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impenitent, both by the word and censures; and to open

it unto penitent sinners, by the ministry of the gospel, and by abfolution from censures, as occafion shall require b.

III. Church censures are necessary for the reclaiming and gaining of offending brethren, for deterring of others from the like offences, for purging out of that leaven which might infect the whole luinp, for vindicating the honour of Christ and the holy profession of the gospel, and for preventing the wrath of God, which might justly fall upon the church, if they should fuffer his covenant, and the seals thereof, to be profaned by notorious and obftinate offenders c.

IV. For the better attaining of these ends, the officers of the church are to proceed by admonition, suspension from the facrament of the Lords Supper for a season, and by excome munication from the church, according to the nature of the crime, and demerit of the person d.


11.b Mat.16. 19. And I will give withovermuchlorrow.v.8. Where. unto thee the keys of the kingdom fore I beleech you, that you would of heaven : and whatsoever thou confirm your love towards him. Shalt bind on earth, Ihall be bound III.ciCor.5. ch. throughout.) in heaven ; and whatsoever thou 1 Tim.5.20. Then that fin,rebuke thalt loole on earth, Mall be looled before all, that others also may in heaven. Mat. 18. 17. And if he fear.Mat.7.6.Give not that which Thall neglect to hear them, tell it is holy unto the dogs, neither calt unto the church : but if he neglect ye your pearls before swine, left to hear the church, let him be un- they tramplerhem under their feet, to thee as an heathen man and a and turn againandrent you.i Tim. publican. v. 18. Verily, I say un 1. 20. Of whom is Hymeneus and to you,whatsoever ye shall bind on Alexander, whom I have delivered carth, shall be bound in heaven: untoSatan, that they may learn not and whatloever ye shall loote on to blaspheme.(ICor.11.27. to the earth, thall be loofed in heaven. end.) With Jude 23. And others John 20. 21. Then said Jelus to save with fear, pulling them out chem again, Peace be unto you; of the fire ; hating even the gar• as my father hath sent me, even so ments iported by the Hesh. Send I you. 7. 22. And when he IV.di Thell:5.12, And we be. had said this, he breathed on them, secch you,brethren, to know them and faith unto them,receive ye the which labour among you, and are holy Gholt. v. 23. Whole loever overyou in the Lord, and adınonish fins ye remit,they are remitted un- you. 2 Thefl, 3.6, Now we com to them: and whole foever fins ye mand you,brethren, in the name of retain, they are retained. 2 Cor, our Lord Jelus Christ, that ye with2. 6. Sofficient to such a man is draw yourselvestrom everybrother this punishment which was inflic. that walketh diforderly,and norafted of many, 7'.7. So that contrari. ter the tradition which he received wile, yą ought rather to forgive ofus, v. 14. And it any man obey him, and comfort bini, left perlaps not our word by this epistle, note Such a one thould be liallowed up that man, and have no company




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CHAP. XXXI. Of fynods and councils.
POR the better government and farther edification of the

church,there ought to be such assemblies as are common.
ly called iynods or councils a.

II. As magistratęs may lawfully call a fynod of ministers and other fit perfons, to consult and advise with about matters of religion b; so, if magistrates be open enemies to the church, the ministers of Christ, of themselves, by virtue of their office; or they, with other fit persons upon delegation from their churches, may meet together in such assemblies c.


with him that he may be alhamed. be thy nursing fathers, and their
v, 15. Yet count him notas an ene queens thy nursing mothers: they
my,butadmonish him as a brother. shall bow down to thee with their
1 Cor.5.4. In the name of our ord face toward the earth and lick up
Jesus Christ,when ye are gathered the dust of thy feet, and thouthalt
together, and my spirit, with the know that I am the Lord; for they
power of our Lord Jesus Christ,v. Ihall not be ashamed that wait for
s. To deliver such an one untosa me. Tim. 2.1.1 exhort therefore,
tan for the destruction of the flesh, that first of all,fupplications, pray-
that the fpirit may be faved in the ers, intercessions, and giving of
day of the Lord Jesus. 7. 13. But thanks be made for all men; 7. 2,
themthatarewithout, God judgeth. For kirtgs, and for all that are in
Therefore put away from among authority; that we maylead a quiet
yourselvesthatwickedperson, Mat, and peaceable life in all godlinels
18.17.And if he shalineglectto hear and honesty.(2Chron. 19.8.to the
them, tell it unto the church; but end.) (2Chron.29.& 30. chapters
if he neglect tohear the church,let throughout.)Mat.2.4. Andwhenhe
him be untothee

asanheathen man had gathered all the chief priests
and a publican. Tit.3.10. A man aud fcribes of the people together,
that is an heretick, after the first he demanded of them whereChrift
and second admonition, reject. should be born.3.5. And they said

1. a Acts 15.2. When therefore unto him, In Bethlehem of Judea: PaulandBarnatas had nolmall dif. for thus it is writtenbytheprophet, fention anddisputation with them, Prov. II 14. Where no countelis, they detesninedthat Pauland Bar the people fall: but in the multinabas, and certain other of them, jude of counsellers there is safety, should go up to Jerufalem untothe

¢ Acts 15, 2, 4, See in letter a.) apollles and elders about this quest v.22. Then pleased it the apostles ition.,4.Andwheni beywerecome andelders, with the wholechurch,to to Jerusalem, they were received of send cholen men of their owncomthe church,and of the apostles and pany to Antioch, with Paul& Bare: elders;and they declaredall things' pabas;namely,Judas firnamed Bar. that God had done with them.,6. fabas, and Silas, chief men anong And the Apostles and elders came the brethren;?; 23. And wrote lettogether for to consider of this persby them afterthismanner, The matter.

apostles, and elders, and brethren Hib 11:49; 23, And kings shall send greeting unto the brethren

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III. It belongeth to fynods and councils, ministerially to determine controversies of faith and cases of conscience; to fet down rules and directions for the better ordering of the public worship of God, and government of his church; to receive complaints in cases of mal-administration, and authoritatively to determine the fame: which decrees and determinations, if consonant to the word of God, are to be received with reverence and submission, not only for their agreement with the word, but also for the power whereby they are made, as being an ordinance of God appointed there unto in hisword d.

IV. All fynods or councils since the apostles times, whether general or particular, may err, and many have erred: there. fore they are not to be made the rule of faith or practice, but to be used as an help in both e.

V. Synods and councils are to handle or conclude nothing but that which is ecclesiastical; and are not to intermedule with civil affairs, which concern the commonwealth, unless by way of humble petition, in cases extraordinary; or by way of advice for satisfaction of con Science if they be thereunto required, by the civil magistrate f.

CHAP which are of the Gentiles in Anti- in my name, there am I in the och, and Syria, and Cilicia, 2.25.It midst of them. seemed good unto us, being affém IV. e Eph.2 20. And are built u. bled with one accord, to send cho- pon the foundation of the apoltles Sen men unto you, with our below and prophets, Jesus Christ himself ved Barnabas and Paul.

being the chief corner-stone. Acts, III. d

15:15,19,24,27,28, 17.11. These were more noblethan 29,30,31. (See in the Bible.) Acts those in Thellalonica, in that they 16.4.Andasthey went through the received the word withallreadinels cities, they delivered then the de- of mind, & searched the scriptures crees for to keep; that were ordain- daily, whethertholethings were fo, ed of the apostles and elders which 1 Cor.2. 5, That your faith hould were at Jerusalem.Mat.18.19, And not stand in the wildom of men, but if he shall neglect to hear then,tell in the power of God.2 Cor. 1:24, it unto the church:but if he neglect Not for that we have dominion o to hear the church,let him be unto ver your faith, but are helpers of thee as an heathen man and a pub- your joy; for by faith ye stand. lican.?'.18. Verily I say unto you,

v.f Luke 12.13, And one of thç Whatsoeverye shall bind on earth, company said unto him, Malter, Shall be bound in heaven:and what speak to my brother,that he divide foever ye shall loole on earth,shall the inheritance with me.2.14. And be loofed in heaven. 19. Again be said unto him, Man, who made I lay unto you, that if two of you me a judge,or a divider over you? thall agree on earth as touching a John, 18. 36.Jelus answered, My py thing that they shallalk, it shall kingdom is not of this world: If be done for them of my Father my kingdom were of this world, which isin heaven, v. 20, For where then would my fervants fight, that two or three are gathered together

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CHAP. XXXII. Of the state of men after death,

and of the resurrection of the dead.

HE bodies of men, after death, return to duft, and fee

corruption a; but their souls (which neither die nor
sleep) having an immortal subsistance, immediately return to
God who gave them b, The souls of the righteous, being
then made perfect in holiness,are received intothe highest hea-
vens, where they behold the face of God in light and glory,
waiting for the full redemption of their bodies c: And the
souls of the wicked are cast into hell, where they remain in
torments and utter darkness, reserved to the judgment of the
great day d. Besides these two places for fouls separated from
their bodies, the Scripture acknowledgeth none,

II. Ar
I should not be delivered to the the body and to be present with
Jews: but now is my kingdomnot the Lord.Phil. 1. 23, For I am in a
from hence.

Itrait betwixt two, having a desire
I.a Gen, 3.19. In the sweat ofthy to depart, and to be with Christ;
face shalt thou eat bread, till thou which is far better. With Acts 3.
return unto the ground: for out of 21. Whomtheheavenmult receive,
it waft thou taken: for dust thou until the times of restitution of all
art,and to dult thou shalt return. things,which God hath ipoken by
Acts. 13-36.For David after he had the mouthofall hisholy prophets,
servedhisowngenerationbythewill since the world began. And Eph.
of God, fell on neep& was laid un. 4. 10. He that delcended, is the
to his fathers and law corruption, lame also that ascended up far

b Luke23.43. And jesus said un. above all heavens, thathe might fill
to him, Verily I say unto thee, To all things,
day shalt thou be with me in para d Luke 16.23, And in hell he lift
dile. Eçcl. 12. 9, Then shall the up his eyes,being in torinents,and
dust return to the earth as it was : feeth Aliraham afar off, and Laza-
and thespiritshall return untoGod rus in his bosom. 7, 24. And be
who gave it,

cried, and said, Father Abraham,
c Heb, 12.23. To the general al- have mery, on me, and send l-aza.
sembly, & church of the first-born rus that he may dip the tip of his
which are written in heaven, and finger in water & coolmy tongue:
to God the judge ofall, and to the for I am tormented in this Game,
Spirits of just men made perfect. Acts 1.25, That he may take part
2. Cor. 5: 1, For we know, that if of this ministry and apoftleship,
our earthly houfeof this tabernacle from which Judas by tranfgreflion
were dissolved, we have a building fell, that he might go to his own
of God an house not made with place. Jude6. Andthe angels which
hands,eternal in the heavens,?'. 6. kept not their first eltaie, but left
Therefore we arealwaysconfident, their own habitation, he hath reler-
knowing that whilft we are athome vedineverlastingchains underdark-
in the body, weare absent from the nels,untorhejudgmientof thegreat-
Lord.7. 8. We are confident, I say day.v.7. Even as Sodom and Gom
and willingrather to be abfentfrom morrah, and the cities about them


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II. At the last day, such as are found alive shall not die, but be changed e; and all the dead shall be railed up with the felf-fame bodies, and none other, altho' with different

qualis ties, which shall be united again to their Souls for ever f,

Ill. The bodies of the unjust shall by the power of Christ be raised to dishonour; the bodies of the just by his Spirit unto honour, and be made conformable to his own glorious body &

CHAP. XXXIII. of the last Judgment, GO

OD hath appointed a day, wherein he will judge the

world in righteousness by Jelus Christ a, to whom all power and ju.gment is given of the Father b. In which day,


in like manner giving themselves There is a natural body, and there over to fornication, and going af- 'is a spiritual body. ter strange flesh, are set forth for an lll.g Acts 24. 5. And have hope example, fufTering the vengeance toward God.whichthey themselves of eternal fire, 1 Pet. 3, 19. By also allow, that there shall be a re. which also he went and preached furrection of the dead, both of the unto the spirits in prison. just and unjust, oh 5.28. Marvel

II. e : Thell. 4. 17. Then we not at this; for thehour is coming. which are alive & remain, shall be in the which all that are in the caught up together with them in graves shall hear his voice. v, 29, the elouds, to meet the Lord in the Andhall come forth,they thathave air: and lo hall we ever be with done good unto the resurrection of the Lord. 1 Cor. 15.51. Behold, I life; and they that have done evil, shew you a mystery; we shall not unto the resurrectionoi damnation, all Necp,but welhallall be changed, 1 Cor 15,43. (See jo letter f.) Phil 2:52. In a moment, in the twink- 3. 21. Who shall change our vile ling of an eye, at the last trump, body,that it may be fashioned like for the trumpet shall sound, & the unto his glorious body,according dead shall be raised incorruptible, to the working whereby he is able and we shall be changed.

even to subdue all things unto f Job 19. 26. And though after himself. my skin, worms deltroy this body, I. a Aets 17. 31. Because hehath yetin my fella fhall IléeGod.v, 27. appointed a day in thewhich hewill Whom I shall fee for my felf, and judgetheworldin righteousness,by mine eyes shall behold, & not ano that man whom he hath ordained; ther; though my reins be conly whereof he hath given assurance med within me. I

Cor. 15.42.So al unto all open in that he hath failed so is the refurrection of the dead. him from the dead. It issown in corruption,it is raised bohn 5:23. For the Father in incorruption: 2:43. It is town in judgeth no man; but hath con. dishonour, it is raised in glory; it mitted all judgment unto the Son: is sown in weakness, it is sailed in v, 27. And bath given bim author power; 7. 44. It is lown a natural rity to execute judgment also, bez body, it is raised a spiritual body, cause he is the Son of Man,

f I Cor.


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