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this life perfect in any a, but growing up to perfection b.

Q. 78. Whence ariseth the imperfection of sanctificationin believers? · A. The imperfe&tion of fanctification in believers ariseth from the remnants of fin abiding in every part of them, and the perpetual lustings of the flesh against the spirit; whereby they are often foiled with temptations, and fall into many fins c, are hindred in all their spiritual services d, and their best works are imperfect and defiled in the fight of God e.

Q. 79. May not true believers, by reason of their imperfections, and the many temptations and fins they are overtaken with, fall aquay from the fate of grace? A, True believers, by reason of the unchangeable love of


righteousness:for he is a babe.".14. of my mind, and bringing me into But strong meat belongeth tothem captivity to the law of fin, wbich that are of full age, even those who is in my members. Mark 14.66. to byreasonofasehave theirsenses ex- the end. And asPeter was beneath ercised todiscernbothgoodandevil. in the palace, there cometh one of

a i John 1.8. And if we say that the maids of the high priest, sro we have no fin, we deceivé our Gal.2.11. But when Peter was come felves, and the truth is not in us, to Antioch, I withstood him to the v.10. If we say that we havenotsin- face, because he was to be blamed. ned, we make him a liar, and his 4. 12. For before thatcertaincame word is not in us.

from James, he did eat with the b 2 Cor. 7: 1. Having therefore Gentiles; but when they were these promises,(dearly beloved)let come, he withdrew, and separated us cleanse ourselves from all filthi. bimself, fearing them which were nels of the flesh and spirit, perfect- of the circumcifion. ingholigefsinthefearofgod. Phil,3. d Heb. 12.1. Wherefore,feeing 12. Not as though I had already at we also are compassed about with tained, cither were already perfect: so great a cloud of witnesses, let us but I follow after,if that I may ap- lay afide every weight, and the fin prehend that for which allo I am which doth so easily belet us, and apprehended of Christ Jesus, 7. 13. let us run with patience the race Brethren, I count not my self to that is fet before us, havé apprehended: but this one ella. 64. 6. But we are all as an thing I do, forgetting those things unclean thing,and all our rightewhich are behind, and reaching ousnesses are as filthy rags and we forth unto thole things which are all do fade as a leaf, and our ini. before, v. 14. I press towards the quities, like the wind, have tüken mark, for the prize of the high cal- us away. Exod. 28.38. And it shall ling of God in Christ Jesus. be upon Aaron's forehead, that

78.cRom.7,18.For I know that Aaron may bear the iniquity of the in me, (that is, in my Hesh) dwel- holy things, which the children of leth no good thing: for to will is lfrael shall hallow in all their holy present with me, but how to per gifts: and it shall be always upon form that which is good, I find not, his forehead, that they may be ace v. 23. But I fee another law in my cepted before the Lord. members, warring against the law

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Godt, andhis decree and covenant to give them perseveranceg, theirinseparableunion with Christ h, his continuall intercession for them i, and the spirit and feed of God abiding in themk. can neither totally nor finally fall away from the state of grace but are kept by the power of God thro’ faith unto salvation m,

Q. 80. Can true believers be infallibly assured that they are in the estate of grace and that they shall persevere therein unto Salvation?

A. Such as truly believe in Chrift, and endeavour to walk in all good conscience before him n, may, without extraordinary revelation, by faith grounded upon the truth of God's promises,and by the spirit enabling them to discern in them


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79. f Jer. 31. 3. The Lord hath also to save themto the uttermoit: appeared of old unto me, saying, that;come unto God byhimseeing Yea, I have loved thee with an he ever lievethromakeintercellion everlasting love: therefore with for them. Luke22. 32. But I have loving kindness have I drawn thee, prayed for thee, that thy faith fail

g 2 Tim.2.19. Nevertheless, the not, and when thou are converted, foundation of God standeth sure, Itrengthen thy brethren. having this seal, The Lord know k 1 Johı 3. 9. Wholo veris born' eth them that are his. And, let of God, doth not commit Sin; for! every one that nameth the name of his feed remainethin hin: and he Chrilt depart from iniquity. Heb. cannot sin, because he is born of 13.20. Now the God of peace, that God. 1 John 2. 27. But theanontbrought again from the dead our ing, which ye hath received of him Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of abideth in you and ye need not the sheep, through the blood of the that any man teach you but asthe everlasting covenant, v. 21. Make fame anointing teachęth you of all you perfect in every good work to things, and is truth, and is no lie: do bis will, working in you that and even as it hath taught you, ye which is well-pleasing in his fight, shall abide in him. through Jesus Christ; to whom be } Jer. 32.40. And I will make an glory-for ever and ever. Amen. everlasting covenant with them, 2 Sam. 23. 5. Although my house that I will not turn away from be not so with God; yet he hath them, to do thein good; but I will made with me an everlasting co- put my fear in their hearts, that venant, ordered in all things, and they shall not depart from me. sure: for this is all my lalvation, John 10.28. And I give into them and all my desire, although he make eternal life, and they shall never it not to grow.

perish,neither shall any pluck them h 1 Cor.1.8.Who shall also con out of my hand. firm you unto the end, that ye may mi Pet. 1.5. Who are kept by be blameless in the day of our the power of God through faiin Lord Jesus Christ. v. 9. God is unto falvation, ready to be revea. faithful, by whom ye were called led in the last time. uinto théfellowship ofhis Son Jesus 80. n 1 John 2. 3. And hereby Christ our Lord.

we do know that we know him, if i Heb.7.25. Wherefore he is able we keep his commandments.

Q. Gor,


seives those graces to which the promises of life are made o, and bearing witness with their Spirits that they are the children of God P, be infallibly assured that they are in the estate of grace, and shall persevere therein unto fálvation 9,

0.81. Are all true believers at all times assured of their preJent being in the estate of grace, and that they mall be saved?

A. Alsurance of grace and falvation not being of the es. sence of faith r, true believers may wait long before they ob. tain its; and, after the enjoyment thereof, may have it weakned and intermitted, thro' manifold distempers, fins, temp


0 1 Cor. 2.12. Now we have re: 91. John5.13. These thingshave ceived, not the spirit of the world, I written unto you, that believe on but the spirit which is of God; that ihe name of the Son of God; that we might know the things that are ye may know that ye have eternal freely given to us of God. i :John life, and that ye may believe on 3.14.Weknow that we have passed the name of the Son of God. from death unto life, because we 81.1 Eph. 1, 13. In whom ye al. love the brethren: he that loveth so trulled after that ye heard the not his brother, abideih in death. word of truth, the gospel of your 7,18. My little children, let us not falvation : in whom also after that love in word, neither in tongue,but ye believed, ye were sealed with In ceed and in truth. 1.19. And that holy spirit of promise. hereby we know that we are of the (Isa.50.10. Who is among you truth, and shall assure our hearis that feareth the Lord, that obeyeth before him. v, 21. Beloved, if our the voice of his servant,that walk, heart condemn us nof,thenwe have eth in darkness and hath no light: confidence towards God. v. 04. let him trust in the Lord, and Itay And he that keepeth hiscommand- upon his God.Pfal. 88.throughout, ments, dwelleth in him, and he in 7, 1, O Lord God of my falvation, him: and hereby we know that he I have cried day and night before abideth in us, by the spirit which thee. 7.2. Let my prayer come behe liath given iis. 1 John 4. 13. fore thee; incline thine car unto Hereby we know that we dwell in my cry.v.3. For my soul is full of him, and he in us, because he hath trouble: and my life draweth nigh given us of his Spirit. 3. 16. And unto the grave ---v.6. Thou halt we have known, and believed the laid me in the lowest pit, in darklove that God hath to us. God is ness,in the deeps. v.7, Thy wrath love; and he that dwelleth in love, lieth hard upon me, and thou halt dwelleth in God, and God in himi aflicted nie

with all thy waves, SeHeb. 6. 11.

And we desire, that e- lah. ---v.9. Mine eye mourneth by very one of you do shew the same reason of affli&tion : Lord I have diligence, to the full assurance of called daily upon thee, I have hope unto the end: 7.12. That ye {tretched out my hands unto thec. be not slothful, but followers of 1.10. Wilt thou fhew wonders to them, who through faith and pa, the dead?.

---7. 13. But unto thee rience inherit the promises: have I cried, O Lord, and in the

p Rom. 8. 16. The Spirit itself inorning shall my prayer prevent beareth witness withourSpirit, that thee. v. 14. Lord, why caftelt thou We are the children of God.


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ptations and de sertions t: Yet are they never left without such
presence and support of the spirit of God, as keeps them
from finking into utter despair v.

Q. 82. What is the communion in glory, which the members of
the invisible church have with Christ?

A. The communion in glory which the members of the invisible church have with Christ, is in this life w,immedi

ately off my soul? why hidest thou thy thee Pfal.22. 1. My God, my God, face from me! v. 15. I am afflicted why halt thou forsaken me? why and ready to die, from my youth art thouso farfrom helping me,and up, while I fnffer thy terrors, I from the words of my roaring? Am distracted,

v.1 John. 3. y. Wholoeverisborn t(Pfal. 77. 1. to the 12. verse.) of God, doth not commit sin; for v. 1. I cried unto thee with my his feed remaineth in him : and he voice; even unto God with my cannot fin because, he is born of voice, and he gave ear' unto me. God. Job 12, 15. Though he lay V. 2. In the day of my trouble I me, yet will I trust in him: but I fought the Lord: my fore ran in the will maintain mine own ways benight, and ceased not : my soul fore him. Pfal. 73. 15. Ifi say, I refused to be comforted. v. 3. I will speak thus ; behold, I should remembredGod and wastroubled : offend againstthe generation of thy I complained, and my spirit waso children. 4. 23. Nevertheless, I am verwhelmed.

.---0.7. will the Lord continually with thee: thou haft cast off for ever? and will he be holden me by my right hand. lia. favourable no more ? &c. Cant. 54, 7 For a small moment have I $. 2. I fleep, but my heart waketh: forsaken thee, but with great merit is the voice of my beloved that cics will I gather thee. 7. 8. In a knocketh, saying, Open to me, my little wrath I hide my facefromthee Lister, my love, my dove, my un- for a monent; but with everlasting defiléd : for my head is filled with kindnefs will I have mercyonthee, dew,and my locks with the drops faith the Lord thy redeemer. 7.9. of the night. v, 3. I have put off For this is as the waters of Noah my coat, how shall I put it on? I unto me: For as I have sworn that have washed my feet, how shall I the waters of Noah shoull nomore defile them? v. 6. I opened to my go over the earth;fo have I sworn beloved, but my belovedhad with that/would notbewroih with thee, drawn himself,and was gone : my

nor rebuke thee. V. 10. For the cond failed when he ipake:I fought mountains shalldepart,andthe bulls him, but I could not find him ; I Shall be removed, but my kindness called him, but he gave me no an. Shall not depart from thee,neither swer. Pfal. 51, 8. Make me to ar shallth, covenant of riy peace be joy anchgladness. Thay the bones' removed, faith the Lord that hath which thou hast broken, may re

mrecy on thee. joice: v. 12. Restore unto me the 82.w 2 Cor. 3.18,But we all with joy ofthy falvation and upholdme open face,beholding as in a glass, with thy free spirit. Pfal. 31. 22, the glory of the Lord are changed For I said in my hafte I am cutoff into the time image, from glory from beforethine eyes, neverthe- to glory, even as by the spirit of lels thou heardit the voice of my the Lord, fupplications, when I cried unto

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ately after death >, and at last perfected at the resurrection and day of judgmenty.

Q. 83. What is the communion in glory with Christ, which the members of the invisible church enjoy in this life?

A. The ineinbers of the invisible church have communica. ted to them, in this life, the first-fruits of glory with Christ, as they are members of him their head, and so in him are in terested in that glory which he is fully possessed of Z;

and as an earnest thereof, enjoy the sense of God's love a, peace of conscience, joy in the holy Ghost, and hope of glory b: As, on the contrary,sense of God's revenging wrath, horror of conscience, and a fearful expectation of judgment, are to the wicked the beginning of their torments, which they shall endure after death c.

Q. 84. Shall all men die ?

A. Death being threatned as the wages of sin d, it is ap. pointed unto all men once to die e; for that all have finned t.

Q. 85 xLuke23.43. And Jesus said un- glory of God. Rom.14.17.For the to him, Verily I say unto thee, To kingdom of God is not meat and day shalt thou be with me in para- drink,but righteousness, and peace dise.

and joy in the holy Ghost. yi Thess. 4:17. Then we which c Gen.1.13.And Cain said unto are alive, and remain, fhall be the Lord, My punishment isgreater caught up together with them in than I can bear. Mat.27.4.Saying, the clouds, to meet the Lord in I have finned,in that I have betraythe air: and so shall we ever be ed the innocent blood. And they with the Lord,

faid, What is that to us? fee thou 83.2 Epb. 2, 5,Even when we to that. Heb. 10. 27. But a certain were dead in fins, hath quickned fearful looking for of judgment, kis together with Christ,(by grace and fiery indignation, which shall ye are saved.)v.6. And bath raised devour the adversaries. Rom. 2.9. us up together, and made us sit to Tribalation & anguish upon every gether in heavenly places,in Christ soul of man that doth evil, of the Jesus.

Jew, first and also of the Gentile: a Rom. 5, s. And hope maketh Mark9:44.Where therewormdieth not alhamed, because the love of not, and the fire is not quenched, Godis Thed abroad in ourhearts,by 84.d Rom.6. 23. For the wages the holy Ghost which is given un; of sin is death;but the gift of God 10 us. Compared with 2 Cor.1.22. it eternal life through Jelus Christ Who hath also fealed us,& given our Lord.

e Heb.9. 27. And asit is appoinhearts:

brom.s: 1. Therefore beingju, this the judgment, Mified by faith, we have peace with fRom. 5.12. Wherefore,asbyone God thro our Lord Jesus Chrift. man fin entred into the world, and 7.2. By whom allo we have access death by fin;and so death pafled us byfaith into this grace wherein we pon all men, for that allhavelinned Itand, and rejoice in hope of the

85. g 1 Cor.

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the earnest of the Spirit in our ted unto men once to die, but after

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