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Agreed upon by the ASSEMBLY of DIVINES

at Westminster: Examined and approved, An-
no 1648, by the GENERAL ASSEMBLY of

Question 1. WHAT is the chief and highest end of man?

Answer. Man's chief and highest end is to glorify God a, and fully to enjoy him for ever b.

Q. 2. How doth it appear that there is a God?

A. The very light of nature in man, and the works of God declare plainly that there is a God c; but his word and

Spic 1. a Rom.11.36. For of him,and I in thee; that they alsomay be one through him, and to him are all in us: that the world may believe things: to whom beglory for ever, that thou hast fent me. v. 22. And Amen. I Cor. 10. 31. Whether the glory which thou gavelt me, I therefore ye eat or drink, or whate have given them: that they maybe foever ye do, do all to the glory one, even as we are one. 7. 23. I of God.

in them, and thou in me, that they b Pfal.:15. 24. Thou shalt guide may be made perfect in one, and me with thy counsel, & afterwards that the world may know that'thou receive me to glory. v.25. Whom halt fent me, and hast loved them, have I in heaven but thee? and as thou halt loved me. there is none on earth that I delire 2. c Rom. 1. 19. Because that besides thee. 7..26. My flesh and which may he known of God, is my heart faileth : but God is the manifest in them ; for God hath strength of my heart,and my por- fliewed it unto them. 9. 20. For tion for ever. 7. 27. For lo they the invisible things ofhim from the that are far from thee, shall perish : creation of the world «re clearly thou thalt destroy all them that go leen, being understood by the 3 whoring from thee. v.28. But it things that are made, even bisetera is good for me to draw near to God: nal power and Godhead; so that I have putmy trust in theLord God, they are without excuse.Plat.19,1. that I may declare all thy works. The heavens declare the glory of John 17.21. That they all maybe God; and the firmanent Theweth one,as thou, father, art in me, and his handy-work. v. 2. Day unto



fpirit only do fufficiently and effectually reveal him unto men for their falvation d

Q. 3. What is the word of God?

A. The holy scriptures of the Old and New Testament are the word of God e, the only rule of faith and obedience f.

Q. 4. How doth it appear that the scriptures are the word

of God?

A. The scriptures manifeft themselves to be the word of


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day utrereth speech, and night un« day star arise in your hearts: 7', 20. to night Mheweth knowledge. v. 3, Knowing this first, that no proThere is no speech nor language, phecy of the scripture is of any where their voice is not heard. private s terpretation. y. 21. For Atts, 17.28. Før in him we live, the prophecy came not in old time and move, and have our being. by the will fman : but holy men

di Cor.2.9. But as it is written, of God Ipa as they were moved Eye hath not feen, nor ear heard, by the holy Gholt. neither lave entered into the heart f Eph. 2:20. And are built upon of man, the things which God bath the found ition of the apostles and prepared for them that love him, proucts, Jesus Christhimself being 2,10. But God hath revealed them 'ihe chief corner itone. Rev.22, 18. unto us by his fpirit: for the spirit Fot 1 testify unto every man that fearcheth all things, yea, the deep heareth the words of the prophecy things of God. 2 Tim. 3. 15. And of this book, if any man fhall. add that from a child thou hast known unto these things, God fhall add the lioly fcriptures, which are able unto him the plagues that are writto make thee wife unto falvation, ten in this book; v.19. And if any through faith which is in Chrilt Je- manshall take away from the words sus v.16, All scripture is given by of the book of this prophecy, God inspiration of God,and is profitable thall take away his part out of the for do&trine, for reproof, for cor book of life, and out of the holy rection, for instruction in righte. city and from the things which are ousness; v. 1.7. That the man of written in this book Ila. 8. 20. TO God may be perfect, throughly fur- the law and to the testimony: If nished unto all good works, Ia.s9. they speak not according to this 21. As for me, this ismy covenant word, it is because there is no light with them faith the Lord, my fpi. in them. Luke 16. 29. They have rit that is upon thee, and mywords Moles and the prophets; let them which I have put in thy mouth, hear them: 7. 31.1f they hear not Mall not depart out of thy mouth, Mofes and the prophets, neither 11or out of the mouth of thy seeds will they be perswaded, thoughone nor out of the mouth of thy leeds rose froin the dead. Gal. 1. 8. Bur feed, faith!he Lord, froni hence- though we, or an angel from heaforth and for ever.

ven, preach any other gospel unto 3,62 Tim: 3.16,AN fcripture is you, than that which we have given by inspiration of God. 2 Pet, preached unto you, let him be acI. 19. We have also a more sure cursed, v. 9. As we said before so word of prophecy; whereunto ye fay I now again,if any man preach do well that ye take heed, as unto anyotbergospelunto you, than that a light that Thineth into a dark ye have received, let him be accurplace, until the day dawn, and the fed. 2 Tim 3.15,16. (See letter d.)

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4. g Hosea

God, by their majesty g, and purity h; by the consent of all
the parts i, and the scope of the whole, which is to give
all glory to God k; by their light and power to convince
and convert finners, to comfort and build up believers unto
falvation 1; but the Spirit of God beareth witness by and
with the scriptures in the heart of man, is alone able fully too
perswade it that they are the very word of God m.

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Q. 5

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4. g Hosea 8.12. I have written boasting then it is excluded. By
to him the great things of my law, what law ? of works? nay: but
but they were counted as a Itrange by the law of faith.
thing. I Cor.2.6. Howbcit wespeak I Acts 18.28.Forhemightilycon-
wisdom among them that are per vinced the Jews, and that publick-
fect: yet not the wisdom of this ly, shewing by the scriptures, that
world, nor of the princes of this Jesus wasChrift, Heb.4.12. For the
world that come to nought. v, 7. word of God is quick and power,
But we speak the wisdom ofGod in ful, and harper than any two-edged
a mystery, even the hidden wisdom sword,piercing even to thedividing
which God ordained before the alunder of Soul and Spirit, and of
world unto our glory.v.13. Which the joints and marrow and is adil.
things also we speak, not in the cerner of the thoughts and intents
wordswhichmans wisdonitéacheth, of the heart. James 1. 18. Of his
But which the holyGhost teacheth; own will begat he uswith the word
comparingspiritual thingswithfpi- of truth, that we should be a kind

. Pfal. 119. 18. Open thou of first-fruits of his creatures, Pfal.
mine eyes,that I may behold won- ' 19.7. The law of the Lord is per-
drous things out of the law. v.129. fect,converting the soul: the testie'
Thy testimonies are wonderful : mony of the Lord is sure, making
therefore doth my soul keep them, wife the simple. v, 8. The Itatutes

h Pfal. 12.6. The words of the of the Lord are right,rejoicing the Lord are pure words; as Gilver heart: the commandment of the tried in a furnace of earth, purified Lord is pure,enlightningthe eyes. seven times, Plal. 119. 140. Thy v 9. The fear of the Lord is clean, word is very pure : therefore thy enduring for ever: the judgments servant loveth it.

of the Lord are true and righteous i Acts 10.43. To him give all the altogether. Rom. 15.4. For whatprophets witness,that through his focver things were written afore. name wholuever believeth in him, time, werewrittenfor ourlearning; Mall receive remission of sins, Acts that we through patience andcom26.22. Having therefore obtained fort of the scriptures might have help of God, I continue unto this hope. Acts 20:32. And

now, bre-
day, witnelling both to small and 'thren, I commend you to God, and
great, laying none other things to the word of his grace, which is
than those which the prophets and able to build you up, and to give
Moses did say should come. you an inheritance among all them

k Rom.3.19.Now we know that which are sanctified.
what things loever the law faith it m Jolin 16 13. Howbeit, when
faith to them who are under thelaw; he the Spirit of truth is come, he
that every mouth may be stopped, will guide you into all truth: for
and all the world may become zuile he shall not speak of himself; but
ty before God, w. 27. Where is whiatsoever he shall hear, that shall


his ght Eve em 20 ber ne Sut eato ye

so ch at r.) ea

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Q. 5.1Vhat do the foriptures principally teach?

A. The scriptures principally teach, what man is to believe concerning God, and what duty God requires of man n.

What man ought to believe concerning God.

Q. 6. What do the Scriptures make known of God?

A. The Scriptures make known what God is o, the persons in the Godhead p, his decrees q, and the execution of his decrees

Q. 7. What is God?

A. God is a spirit, s, in and of himfelf infinite in being t, glory V, blessedness

glory v, blessedness w, and perfecti


he Speakand he will shew you a people for his name. v. 15. And
things to come. v, 14. He shall to this agree the words of the pro-
glorify me: for he shall receive of phets,as it is written.v. 18.Known
mine, and shall shew it unto you. antoGod are all his works fromthe
1 John 2, 20. But ye have an un- beginning of the world:
Etion from the holy One, and ye rActs4.27.For of a truth against
know all things . v, 27. But the a. thy holy Child Jesus, whoni thou
nointing which ye have received hast anointed, both Herod & Pon-
of him, abideth in you : and ye tius Pilate, with the Gentiles,and
need not that any man teach you: the people of Israel were gathered
But as the same anointing teacheth together.v. 28. or to do whatlo-
you of all things, and is truth and ever thy hand and thy counsel de-
is no lie: & even as it bath taught termined before to be done.
you,ye shall abide in him. John.20. 7. ! John 4. 24. Godis a spirit;
31. But these are written, that ye and they that worship him, must
mightbelievethat Jesus is the Christ 'worship him in spirit and in truth.
the Son of God, &" that believing ye t Exod. 3. 14. AndGod laidunto
might have life through hisname, Moses : I AM THAT I AM:

5.n2: Tim. i 13. Hold fast the And he said, thus shalt thou say form of found words, which thou unto the children of Israel, TAM halt heard of nie, in faith and love hath sent me unto you. Job, 11:7; which is in Christ Jesus.

8,9. Canst thou by searching find 6,0 Heb.11.6. But without faith out God? Canst thou find out the it is impossible to please him: for Almighty unto perfection ? v. 8. he that cometh to God, mult be. It is as high as heaven, what canft lieve that he is and that he is a re thou do? deeper than hell, what warder of them that diligently can't thou know? v, 9. The measeek him.

sure thereof is longer than the p i John.5.7. Forthere are three earth, and broader than the lea, that bear record in heaven, the Fa v. Acts 7. 2. The God of glory ther, the Word,andtheholy Ghost: appeared unto ourfather Abraham, and these three are one.

when he was in Melopotamia, q Acts 15:14:Simeonhath decla- before he dwelt in Charran, red how God at the first did vifit wiTim. 6.15. Which in histimes lhe Gentiles, to take out of them he shall thew, who is the blessed


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on x; All-sufficient y, eternal 2, Unchangeable a, incom-
prehensible b, every where prefent c, Almighty d, knowing
all things e, most wise f, most holy s, mort just h, most
merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abundant in good-
nefs and truth i,

Q. 8. Are there more God's. than one ? :
A. There is but one only the living and true God k.

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Q. 9.

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and only potentate, the king of eHeb. 4.13. Neither is thereany kings, and Lord of lords.

creature that is not manifest in his x Mat 5.48. Be ye there fore sight : but all things are naked, perfect, even as your father which and opened unto the eyes of him is in heaven is perfect.

with whom we have to do. Plal.
yGen. 17:1. And when Abraham 147, 5, Great is our Lord, and of
Was ninty years old and nine, the great power : his understanding is
Lord appeared to Abraham, & said infinite.
unto him, I am the almighty God; fRom. 16. 27. To God Onlywise
walk before me,& be thou perfect. be glory through Jesus Christ, for
-z Pfal. 90. 2. Before the moun ever. Amen.
tains were brought forth, or ever g Isa, 6. 3. And one cried unto
thou hadít formed the earth and another, and said, Holy,holy,holy,
the world: even from everlasting is the Lord of hosts, the whole
to everlasting, thou art God. earth is full of his glory. Rev.15.4.
a Mal. 3. 6. For I am the 'Lord, Who shall not fear thee, O Lord,
I change not : therefore ye sons of and glorify thy nanie ? for thou
Jacob are not consumed. James' only art holy: for all nations shall
1.37. Every good gift,and every come and worship before thee; for
perfect gift is from above, and thyjudgments are made manifest.
cometh down from the father of h Deut. 32. 4. Heis the rock,
lights, with whom is no variable- his work is perfect: for all bisways
ness, neither shaddow of turning. are judgments:a Godot truth,and

b I Kings 8.27. But will God in. without iniquity, juft and right
deed dwell on the earth ? Behold, is he: -
the heaven and heavenof heavens i Exod.34.6. And the Lord par-
cannot contain thee; how much“ fed by before him, andproclaimed,
less this house that I have builded! The Lord, the Lord God, mercia

Plal.139. 1. tothe 13.ver. OLord, ful and gracious,long-suffering, & thou hast searched me and known abundant in goodnels and truth. me: thou knowest my down sitting 8k Deut. 6. 4. Hear, o lírael, and mine up-rising: thou under The Lord our God is one Lord. standeft my thoughts afar off, &c. Cor.8.4. As concerning therefore Whether shall I go from thy fpirit? the eating of those things that are or whether shall I flee from thy offered in facrifice unto idols, we presence ? &c,

know that an idolis itothing in the d Rev. 4:8. And the four beasts world, and that there is noneother had each of thein six wings about God bụt one, v. 6. But to us there him, and they were full of eyes is but one God, the father of within ; and they rest not day and whom are all things, and we in night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, Lord God almighty, which was, by whom are all things and we by and-is, and is to come.

him. Jer. 10. 10. But the Lord is


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