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drive them to Christ c: or, upon their continuance in the estate and way of sin, to leave them inexcusable d, and under the curse thereot e,

Q. 97. What special use is there of the moral law to the regenerate?

A. Although they that are regenerate and believe in Chrift, be delivered from the moral law, as a covenant of works f, to as thereby they are neither justified g nor condemnedh: yet besides the general uses thereof common to them with all men, it is of special use, to shew them how much they are bound to Chrift for his fulfilling it, and enduring the curse thereof in their stead and for their good i; and thereby to provoke them

to the law is not made for a righteous grace. Rom.7. 4. Wherefore, my man, but for the lawless and diso- brethren, ye also are become dead bedient, for the ungodly and lin- to the law by the body of Chrift: ners, for unholy and profane, for that ye should be married to ano. murderers of fathers, and murde- ther, even to him who is raised ters of mothers, for man-ilayers, from the dead, that we should bring 7.10 For whoremongers, for them forth fruit untoGod. v.6. But now that defile themselves with man we are delivered from the law,that kind, for men-stealers, for liars, for being dead wherein we were held: perjured persons, and if there be a. that we should serve in newness of ny other thing that is contrary to {pirit,and not in the oldness of the sound doctrine.

letter. Gal. 4.4. But when the fulcGal. 3.24. Wherefore the law ness of the time was come, God. was our school-master to bring us fent forth his son, made of a wounto Christ, that we might be justi, man, made under the law. v.s. To fied by faith.

redeem them that were under the d Rom. I, 20. For the invisible law, that we might receive the ai things of him from the creation of doption of fons. the world are clearly seen, being g Rom. 3. 20. Therefore by the understood by the things that are deeds of the law there shall no felix made, even his eternal power and be justified in his fight: for by the Godhead; so that they are without law is the knowledge of fin. excufe.Compared with Rom.2.15.

h Gal. 5. 23. Meekness, tempeWhich shew the works of the law tarce ; against such there is no law, written in their hearts, their con; Rom.8.1. Thereisthereforenowno fcience also bearing witness, and condemnation to them which arc their thoughts the inean while ac- in Christ Jesus, who walk not after cufing,orelle exculingone another. the flesh, but after the Spirit.

e Gal. 3. 1o. For as many as aré i Rom. 1. 24. O wretched man of the works of the law, are under that I am,who Thalldeliver metrom the curse: for it is written,curled is the body of this death? v. 25. I everyone that continueth not in all thank God, through Jefus Christ things which are written in the our Lord. So then, with the mind book of the law to do thein. I myself ferve the law of God; but

97. f Rom. 6. 14. For lin fhall with the flesh, the law of fin, Gal, not have dominion over you: for 3.13 Christ hath redeemed us from ye are not under the law,but under the curse of the law, being made a


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to more thankfulness k,and to express the same in their

greater care to conform themlelves there unto as the rule of their obedience 1.

Q. 98. Where is the moral law fummarily comprehended?

A. The Moral law is summarily comprehended in the fen commandments, which were delivered by the voice of God upon mount Sinai, and written by him in two tables of stonem; and are recorded in the twentieth chapter of


curse for us : for it is written, cur thatye mayprovewhatisthat good, fed isevery one, that hangethon a and acceptable, and perfect will of tree : 7. 54. That the blessing of God. Tit. 2. 11. For the grace of Abraham might come on the Gen- God that bringeth salvation, hath tiles through Jesus Christ; that we appeared to all men ; v.12. Teachmight receive the promise of the ing us that denying ungodliness Spirit through faith. Rom. 8. 3. and worldly lufts, we should live For what the law could not do, in soberly, righteously, and godly in that it was weak through the leth, this prelent world; v.13. Looking God sending his own son in the for that blessed hope, and the glolikness of linful Alesh, and for sin rious appearing of the great God, condemned fin in the flesh : v. 4. and our Saviour Jesus Chrift:v,14. That the righteousness of the law Who gave himself for us, that he might be fulfiled in us; who walk might redeem us from all iniquity, not after the Hesh, but after the and purify unto himself a peculiar Spirit.

people, zealous of good works. k Luke 1.66. Blessedbe the Lord 98. m Deut. 10.4. And he wrote God of Israel, for he hath visited on the cables according to the first and redeemedhispeoplev. 69. And writing the ten con mandments, hath raised up an horn of salvation which the Lord Ipake unto you in for us, in the house of his servant the mount, out of the midst of the David. v.74. That he would grant fire, in the day of the allembly : unto us, that we being delivered and the Lord gave them unto me. out of the hands of our enemies, Exod.34.1. And the Lord said unmight serve him withoutfear,v.25. to Moses, Hew thee two tables of in holinels & righteousness before itone like unto the first: and I will him all the days of our life. Col. write upon thete tables the words 1, 17. Giving thanks unto the fa- that were in the first tables which ther, which hath made us meet to thou brakest. v. 2. And be ready be partakers of the inheritance of in the morning, and come up in the saints in light;v. 13. Who hath the morning, unto mountSinai,and delivered us from the power of prelent thyself there to me, in the darkness and hath translated usin• top of the mount, v, 3. And no to the kingdom of his dear Son: man shall come up with thee, &c, v. 14. In whom we have redemp. v. 4. And he hewed two tables of tion through his blood, even the stone, like unto the first; and Moforgiveness of sins.

ses rose up early in the morning, & I Rom. 7.22. For I delight inthe went up unto mount Sinai, as the law of God, after the inward mm, Lord had commanded him, and Rom.12.2.And be not conformed took in his hand the two tables of to this world; but be'ye transform. Itone. ed by the renewing of your minds


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Exodus. The four first commandments contàining our duty to God, and the other six our duty to man n.

Q. 99.What rules are to be observed for the right under. standing of the ten commandments?

A. For the right understanding of the ten commandments, these rules are to be obferved ;

1. That the law is perfect, and bindeth every one to full conformity in the whole mari unto the righteousness thereof, and unto entire obedience for ever; so as to require the utmost perfection of every duty, and to forbid the leaft degree of every fino

2. That it is spiritual, and so reacheth the understanding, will, affections, and all other powers of the soul; as well as words, works, and gestures p.

n Mat. 22. 37. Jefus faid unto tery with her already in his heart, him, Thou shalt love the Lordthy v. 33. Again,ye have heard that it God with all thy heart, and with hath been said them of oldtime; all thy soul and with all thy mind. Thou shalt not forswearthyself,but

38. This is the first and great shall perform unto the Lord thinė commandment. v. 39. And the fe- vaths. v. 34. But I say unto you, cond is like unto it, Thou shalt Swear not at all; neither by hezlove thy neighbour as thy felf. vi ven, for it is God's throne:

-0.37. 40. On these two commandments But let your communication be, hang all the law and the prophets. Yea, yea; Nay, nay; fór whatro

99.o Pfal: 19.7. The law ofthe ever is more than these cometh of Lord is perfect, converting the evil. vs 38. Ye have heard that it foul: the testimony of the Lord is hath been laid, An eye for an eye fure, making wise the fimple. Jam. and a tooth for a tooth.v.39, But 2.10. For whosoever fall keep the I say unto you, that ye relist not whole law, and yet offend in one evil.-»:43. Ye lave heard that it point he is guilty of all. Mat.s.21. hath been said, Thou Malt love to theenid. v. 22. Ye have heard thyncighbour andhatethinéeñeniy that it was fard by them of old v.44. But I say unto you, Love time, Thou shalt not kill,and who- your enemies,

bless them thatcurfe soever skall kill, shall be in danger you, do good to them that hate of the judgment. v. 22. But I lay you,and pray for them which deunto you, That whosoeveris angry spitefully uie you, and perfecute with his brother without a cause, you, &c, shall be in dangetof the judgment: p Rom. 4:14. For we know that andwhosoever Thall say to his bro- the law is spiritual: but I am car. ther Raca,shall be in danger ofthe nal,fold underlin, Deut. 6, 5:

Thou counsel; but whosoever shall say fhalt love the Lord thy God with Thou fool, fhall be in danger of all thine keart, and with all tliy hellfire.-027.Ye have heard that foul,andwith all thy might. Comit was said by them of old time, pared with Mat, 32.37. Jesus said Thoushalt not commit a adultery. unto him, Thou shaltlove the Lord $. 28. But I fay unto you, That thy God with all thy heart, and whosoever looketh on a woman to with all thy foul, and with all thy luft after her,barh commited adul- ind. p. 38. This is the first and

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3. That one and the same thing, in diverse respects, is required or forbidden in leveral commandments q.

4. That as, where a duty is commanded, the contrary fin is forbidden r; and where a fin it forbidden, the contrary duty is commanded f, fo, where a promise is annexed, the contrary threatning is included t; and where a threatning is annexed, the contrary promise is included v.

5. That

great commandment. v. 39. And He that curseth Father or Mother, the second is like unto it, Thou let him die the death. v. 5. But Malt love thy neighbour asthyself. yesay, WhosoevershallfaytohisFa

4 Col.3.5. Morrilythereforeyour ther or his Mother, it is a gift by members which are uponthe earth: whatsoever thou mightest be profornication, uncleannessinordinate fited by me, v. 6. And honour not affection, evil concupiscence, and his father or his mother, he shallhe covetousness, which is idolatry. free. Thus have ye made the comAmos 8, 5. Saying, when will the mandment of God of none effect new-moon be gone, that we may by your tradition. fell corn ? and the fabbath, that 1 Mat. 5.21, 22. (See letter w.) we may set forth wheat, making V, 23. Therefore if thou bring thy the ephah fuvall, and the fhekel gift to the altar, and there rememgreat, and falsifying the balances berest that thy brother hath ought by deceit? Prov. 1. 19. So are the againīt thee; v: 24. Leave there ways of every one that is greedy thy gift before the altar, and go of gain:which taketh away the life thy way, first be reconciled to thiy of the owners thereof. Tim.6.10. brother, and then come and offer For the love of money is the root thy gift. Eph.4,28, Let him that of all evil; which while some cove. stole, iteal no niore; but rather let ted after, they have crred from him, labourworkingwith his hands the faith, and pierced themselves thething which isgood, thathemay through with many forrows. have to give to him that needeth.

rlla. 58.13. If thou turn away t Exod: 20.12.Honour thy father thy foot from the fabbath, from and thy mother; that thy daysmay doingthy pleafureon my holyday, be long upon the land which the and call the sabbath a deligli, the Lord thy God giveth thee, Compa

holy of the Lord,honourable, and red with Prov.30,17. Theeyethat "'fhalt honeur hini, not doing ihine mocketh at his father, and despi

own ways, nor finding thine own feth to obey his mother,the ravens. pleasure, nor speaking thine own of the valley shall pick it out, and words. Deut. 6.13. Thou shalt fear the young eagles shall eat it, the Lord thy God, and serve him, v Jer 18.7. At what instant I and shall twear by his name. Com- fhalll peak concerning anation and pared with Mat.4. 9. And faith un- concerning a kingdom, to pluckup to him, All these things will I give and to pull down, and to destroy thee, if thou wilt fall down and it: v. 8. If that nation against worship me. v. 1o. Then faith je. whom I have pronounced, turn sus unto him, Get thee hence, Sa- from their evil, 1 will repent of the tan: for it is written, Thou shalt evil that Ithought todo unto them, worship the Lord thy God, and him Exod. 20.7. Thou shaltnot takethe only thalt thou serve. Mat. 15.4. name of the Lord thy God invain, For God'conimanded, saying, Hoo for the Lord will not holdhimguiltnour thy Father and Mother; and less that taketh his name in vain.


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That what God forbids, is at no time to be done w; what he commands, is always our duty X; and yet every particular duty is not to be done at all times y.

6. That under no sin our duty, all of the same kind forbidden or commanded; together withall the causes,means, occasions,andappearances thereof,andprovocationsthereuntoz.

7. That what is forbidden or commanded to ourselves, we are bound, according to our places, to endeavour that it may be avoided or performed by others, according to the duty of their places a.

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comparedwithPfal,15.1. Lord,who depart from thy heart all the days
Ihall abide in thy t.:bernacle? who of thy life : but teach them thy
fhall dwell in thy holy hill ? v.4. sons, and thy fons fons.
in whose eyes a vile person is con y Mat. 12.7.But if ye had known
temned; but he honoureth_them what this meaneth, I will have
that fear the Lord: he that swear- mercy and not sacrifice, ye would
eth to his own hurt, and changeth not have condemned the guiltless.
not. v. 5. He that putteth not out z Mat 5. 21, 22, 27, 28. (Seein
his money to ulury, nor taketh re- letter o before)Mat,15, 4. For God
ward againlt the innocent. He that commanded, saying, honour thy
doth these things shall never be mo- father and mother : and, he that
ved. And with Psal. 24.4. He that curseth father or mother, let him
hath clean hands and a pure heart; die the the death. 0.5. But ye say,
who hath not lift up his soul unto Whosoever shall faytohis fatheror
vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.v.5. his mother, It is a gitt by whatso-
He shall receive the blessing from ever thou mightest be profited by
the Lord, and righteousnels from me, v.6. And honour not his fa-
the God of his falvation.

ther or his mother, he shall be free. w Job 13. 7. Will ye speak wic. Thushave ye made the commandkedly for God? and talkdeceitfully mentof God of noneeffect by your for bim? v. 8. Will ye accept his tradition. Heb. 10. 24. And let us person? will ye contend for God? consideroneanothertoprovokeun. Rom.3.8. And not rather,as we be to love, and to good works: v.25. Sanderously reported, and as some Not forsaking theaffemblingofour affirm that we say, Let us do evil, felves together, as the manner of that good may come? whosedano fomeis;but exhortingone another: nation is jult. Job. 36. 21. Take and so much the more, as ye see heed, regard not iniquity : for this the day approaching. i Thell. s. halt thou chosen rather than af- 22. Abstain from all appearance fection. Heb. 11. 25. Choosing ra- of evil. Jude 23. And others fave ther to fuffer affliction with the with tear, pulling them out of the people of God, than to enjoy the fire; hating eventhe garment sporplealures of fun for a season, ted by the flesh. Gal. 5.,26. Let us

x Deut. 4. 8. And what nation is not be defirous of vain-glory,prothere so great, that hath statutes voking one, another, envying one and judgments fo righteous, asall another, Col. 3.21. Fathers, prothis law which I set before you this voke not your children to anger, day? v. 9. Only take heed to thy left they be discouraged. felf, and keep thy soul diligently, a Exod 20. 10. But the seventh left thou forget the things which day is the fabbath of the Lord thy, tbine eyes have seen, and Jest they



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