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Q. 85. Death being the wages of fin, why are not the righteous delivered from death, seeing all their fins are fora given them by Christ?

A. The righteous shall be delivered from death itself at the last day, and even in death are delivered from the sting and curfe of itg; so that, altho' they die, yet it is out of God's love h, to free them perfectly from fin and misery i, and ta make them capable of further communion with Christ'in glor ry, which they then enter upon ki

Q. 86. What is the communion in glory with Christ which the members of the invisible church enjoy immediately after ! death?

A. The communion in glory with Christ, which the members of the invisible church enjoy immediately after death, is in that their souls are then made perfect in holiness l, and received into the highest heavens m, where they behold the face


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85.g I Cor.15.26. The last ene do follow them. Eph.5.27. Thathe my that shall be destroyed,isdeath. might present it to himself a glo--0.55. death, where is thy iting? rions church, not having spot or Ograve, where is thyvictory?v.56. wrinkle, or any such thing; but The sting of death is lin, and the that it should be holy, and without strength of lin is the law, 7.57.But blemish. thanks be to God, which giveth us · k Luke 23.43. And Jesus saidunthe victory,through our Lord Jelus to him, verily I say unto thee, to Christ, Heb.2.15. Anddeliver them day shalt thou be with me in parawho through fear of death, were all disé. Phil. 1. 23. For I am in a strait their life-time subject to bondage. betwixt two, having a desire to de

h Isa: 57. 1. The righteous pe- part, and to be with Christ; which risheth, and no man layeth it to is far better. heart; and merciful men are taken 86. 1 Heb.12.23. To the general away, none considering that the assembly and church of the first righteous is taken away from the born which are written in heaven, evil to come. v.2. He shall enter and to God the judge of all, and into peace, they shall rest in their to the spirits of just men made beds, each one walking in his up- perfect. rightness. 2 Kings 22.20. Behold, m 2 Cor.5.1. For we know, that therefore, I will gather thee untó if our earthly house of this tabernathy fathers, and thou shalt be ga. cle were disolved, we have a build. thered into thy grave in peace, & ing ofGod,an house por made with thine eyes shall not see all the evil hands, eternal in the heavens, v.6. which I will bring upon this place. Therefore we are always conf

i Rev. 14.13. And I heard avoice dent, knowing that whilst we are fromheaven, laying antome,write, at home in the body,we are absent blelled are the dead which die in from the Lord. v.8. We are conthe Lord, from henceforth: yea, fident, I fay, and willing rather to faith the Spirit, that they may rest be absent from the body, and to be from their labours ; & their works prefent with the Lord, Pliid.1.23,


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of God in light and glory n; waiting for the full redemption of their bodies o, which even in death continue united to Christ P, and rest in their graves as in their beds 4, till at the last day they be again united to their Souls't. Whereas the Souls of the wicked are at their death cast into hell, where they remain in torments and utter darkness; and their bodies kept in their graves, as in their prisons, until the resurrection and judgment of the great day 1.

Q. 87. What are we to believe concerning the resurrection ?

A. We are to believe, that at the last day there shall be a general resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust t; when they that are then found alive shall in a moment

be For I am in a strait betwixt two, r Job 19.26. And though after having a desire to depart and to be my skin,worms destroy this body, with Christ; which is far better, yet in my flesh shall I lee God; compared with Acts3.27.

Whomthe v. 27. Whom I shall fee for myself heavenmust receive until the times and mine eyes shall behold, and of restitution of all things, which not another; though my reigns be God hath spoken by'the mouth of consumed within me. all his prophets,lince the world be Luke 16.23. And in hell he lift gan. And with Fph. 4. 10. He that up his eyes, being in torment, and defcended,is the same also that af. seeth Abraham afar off, And Lazacended up far above all heavens, rus in his boson. Y, 24. And he that he might fulfill all things. cried and said, Father Abraham,

ni John 3; 2. Beloved, now are have mercy on me, & send Lazawe the fons ofGod, and it doth not rus, that he may dip the tip of his yet appear what we shall be: but finger in water & cool my tongue; we know,that when he shall appear for I am tormented in this dame. we shall be like him; for we shall Aes1.25. That he may take part of see him as he is. I Cor. 13. 12. For this ministry and apostleship, from now we see through a glass, dark- which Judas by tranfgresion fell, ly; but then face to face; now I that he might go to his own place. know in part; but then fhall Iknow Jude 6. And the angels which kept cven as also I am known.

not their first eftate, but left their o Rom, 8.23.And not only they, own habitation, he hath referved in but ourselves alfo, which have the everlasting chains under darkness, first-fruits of thefpirit,even we our unto the judgment of thegreatday. selvesgroan within ourselves,wait. v.7. Even asSodom and Gomorrha, ing for the adoption, to wit, the re- and the cities about them in like demption of our body. Pfal. 16.9. manner giving themselves over to Therefore my heart is glad, and fornication,andgoing after strange my glory rejoiceth: my fiefh also Aesh, are set forth for an example, Thall rest in hope,

suffering the vengeance of eternal pi Thess.4,14. For if we believe fire. that Jesus died and rose again,even 87. t Acts 24.15. And have hope Io them also which sleep in Jesus, towardGod,

which theythenilelves will God bring with him. also allow, that there shall be a re,

q lfa. 57. 2. He shall enter into furrection of the dead, both of the peace: they hall rest in their beds just and unjust. cachonewalkinginhis uprightness.

vi Cor,


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The Larger Catechism. 219
be changed ; and the self-fame bodies of the dead which
were laid in the grave, being then again united to their souls
for ever, shall be raised up by the power of Christ y. The bo-
dies of the just, by the spirit of Christ, and by vertue of his
resurrection as their head, shall be raised in power, spiritual,
incorruptible, and made like to his glorious body w: And the
bodies of the wicked shall be raised up in dishonour by him as
an offended judge x.

Q. 88.What shall immediately follow after the resurrection?
A. Immediately after the resurrection shall follow the

peral and final judgment of angels and men y; the day and

vi Cor. 15. 51, Behold, I shew every man in hisown order:Christ
you a mystery; We shall not all thefirst-fruits,afterwards they that
Deep, but we shall all be changed. are Christs,at his coming. v 42. So
7.52. In amoment,inthe twinkling also is the resurrection of the dead.
of an eye, at the last trump(for the It is sown in corruption,it is raised
trumpet shall sound) and the dead in incorruption:: v. 43. It is sown
Thall be raised incorruptible, & we in dishonour,itis raised in glory: it
Ahall be changed. 0, 53, For this is sown in weakness, it is raised in
corruptible must put on incorrup- power ; 7. 44. It is sown a natural
tion, and this mortal must put on body, it is raised a spiritual body
immortality.1 Thell.4.15.Forthis Phil. 3. 21. Who shall change our
we say unto you by the word of vile body, that it may be fashioned
the Lord, that we which are aliye like unto his gloriousbody ,accor-
and remain unto the coming of the ding to the working whereby he
Lord, shall not prevent them which is able even tosubdueall things un
are allcep.?',16, For the Lord him- to himself.
felf shall descend from heaven with x John 5. 27.. And hath given
a shout with the voice of the arch- himauthority to execute judgment
angels, and with thetrun:p

of God: also because he is the Son of man.
and the dead in Christ Thall rise 0.28. Marvel not at this : for the
first; v. 17. Then we which are a- hour is coming, in the which all
live, and remain, shall be caught up that arein their graves shall hear his
together with them in the clouds, voice, v. 29. And shall come forth
to meet the Lord in the air ; and they that have done good,untothe
10 shall we ever be with the Lord. resurrection of life, and they that
John. 5. 28.Marvel not at this:for have done evil, unto the resurrec:
the hour is coming, in the which tion of damnation. Mat. 25: 33.
all that are in the graves shall hear And he shall set the Sheep on his
his voice, v. 29. And shall come right hand, butthe goats on theleft.
forth,they that havedone goodun 88. y 2 Pet. 2.4. For if God
to the resurrection of life; and they {pared not the angels that sinned,
that have done evil, unto the re- but caft then down to hell and de
surrection of damnation.

livered them into chains of darkWI Cor. 15.21For lince by man nessto be reserved unto judgment. came death, by man came also the Jude 6. And the angels which kept resurrection of the dead, v. 22. For not their first estate, but left their as in Adam all die, even soinChrist own habitation, he hath relerved Thall all be made aliye, v, 23. But in eyerlasting chains under dar


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hour whereof no man knoweth, that all may watch and pray, and be ever ready for the coming of the Lord z.

Q. 89. What shall be done to the wicked at the day of judgment.?

Ă. At the day of judgment, the wicked shall be set on Christ's left hand a, and upon clear evidence, and full con-, viction of their consciences b, shall have the fearful but just sentence of condemnation pronounced again themc; and thereupon shall be cast out from the favourable presence of God, and the glorious fellowship with Christ, his faints, and all his holy angles, into hell, to be punished with unspeakable torments both of body and soul, with the devil and his angel sfor ever d.

Q. 90. ness,untothe judgment of thegreat things that shall come to pass, and day. ?', 7. Even as Sodom and Go- to Itand before the Son of man. morrha, and the cities about them

89.a Mat.25.33. And he shall set in like inanner giving themselves the sheep or his right hand, but over to furnication, and going af- the goats on the left. ter strange flesh,are set forth for an b Rom, 2. 15. Which shew the example, suffering the vengeance work of the law written in their of eternal fire. v. 14. And Enoch hearts, their conscience also bear. allo the seventhfrom Adam, pro- ing witness and their thoughts the phesied of these, saying, Behold, mean while accusing, or elleexcuhe Lordcomethwithten thousands fing one another, v. 16. In the of his faints, v.15. To execute day when God shall judge the fejudgment upon all,and to convincecrets of men by Jesus Christ, acall that are ungodly among them, cording to my gospel. of all their ungodly deeds which c Mat. 25.41. Then shall he say theyhave ungodly committed, and also unto them on the left hand, of all their hardspeeches,whichun- Depart from me, ye cursed, into godly sinners have spoken against everlasting fire, prepared for the him. Mat. 25.46. And these shall devil and his angels. v. 42. For I go away into everlasting punishe was an hungred, and ye gave me ment: but the righteous into life no meat: I was thirity,and ye gave eternal.

me no drink: v. 43. I was a stranz Mat. 24. 36. But of that day ger andye took me not in: naked, and hour knoweth no man,no, not and ye clothed me not: fick, and the angels of heaven, but my fa- in prison, and ye visited me not, ther only. 0.42. Watch therefore d Luke 16. 26. And besides all for ye know not what hour your this, between us and you there is Lorddoth come. v. 44. Therefore a great gulf fixed: so that they be ye also ready : for in such an which would pass from hence to hour as ye think not, the son of you,cannot; neither can they pass man commeth. Luke 21.35.For as to us,that wouldcomefrom thence.' a fnare shall it come on all them 2 Theff. 1. 8.In flamingfire taking that dwell on the face of thewhole vengeanceon them that know not earth. v, 36. Watch ye therefore, God, and that obey not the gospel and pray always, that ye may be of our Lord Jesus Christ: v.9. Who accountedworthy toescapealtthele hall be punished with everlasting


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Q. 90. What shall be done to the righteous at the day of Judgment?

Ă. At the day or judgment, the righteous, being caught up to Christ in the clouds e, shall be set on his right hand, and there openly acknowledged and acquitted f,fhall join with him in the judging of reprobate angels and men g: And shall be received into heaven h, where they shall be fully and for ever freed from all sin and misery i; filled with inconceivable joysk; made perfectly holy and happy both in body and soul, in the company of innumerable saints and angels 1, but especially in the immediate vision and fruition of God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and of the holy spirit to all eternity m. And this is the perfect and full communion, which the members of the invisible church shall enjoy with Christ in glory, at the resurrection and day of judgment.


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destruction from the presence of i Eph, 5.27. That he might prethe Lord, and from the glory of fent it to himself aglorious church,

not having spot or wrinkle, or any 90. e 1 Thefl. 4. 16. Then we fuch thing ; but that it should be which are alive, and remain, thall holy and without blemish. Rev.14. be caught up together with them 13. And I heard a voice from hea. in the clouds to meet the Lord in ven, saying unto me, Write, blesthe air: and to shall we ever be fed are the dead which die in the with the Lord.

Lord, from henceforth: yea, faith f Mat, 25. 33. And he shall fet the spirit, that they may rest from the sheep on his right hand,butthe their labours; and their works do goats on the left. Mat. io, 32. follow them. Wholoever therefore shall confels k Pfal. 16. 11. Thou wilt shew me before men,him will I confess me the path of life: in thy presence also before my Father which is in is fulness of joy,at thy right hand heaven.

there are pleasures for evermore. g i Cor. 6. 2. Do ye not know [Heb. 12.22.Butye arecome unthat the saintsshalljudge theworld to mount Sion, and unto the city And if the world shall be judged of the living God, the heavenly leby you, are ye unworthy to judge rusalem, and to an innumerable the smallest matters? v.3. Know ye company of angels. v. 23. To the not that we shall judge angels? general assembly, & church of the how much more then the things first-born which are written inheaa, that pertain to this life?

ven, and to God the judge of all, ! Mat. 25. 34. Then shall the and to the spiritsofjusts nen made King fay unto them on his right perfect. hand, Come,ye blessed of my fa m í John3. 2. Beloved, now are

ther inherit the kingdom prepared we the Sons of God, and it doth noc - tor you from the foundation of the yet appear what we fhall be : but world, 7. 46. And thele shall go a-., we know that when he shall appear way into everlasting punishment: we shall be like him ; for we shall but the righteous into lite etergal. see him aş lie is. I Cor. 13.21. For

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