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the word q; the administration and receiving of the facraments r; church-government and discipline f; the ministry and maintenance thereof t; religious fasting v; fwearing by


q Deut. 17.18, And it shall be or two more, that in the mouth of when he litteth upon the throne of two or three witnesses every word hiskingdom,thathe shall write him may be established. v. 17. And if a copy of this law in a book,outot he shall neglect to hear them, tell that which is before the priests the it unto the church : but if he neLevites. v.19. And it shall be with glect to hear the church, let him him, and he shall read therein all be unto thee as 'an heathen man the days of his life; that he may and a publican. Mat. 16. 19. And I learn to fear the Lord his God, to will give unto thee the keys of the keep all the words of this law,and kingdom of heaven: and whatsothele statutes to do them, Acts 15. ever thou shalt bind on earth, shall 21. For Moses of old time hath in be bound in heaven; and whatso every city them that preach him, ever thou shalt loose on earth, shall being read in thefynagoguesevery he loofed in heaven.. Cor.s.Chapfabbath-day. 2 Tim. 4: 2. Preach ter. I Cor. 12.28. And God hath the word, be instant in season, out set some in the church, first apo. of fealon; reprove rebuke, exhort, ftles, secondarily prophets,thirdly with

all long-suffering & doctrinc. teachers, after that miracles, then Jan.1.25. Wherefore lay apart all gifts of healing, helps, governfilthiness & fuperfuity of naugh- ments, diversities of tongues. tiness and receive with meekness t Eph24.11. And he gave lome, the ingrafted word, which is ableto apostles; and some prophets; and save your souls. v, 22. But be ye lome, evangelists; and some, padoers of the word, and not hearers (tors and teachers; v. 12. For the only, deceiving your own felves. perfecting of the faints, for the Acts 10.33. Immediately therefore work of the ministry, for the ediI lent to thee; and thou hast well fying of the body of Christ. 1 Tim done that thou art come. Now 5.17. Let the elders that rule weli therefore are we all here prelent be counted worthy of double hobefore God,to hear all things that pour especially they who labour are commanded thee of God.

in the word and doctrine. vi 18. r Mat. 28. 19, Go ye therefore For the scripture faith, Thou sha alt and teach all nations, baptizing not muzzle the ox that treadeth them in the name of the Father, out the corn; and, The labourer is and of the Son, and of the holy worthy of his reward. I Cor.9.7. Ghost. 1 Cor. 11.from verse23.to 1015. Who goeth a warfare any ver! 30. For I have received of the time at his own charges ? who Lord, that which also I delivered planteth a yineyard, and eateth anto you, That the Lord Jesus,the not of the fruit thereof? or who fame night in which he was be- feedeth a fock, and eateth not of trayed, took bread, &c.

the milk of the flock? &c. f Mat. 18.15. Moreover, if thy v Joel 21.2. Therefore alsonow, brother fhall trelpals agaipst thce, faith the Lord, Turn ye even to go and tell him his fault between

me with all your heart, and with thee and him alone: if he fhall fasting, and with weeping, and hear thee, thou halt gained thy with mourning. v. 13. And rent brother. v, 16. But if he will not your heart and not your garments, hear thee, then take with thee one and turn unto the Lord your God;


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the name of God w, and vowing unto him x: as also the
disapproving, detesting, oppofing all falfe worship y; and,
according to each one's place and calling; removing it, and
all motiumerits of idolatry 2.
Q. 109. What are the fins forbiden in the second commandment?

A. The fins forbidden in the second commandment are, all devising a, counselling b, commanding c, ufing d; and

any for he is gracious and merciful,--- 109. a Numb. 15.39. And it shall 1 Cor.7.5.Defraud you not one the be unto you for a fringe, that ye other, except it be with consent may look upon it, and remember for a time, that ye may give your: all the commandments of the Lord selves to fasting and prayer ;

and do theny: and that ye feek not w Deut. 6. 13. Thou shalt fear after your own heart, and your the Lord thy God, and serve him, own eyes, after which ye ule to and shalt fwear by his name:

go a whoring, xlla 19. 21. And the Lord shall b Deut: 13.6. If thy brother the be known to Egypt, & the Egyp- lon of thy mother, or thy fon, or tians shall know the Lord in that thy daughter, or the wifeof thy boa day, and shall dofacrifice and obla. fom,or thy friend,

which is asthine tion, yea, they shall vow a vow un. own loul, entice thee fecretly, layto the Lord, and perform it. Pfal.ing, let us go & ferve other gods, 76. 11. Vow and pay unto the (which thouhaft not known, thou, Lord your God; let all that be nor thy fathers; 7.7. Namely of the round about him bring presentsan• gods of the peoplewhich are round to him that ought to be fearedo about you, nigh unto thee, or far,

y Acts 17. 16. Now while Paul off from thee, from the one end of waited for them at Athens, his fpi• the earth, even unto the other end rit was stirred in him, when he law of the earth.) /;8.

Thou shalt noe all the city wholly given to idola. confent unto him, nor hearken untry: 7:17. Therefore disputed he to him; neither shall thingeye pity in the synagogue with the Jews,and him, neither shalt thou spare, nei. with the devout persons, and in the ther

Naalt thou conceal him. market daily with them that met c Hol.5.1. F.phraim is opprefa with him, Pfal. 16.4. Their for: fed and broken in judgment: be.. rows shall be multiplied, that hasten cause he willingly walked after the afteranotherGod:theirdrink-offer- cominyandment. Mic.6.16. For the ings of blood will I not offer, nor ftatutes of Omri are kept, and all take up their names into my lips, the works of the house of Ahab,

z Deut. 7. 5. But thus shall ye and ye walk in their counsels,that deal with them, ye shall destroy I should make thee a desolation, their altars, and break down their and the inhabitants thereof an his images,andcut down their groves,. fing: therefore ye Shall bear the and burn their graven images with reproach of my people. fire. Ifa.3022. Yelhalldehle allo d*: Kings 11. 33. Because that the covering of thy graven iniages they have fortaken me, and have of silver, and the ornament of thy worshiped Alhtoreth thegoddess of molten images of gold: thou fhalt the Zidonians,

Chemosh the god of cast them away as a menstruous the Moabites, and Milcom tlie god cloth; thou shalt say unto its get of the children of Ammon, &have


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anywise approving any religious worship, not instituted by God himself e; tolerating a false religion f; the making any representation of God, of all or of any of the three persons, either inwardly in our mind, or outwardly in any kind of image or likeness of any creature whatsoever g;

all notwalked in my ways to do that Rev. 2.2. I know thy works, and whichis rightinmine eyes, and to thy labour, and thy patience, and - keepmystatutesandmy judgments, howthou canstnot bearthem which as did David his father. I Kingsiz, are evil: and thou hast tried them 33. So he offered upon the altar which say they are apostles, andare which he had made in Beth-el, the not;and haltfoundthem liars.v.14. fifteenth day of the eight month, But' have a few thingsagainltthee, even in the month which he had because thou haft there them that deviled of his own heart, and or- hold the doctrine of Balaani, who dained a fealt unto the children of taught Balak to calt a ItumblingIfrael, and he offered upon the al block before the children of Israel, tar, and burnt incense.

to eat things sacrificed unto idols, e Deut. 12.30. Take heed to thy and to commit fornication. v. 15. felf,that thou be not snared by fol- So haftthoualso them that hold the lowing them after that they be de- doctrine of the Nicolatians, which stroyed from before thee, and that thing I hate. v.20. Notwithstandthou enquire not after their gods, ing, I have a few things against saying, how did thelenationslerve thee, because thou sufferelt that their gods ? even so will I do like woman Jezebel which called herwife.v. 31. Thou shalt not do so telf a prophetess, to teach and to unto the Lord thy God: for every feduce my fervants to commit forabomination to the Lord which he nication, and to eat things facrifi. hateth, have they done unto their ced unto idols. Rev. 17. 12. And gods: for even their sons and their the ten horns which thou fawest daughters they have burnt in the are ten kings,which have received fire to theirgods.v.32.What thing no kingdoni as yet ; bät receive foever I command you,oblerve to power as kings one hour with the do it: thou shalt not add thereto, beast. v, 16. And the ten horns nor diminish from it.

which thou sawest upon the beast, f Deat. 13.from veik:, 6. to 12. thefe shall hate the whore, and (See let. b.)Zech. 13.2. And itshall fhall make her desolate and naked come to pass that day, faith the and shall eat her fieh, and burn her Lord of hosts that I will cut offthe with fire. v. 17. For God hath put names of the idols out of the land, in their hearts to fulfill his will,& and they shall no more be remem to agree, and give their kingdom bred, and alsol will cause the pro anto the beast, until the words of phets,and the unclean spiritto pals God shall be fulfilled. out of the land. v, 3. And it shall g Deut. 4.15. Take yetherefore come to pass, that when any fhall good heed unto yourselves (for ye yet prophesy, then his father and law no manner of fimilitude on his mother, that begat him, hall the day that the Lord spake unto say unto him, Thou shalt not live; you in Horeb, out of the midst of for thou speakest lies in the name the fire) 7. 16. Left ye corrupe of the Lord; and his father and his yourselves and make you a graven mother'that begat him,hall thurft image, the fimilitude ot any figure, him through when he prophesieth, the likenels of male or female,

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all worship of it h; or God in it or by it i; the making of any representation of feigned deities k, and all worship of them,or service belonging to them l; all superstitious devices m, corrupting the worship of God n, adding to it, or tak

0.17. The likeness of any bealt that said, to-morrow is a feast to the
is on the earth, the likeness of any Lord.
winged fowl that fieth in the air, k Exod.32.8. They have tur
v, 18. The likeness of any thing ned afide quickly out of the way
that creepeth on the ground, the which I commanded them : they
likeness of any fishthat is in the wa. have made thein a molten calf, and
ters beneath the earth : v. 19. And have worshipped it, and have facri-
leaftthoulift up thine eyesuntohea. ficed thereunto, and faid, These
ven, and when thou feest the fun, be thy gods, O Israel, which have
and the moon, and the stars, even brought thee up out of the land
all the host of heaven, shouldlt be of Egypt.
driven to worship them, and serve 11 Kings 18.26. And they took
them which the Lord thy God hath the bullock which was given them,
divided unto all nations under the and they dressed it, and called ont
whole heaven. A&s 17; 29. Foras- the name of Baal from morning
much then as we are the offspring even until noon, saying, O Baal,
of God, we ought not to think that hear us, but there was no voice,
the godhead is like unto gold, or nor any that answered. And they
filver, or ftone graven by art and leapt upon the altar which was
mans device. Rom. 1.21. Because made. V. 28. And they cried aloud
that when they knew God, they and cut themselvesafter their man-
glorified him not as God, neither ner with knives and laricets, till
were thankful, but became vain the blood gushed out upon them.
in their imaginations, and their Ifa. 65. 11. But ye are they that
foolish heart was darkened, v, 22. forsake the Lords that forget my
Professing themselves to be wile, holy mountain, that prepare a table
they became fools : v. 23. And for that troop, and that furnish the
changed the glory of the uncor- drink-offering unto that number.
ruptible God, into an image made m Acts 17. 22. Then Paul stood.
like to corruptible man, and to in the midst of Mars-hill, and said,
birds, and four-footed beasts, and ye men of Athens, I perceive that
creeping things. v.25. Who chan- in all things ye are too fuperftiti-
ged the truth of God into a lie, ous. Col. 2,21.


taste & worshipped and served the crea not handle not : v. 22. Which all ture more than the Creator, who is are to perish with the using) after deffed for eyer. Amen.

the commandments and doctrines h Dan. 3. 18. But if not, be it of men, v, 23. Which things have known unto thee, O king, that we indeed a fhew of wisdom in will. will not serve thy Gods, nor wor- worship and humility, and negle. hip the golden image which thou cting of the body, not in any hohalt let up. Gal. 4.8, Howbeit, nour to the fatisfying of the Hella. then when ye knew not God, ye nMal. 1. 7. Ye offer polluted did fervice unto them which by bread upon mine altar; and ye say, nature are no gods.

wherein have we pollued thee? i Exod. 32. 3. And when Aaron in that ye say, the table of the faw it, he built an altar before it, Lord is contemptible. v.8. And it And Aaron made proclamation and ye offer the blind for facriñce,is.it

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ing from it o, whether invented and taken up of ourselves
or received by tradition from others q, though under the title
of antiquity r, customs, devotion t, good intent, or any
other pretencę whatsoever v; fimony w; facrileges x; all

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not evil ? and if ye offer the lame the graves and lodgein the monu. and fick,is it not evil?offer it nowments, which eat lwines flesh,and unto thy governor, will he be plea- broth of abominable things is in led with thee, or accept thy per- their vessel's; v, 5. Which say, fon? faith the Lord of hosts.v. 14. Stand by thyself, come not near to But curled be the deceiver, which me,for I am holier than thou:these hath in his flock a male and vow are a smokein my nole, a fire that etli and facrificeth unto the lord a burneth all the day. Gal.1. 13. Foc corrupt thing: for I am a great ye have heard of my conversation King, faith the Lord of hosts, and in time past, in the Jews religion, my name is eadful among the how that beyond measure I perteathen.

fecuted the church of God, and o Deut4; 2. Ye shall not add an- wasted it;v.14.And profited in the to the word which I commandyou, Jews religion above many my, eneithershallye diminish ought from quals in mine own nation, being it, that ye may keep the command- mote exceedingly zealous of the mnents of the Lordyour God which traditions of my fathers. I command you.

viSam. 13.11.And Samuel said, p Plabr 106.39. Thus were they What haft thou done And Saul. defiled with their own works,and faid, Because I saw that the people went a whoring with their own were scattered from me, and that inventions, ;

thou camelt not within the days q Mat.15.9. But in vain they do appointed, and that the Philistines worship me, teaching for doctrines gathered themselves together to the commandments of men. Michmalh; v.12. Therefore faid

r 1 Pet. 1. 18. Foralmuch as ye 1, the Philistines will come down know that ye were not redeemed now upon me to Gilgal,and I have with corruptible things, as filver not made fupplication unto the and gold,from yourvainconversa. Lord: I forced myself therefore, tion received by tradition from and offereda burnt offering.: Sam.

15.21, But the people (said Saul) f Jer.44:17. Butwe will certain took of the spoil sheep and oxen, ły dowhatsoever thing goeth forth the chief of the things which out of our own niouth, to burn in. Thould have been utterly destroya cense unto the queen of heaven, ed, to facrifice unto the Lord thy & to pour out drink-offerings un. Godin Gilgal. to her, as we have done, we and w Acts 8. 18. And when Simon our fathers, our kings & mur prin faw that thro' the laying on of ces, in the cities of Judah, and in the apostloshands, the holy Ghost the Streets of Jerufalem: for then was given,he offered themmoney. had we plenty of victuals ; & were X Rom, 2, 22, Thou that abhorwell, and faw no evil.

rest idols, dost thou commit facritila. 65.3. A people that provo- lege? Mal. 3. 8. Will a man rob keth me to anger continually to God? yet ye have robbed me: but my face,that facrificethin gardens, ye fay, wherein have we robbed and burneth incense upon altars of thee? In tithes and offerings. brick: v. 4. Which remain among

your fathers.

y Exod.

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