refuse not Render therefore to all their dues, to die:but if there be none of these tribute to whom tribute is due, cu- things whereof these accuse me,no Atom to whomcuítom,fearto whom man may deliver me unto them. I fear, honour to whom honour. appeal unto Cefar. 2 Pet. 2. I. But

I Rom. 13.5. Wherefore yemust there were false prophets also aneedsbe lubject,11ot only forwrath, mong the people,evenas thereshall but also for conscience fake: Tit. 3. be falle teachers among you, who 1. Put them in mind to be subject privily shall bring in damnable heto principalities and powers, to o- relies, even denying the Lord that bey magistrates, to be ready to e- bought them,and bring upon themvery good work,

felves fwift deltruction. v. 10. But mi Pet.2.13.Submit yourselves chiefly then that walk after the to every ordinance of man for the Aesh in the lult of uncleannels,and Lords fake, whether it be to the despisegovernment,presumptuous king,as fupreme, v. 14.Orunto go- are they, felf-willed:theyare not avernors, as unto them that are fraidtospeakevil of dignities;v.11. sent by him,for the punishment of Whereas angels, which are greater evil doers, and for the praise of in power and might, bring.no raithem that do well. v, 16. As free, ling accusation against them before and not using your liberty for a the Lord. Jude 8. Likewise allo cloke of maliciousness, but as the these filthy dreamersdefile the flesh, servants of God.

defpife dominion, and speak en. Rom. 13. 1. Let every loul be vil of dignities. v. 9. Yet Michael fubject unto thehigherpowers. For, the archangel, when contending there is no power but of God: the with the devil, he disputed about powers that be, are ordained of the body of Moses, durft not bring


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dominions, or over any of their people; and least of all to deprive them of their dominions or lives if he shall judge them to be heretics,or upon any other pretence whatsoevero. CHAP. XXIV. Of marriage and divorce.

ARRIAGE is to be between one man and one woo MAR

man; neither is it lawful for any man to have more than one wife, nór for any woman to have more than one husband at the lame time a.

II. Marriage was ordained for the mutual help of husband and wite b; for the increase of mankind with a legitimate illue, and of the church with an holy feed c; and for prevent. ing of uncleanness d.

III. It is lawful for all lorts of people to marry, who are able with judgment to give their consent e, yet it is the duty

of againsthim a railingaccufation, but ther,& shall cleave unto his wife : said the Lord rebuke thee,?. 10. and they shallhe one flesh. Mat.1. Butthese Ipeak evil of thosethings 5. And said, for this cause shall a which they know not : but what man leave father and mother, and they knownaturallygasbrutebeasts, shall cleave to his wife, and they in thosethings they corrupt them- twainshallbeone th;1.6. Where lelves, v, 11. Wo unto them, for fore they are no more twain, but they have gone in the wayofCain, one felh. What therefore God and ran greedily after the error of hath joined together, let no man Balaam for reward and perished in putafunder. Prov.2.13. Whichforthe gain-laying of Core. faketh the guide of her youth,and

0 2 Thell.2.4. Who opposeth & forgetteththecovenantofher God. exalteth himself above all that is II. b Gen, 2.18. And the Lord called God,or that is worshipped; God said, It is not good that the fo that he as God fitteth in the man should be alone : I will make temple of God, shewing himself him an help meet for him. that he is God. Rev. 13. 15. And Ć Mal 2015. And did not he make he had power to give life unto the one? yet had he the residue of the image of the beast, that the image spirit and wherefore one that he of the beast should both speak,and night seek agoodly feed therefore causethatas many aswouldnotwor- take beed to your spirit, and let fhipthe image of the bealt honld be none deal treacheroully against killed, v. 16. And he causeth all, the wife of his youth. borh[mall and great,rich andpoor, di Cor. 7. 2. Nevertheless,to afree and hond, to receive a mark in voidfornication, tevergmanhave their right hand, or in their fore- his own wife, and let every woman heads: 7. 17. And that no man

have her own husband. v.9. But might buy or sell, fave he that had if they cannot contain, let them the mark, or the name of the marry; for it is better to marry beast, or the number of his name. than to burn.

I.a Gen, 2.24. Therefore shalla 111. e Heb. 13.4. Marriage is homan leave his father and his mo



of christians to marry only in the Lord f, and therefore such as profels the true reformed religion, should not marry with infidels, papists or other idolaters, neither should such as are godly be unequally yoked ,by marrying with such as are no“ toriously wicked in their life, or maintain damnable here

IV Mar

fies g.


pourable in all, and the bed unde- thy daughter thou shall not give filed:but whorewongers and adul unto his son,nor hisdaughter shalt terers Cod will judge. I Tim. 4.3. thou take unto thy lon. v. 4. For forbidding to marry,& command they will turn away thy fon from iing to abitain from mears, which following me, that they may serve God harh created to be received othe: gods : so will the anger of with thanksgiving of them which the Lord be kindled against you. believe and know the truth. 1 Cor, anddestroy thee suddenly,: Kings 7.36. But if any man think that 11.4. F'orit cameto pass when Sohe behaveth himselfuncomely to- lomon wasold,that his wives turna wards his virgin, if the pat's the ed away his heartafter other Gods: flower of her age, and need fo re- and his heart was not perfect with quire, let him do what he will, he the Lord his God, as was the heart finneth not let them marry,2:37. of David his father, Neh. 13. 25, Nevertheless,he that standeth sted- And I contended with them, and faft in his heart, having no neces- cursed them, and Imote certain of lity, but hath power over his own them, and pluckt off their hair, will, and hath so decreed in his and madethem swear by God, fayheart, that he will keep his virgin, ing, Ye shall not give your daughdoth well. v. 28. So, then he that ters unto their fons, nor taketheir giveth her inmarriage, doth well; daughters unto your sons, or for but he that giveth hernot in mar- your selves, v. 26Did not Soloriage, doth better. Gen. 24: 57. mon king of Israel fin by these . And they said, We will call the things ? Yet among manynations damsel, and enquire at her mouth. was there no king like him, who v.56. And they called Rebekah, was beloved of bis God. and God and said unto her, Wilt thou go made him king over all Ifrael. neiwith this man ? and she faid, I vertheless,evenhim did outlandeifh

women cause to fin. v.27. Shall fi Cor. 7.39, The wife.is bound we then hearken unto you to doall by the law as long as her husband this greatevil, totranfgress against Jiveth: but if her busband be dead, ourGod,inmarryingitrangewives? she is at liberty to be married to Mal. 2.11. Judah harhdealttreachwhom she will; only in the Lord erously, and an abomination is

g Gen. 34.14.And they faidunto committed in Israel,and in Jerusathem, We cannot do this thing, lemn : for Judah bath profaned the to give our sister to one that is un holiness of the Lord, which he circumciled : for that were a re: loved,and hath married the daughproach unto us. Exod. 34. 16. And ter of a Itrange god. 2, 12. The thou take of their daughters unto lord will cut off the man that doth thy lons, and their daughters go a. this: the master and the fcholar u horing after their gods,and niake out of the tabernacles of Jacob, thy sons go a whoring after their and him that offereth an offering gids. Deut. 7. 3. Neither shalt unto the Lordof hosts.a Cor. 6.14. tou make marriages with them; be ye not unequally yoked toge


will go.

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