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meditation v, word w and writing x; by an holy pro. feftion y, and answerable conversation ż, to the glory of God a, and the good of ourselves, and others c.

Q. 113. What are the fins forbidden in the third command

A. The fins forbidden in the third commandment are, the not using of God's name as is required d; and the abuse of it in an ignorant e, vain f, irreverenț, profane &, fuper


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them that feared the Lord, and ye do, do all to the glory of God, that thought upon his name. b Jer. 32. 39. And I will give

y Plal, 8. throughout. v. 1. them one heart and one way, that Lord our Lord, how excellent is they may fear nie for ever, for the thy name in all the earth! who good of them, and of their chil. halt fet thyglory abovetheheavens dren after them. 0.3, When considerthy Heavens, ci Pet. 2.12, Having your con: the work of thy fingers, the most versation honest among the Genand the stars which thga halț or- tiles : that whereas they speak adained; ; • 4; What is man, that gainst you as evil doers, they may thou art' mindful of him?--2.9.0 by your good works which they Lord our Lord, how excellent is shall behold, glorify God inthe day thy name in all the earth! of vilitation

w Col. 3.17. And whatsoever ye 113. d Mal, 2.2. If you will not do in word or deed, do all in the hear, and if you will not lay it to name of the Lord Jesus, giving heart,to giyeglory unto my name, thanks to God and the Father by faith ihe Lord of hosts, I will even him. Pfal. 195. 7. Sing unto him, send a curle upon you, and I will sing psalms unto him; talk ye of curse your blesing: yea, I have all his wondrous works. v. 5. Re- cussed them already, beçause you member his marvellous works that do not lay it to heart. he hath done, his wonders and the e Acts 17. 23. For as I passed by, judgments of his mouth.

and beheldyour devotions, Ifound * Plal. 102, 18. This shall be an altar wịth this inscription, TO written for thegeneration to come; THE UNKNOWN GOD, whom and the people which thall be crea; therefore ye ignorantly worship, ted, shall praise the Lord. him declare I unto you.

ý i Pet. 3. 15. But fanctify the f Proy. 20. 9. Lelt I be full, and Lord God in your hearts: and be deny thee, & say, who is the Lord? ready always to give an answer to or left I be ppor,and steal,and take every man

that alketh you a reason the naine of my God in vain. of the hope that is in you, with g Mal. 1. 6. A son honoureth his meekness and fear. Micah 4. 5: father,and a fervant his master : if For all people will walk cvery one then I be a father, where is mine in the name of his gad, and ivewill honour and if I bea master, where walk in the name of the Lord our is my fear? faith the Lord of hosts God for ever and ever.

unto you, o priests, that despise 2 Phil... 27: Only let your con; my name: and ye say, wherein versation be such as becometh the have wė despised thy name? v.7. gospel of Chrift:

Ye offer polluted bread'appn mine a 1 Cor. 10.31. Whether there- a!tar; and ye say, Wherein have fore ye eat or drink,or whatsoever wę polluted thçe ? in that ye fay


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ftitiouş h, or wicked mentioning or otherwise using his tities attributes i, ordinances k, or works l, by blasphemy,m,

perThe table of the Lord is contemp: Hinnom, to burn their fons and tible, v. 12. But ye have profaned daughters in the fire, which I comit, in that ye say, the table of the manded them ņot, neither came it. Lord is polluted, and the fruit into niy heart, Col. 2. 20. Wherethereof, even his meat is contemp- fore it ye be dead with Christ from tible, Mal. 3.14. Ye have said, it is the rudiments of the world: why vain to serve God; and what profit as though living in the world; are isit,thatwehavekept his ordinance, ye subject to ordinances ? v. 21. and that we have walked inourn- (Touch not, talte not, handle not: fully before the Lord of hosts? V, 22. Which all are tu perish with

h 1 Sam,4.3. And when the peod the using)after the commandments ple were come into the camp, the and doctrines of men, elders of Įsrael said, whereforehath 12 Kings 18.30. Neither let He, the Lord snitten us to day before zekiah make you trust in the Lord, thePhilistines ? Let us fetch the ark saying, the Lord will surely deliver of the covenant of the Lord out of us, & this city shall not be delivere Shiloh unto us,that when it cometh ed into the band of the king of Al. among us, it may save us out of fyria, v. 35. Who are they among the hand of our enemy. v. 4. So all the gods of the countries, that the people sent to Shiloh, that they have delivered their country out of might bringfrom thence the ark of mine hand, that the Lord Thould the covenant of the Lord of hosts, deliver Jerusalem oåt of minehand? which dwelleth between the cheru: Exod. 5,2. AndPharaoh, faid, who bims: and the two sons of Eli, is the Lord, that I should obey his Hophni and Phinehas, were there voice, to let Israel go? I know not with the ark of the covenant of the Lord, neither will I let Israel God. v, 5. And when the ark of go. Pfal. 139: 20. For they speak the covenant of the Lord came in against thee wickedly, and thine to the camp, all Israel shouted with enemies take thy name in vain. a great shout, so that the earth rang k plal, 50.16.But unto thewicked again. Jcr. 7. 4. Trult ye not in God faith, what halt thou to do lo Jying words, saying, the temple of declare my itatutes ? or that thou the Lord, the teniple of the Lord, shouldst take my covenant in thy the temple of the Lord, are thele. mouth? v. 17. Seeing thou hatest

. 9. Will ye steal, murder, and inftruction, and calteit my words commit adultery,and Iwear fallly; behind thee. and burn incense into Baal, and Tifa,5.12. And the harp and the walk after other gods whoni ye viol, the rabret and pipe, and wine know not; 2. 10. and come and are in their fealts ; but they regard Rand before meiñ thishouse, which not the work of the Lord, neither is called lay my name, and lay, we consider the operation of hishands, are delivered to do all thele abo n12 Kings 19.22.Whomhaltthou. minations? 0,14. Therefore will I reproached and blafphemed? and, do unto this house which is called against whom halt thou exaltedthy by my name, wherein ye trast,and voice,& lift up thine eyes on high? unto the place which I gave to you, even against the holy One of Israel. and to your fathers,as I have done Lev. 24.11. And the Israelitish wo: to Shiloh. ?. 31. And they have mans son blafphemed the name of built the high places of Topher the Lord, and cursed; and they which is in the valley of the son of brought him unto Mofes.

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# Zech

perjury n; all sinful cursings o, oaths P, vows 9, and Lots ry violating of our oaths and vows, if lawfulf, and fulfilling them, if of things unlawful t, murmuring and quarrelling

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n Zech.5.4. I will bring it forth, they came to the chief priests and faith the Lord of hosts and it shall elders, and said, We have bound enter into the house of the thief, ourselves under a great curse,

that and into the house of him that we will cat nothing until we have Sweareth fally by my name:and it llain Paul. shall remain in the midst of his r Esth. 3..7. In the first month house, and thall consume it,

with (that is, the month Nilan) in the the timber thereof, and the stones twelfth year of king Ahasuerus, thereof. Zech 8. 19. And let none theycast Pur,that is, the lot, before of you imagine evil in your hearts Hainan, from day to day, and from against your neighbour, and love month to month, to the twelfth no false oath: for all thele are month, that is, the month Adar. things that I hate, faith the Lord. Elh.9.24. Because Haman the lon

o 1 Sam. 17.43. And the Phili- of Hamedatha the Agagite, the estine said unto David, Am I adog, nemy ofall the Jews,had devisedathat thou comest tomewith staves? gainst the Jews to destroy them, and the Philistine cursed David by and had calt Pur, (that is, the lot) his gods. 2 Sam. 16. s. And when to consume them, and to destroy king David came to Bahurim, be- them, Pfal. 22. 18. They part my hold,thence came out a man of the garments among them, and cast family of the house of Saul, whose lots upon my velture. name was Shimei the son of Ge. fpfal. 24. 4.He that hath clean Tar, he came forth, and cursed still hands, and a pure heart; who hath as he came.

not lift up his soul unto vanity,nor p Jer. 5. 7. How shall I pardon Sworn deceitfully. Ezek, 17.16.As thee for this? thy children have I live, faith the Lord God, surely in forsaken me, and sworn by them the place where the king dwellcth, that are no gods: when I had fed that made him king, whole oath he them to the full,they then commit. despised, and whose covenant he ted adultery, and allembled thein- brake, even with him in the midst felves by troops in the harlots hou- of Babylon he shall die, v.18.See, ses. Jer. 23. 10. For the land is full inghe despiseththe oath,by brcak, of adulterers, for because of swea. ing the covenant,(when lo, he had ring the land mourneth ; the plea- given his hand) and bath done all fant places of the wildernels are thele things, he shall not escape, dried

up, and their course is evil, 7.9, Therefore thus faith the Lord and their force is not right, God, As I live, surely mine oath

9 Deut. 23. 18. Thou Thalt not that he hath despised,and my covebring the hire of a whore, or the nant that he hathbroken,evenitwill price of a dog into the house of the I recompense upon his own head. Lord thy God for any vow: for e t Mark 6. 26. And the king was ven boththese are abomination un. exceeding sorry, yet for his oaths to the Lord thy God. Acts 23.12. fake, and for their lakes which sat And when it was day, certain of with him, he would not reject her.. Jews banded together, and bound 1 Sam. 25. 22. So and more allo do themselvesunderacurlesaying, that God unto the enemies of David, if they wouldneithereatnordrink till Ileave of all that pertain to him, by they had killed paul. v, 14 And he morning light, any that piffcth


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atv, curious prying into w; and misapplying of God's de.
crees x and providence y; misinterpreting 2, misapplying a,
or any way perverting the word, or any part of it b, to pro-
fane jests c, curious and unprofitable questions, vain jang-

against the wall. v, 32, And Da- do evil. Ecc). 9. 3. This is an evil
vaid said to Abigal, Blessed be the among all things that are done un-
Lord Godof Israel, whichsent the der the sun, that there is one event
this day to meet mć: v. 33. And unto all: Yea, also the heart of
blessed be thy advice,andblessedbe the sons of men is full of evil, and
thou, which haft kept me this day madness isin their heart while they
from coming to red blood, and live, and after that, they go to the
from avenging myself, with mine dead, Plal. 39. throughout.I laid,
own hand. v.34. For in very deed, I will take heed to my ways, that
as the Lord God of Israel, liveth į fin not with my tongue:
whichhathkept me back from hurt z Mat. 5. 21. to the end. (See
ing thee, except thou hadst hasted Quest. 99. letter o.)
and come to meet me, surely there a Ezek. 13.27. Because with lies
had not been left unto Nabal, by ye have made the heart of the righ,
the morning light,any that pilseth teous sad, whom I have not made
against the wall,

fad; and strengthned the hands of
v. Rom.9. 14. What shall we say the wicked, that he should not re.
then? Isthereunrighteousness with turn from his wicked way, by
God? God forbid. v. 19. Thou promising him life.
wiltfay thenuntome, Why dothhe b 2 Pet. 3. 16. As also in all his
yet find fault? for who hathresisted epiltles, speaking in them of these
his will? v.20. Nay,but, О man, things: in which are some things
who art thou that repliest against hard to be understood, which

God? shallthe thing formedlay to that are unlearned and unstable
him that formed it, Why hast thou

wrest as they do also the other fcri. made me thus ?

ptures,unto their own destruction, w Deut. 29.29

The secret things Mat.22. 24., to the 31.Saying, Mabelong unto the Lord our God:but, fter, Moses faid, if a man die, hathose things whichare revealed be ving no children, his brother shall longuntouşandto our children for marry his wife, and raise up feed ever that we may do all the words unto his brother. v.25. Now there of this law.

were with us seven brethren, and xRom. 3.5. But if ourunrighte- the first-V, 28. Therefore in the ousnesscommendthe righteoniness refurrection,

whose wife shall the be of God, what shall we say? is God of the feven ? for they all had her. unrighteouswhotakethvengeance? 0.29. Jesus answered and said unto I speak as a man v. 7. For if the them, ye do err, not knowing the truth of God hath more abounded scriptures, nor the power of God. throughmy lie unto his glory why, v, 20. For in the resurrection.-yet am I allo judged as a linner? c Isa. 22. 13. And behold, joy Rom. 6. 1. What shall we say and gladnels,laying oxen,and kilthen ? fhall we continue in sin, that ling iheep, caling Hesh, and drink. grace may abound? God forbid. ing wine ; let us eat and drink, for

y Eccl. 8. 11. Because sentence to morrow we shall die. Jer.43-34. against an evil work isnotexecuted And as for the prophet, and the {peedily; therefore the heart of the priest and the people that ihaillay, fons of men is fully set in them to the burden of the Lord, I will even

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lings, or the maintaining of falle doctrined; abusing it, the creatures, or any thing contained under the name of God, to charms e, or sinful lust and practices f; the maligning &

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punishthat manandhishouse.v,36. his daughter to pass through the And the burden of the Lord shall fire, or that useth divination, or an ye mention no more : for every observerof times,or an inchanter, mans word shall be his burden; for or a witch. v,11. Ora charmer,or ye have perverted the words of the a consulter with familiar spirits, or living God, of the Lord of hosts a wizard, or a necromancer, v. 12 our (od. v. 38. But fith ye fay, For all that do these things are an Theburden of the Lord; therefore abomination unto the Lord, &c, thus faith the Lord, because you Acts.19.13. Then certain ofthevafay this word, The broken of the gabond Jews ,exorcists,took upon Lord, and I have sent unto you, them to call over them which had faying, Ye shall not say, The bur- evil spirits, the name of the Lord den of the Lord.

Jesus, saying, We adjure you by di Tim.1, 4. Neither give heed Jesus whom Paul preacheth. to tables, and endless genealogies, f2 Tim. 4. 3. For the time will which minister Questions, rather cone when they will not endure than godly edifying, which is in found do&rine; but after their faith:lo do.v.6. From which(faith) own lusts shall they heap to themfome having fwerved, have turned selvesteachers, havingitchingears, aside unto vain jangling;v: 7. De. V.4. And they shallturn awaytheir firing to be teachers of the law,un ears from the truth, and thall be derstanding neither what they say, turned unto fables. Rom. 13. 13, nor whereforetheyaffirm.: Tim.6. Let us walkhonestly asin the day; 4. He is proud, knowing nothing, not in rioting & drunkenness, not but doting about questions and in chamberingandwantonnels,not ftrifes of words, whercof cometh in strifeand

envying: v, 14.Butput envy, (trife, railings, evil furmi. ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and fings, v. 5. Pervese disputings of make not provision for the Aesh, men of corrupt minds, and defti- to fulfil the lusts thereof. i Kings tute of the truth, supposing that 21. 9. And she wrote in the letters gain is godliness; froni fuch with- faying proclaim a feast and set Nadraw thyself. v. 20, 0 Timothy, both on high a mong the people: keep that which iscommittedtothy v. 10. And set two men, sons of traft, a voiding profane and vain Belial, before him, to bear witness bablings, & oppofitionsof science, against him, saying, Thou didst fallly so called. 2 Tim. 2. 14. Of blasphame God and the king: and these thiņgs put them in remem- then carry hằm out, and Ifone him brance, charging them before the that he may die. Jude v. 4. For Lord, that they strive not about there are certain men creep in una words,to no profit, but to the sub- vares, who were before of old orverting of the hearers. Tit. 3. 9. dained to this condemnation, unBut avoid foolish questions, and godly men, turning the grace of genealogies, and contentions and our God into lasciviousness, and ftrivings about the law,fortheyare denying the only Lord God, and unprofitable and vain.

our Lord Jesus Christ. e Deut. 18. 10, II, 12, 13, 14, g Acts 13,44, But when the Jews There Thall not be found among saw themultitudes,they were filled you any one that maketh his fonor with enyy, and spake against those

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