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Q.125. Why are superiors ftiled Father and Mother?

A. Superiors are stiled Father and Mother, both to teach them in all duties towards their inferiors,like natural parents, to express love and tenderness to them, according to their feveral relations h; and to work inferiors to a greater willingness and cheerfulness in performing their duties to their sua! periors, as to their parents i.

Q: 126. What is the general scope of the fifth commandment?

A. The general scope of the fifth commandment is the performance of those duties which we mutually owe in our severairclations, as inferiors, superiors, or equals k.

Q. 127 What is the honour that inferiors owe to their superiors ?

A. The honour which inferiors owe to their superiors is, all due reverence in heart l. word and behavi.

our ;

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bow down to thee with their face unto the land which thou swarelt
toward the earth, and lick up the unto their fathers?
duftof thyfeet,and thou shaltknow i. Cor.4.14. I write not these
that I am the Lord : for they fall things to shame you, but as my be-
not be ashamed that wait for me. loved fons I warn you. v. 15.For

125.h Eph.6.4. And ye fathers, though ye have ten thousand in
provokenotyourchildrento wrath: structers in Christ, yet have ye not
but bring them up in the nurture& many fathers: for in Christ Jelus I
admonition of the Lord.2 Cor.12, have begotten you thro' the go-
14.–For the children ought not spel. v. 16. Wherefore I beleech
to lay up for the parents, but the you,be yefollowers of me, 2 Kings
parentsforthechildren,: Theff.2.7. 5. 13: (See letter e),
But we were gentle among you, 126. k Eph. si 21. Submitting
even as a nurse cherisheth herchil- yourselves one to another in the
dren: v, 8.50 being affectionately fear of God, 1 Pet. 2:17. Honour
delirous of you, we

were willing 311 men. Love the brotherhood:
to have imparted unto you,notthe Fear God. Honour the king. Ron.
gospel of God only, but also our 12.10. Bekindly affcctionedone to
own souls,because ye were dear un- another, with brotherly love, in
to us, v, 11. As ye know, how we honour preferring one another.
exhortedand comforted,and char 127-1 Mal.1.6. Ason honoureth
ged every one of you, as a father his father and a seryanthis master:
dotbhis children. Numb.11.11.And If then I be a father, where is mine
Moses said unto the Lord,

Where- honour? and Ifl be a master,where fore halt thou afflicted thy servant? is my fear? faith the Lord of hosts and wherefore have I not foundfa- unto you:Opriests, that despiseniy vour in thy sight, that thou layeft name: and ye fay, Wherein have the burden of all this people upon we despised thy name? Lev. 19,3. me: v.12, Havelconceived all this Ye shallfear every man-hismother, people have I begotten them?that and his

father, and kcep my fabó thou shouldīt say unto me, Carry baths: I am the Lord your God. them in thy bolom, (as a nursing. m Prov.21 28.Her childrenarise father beareth the sucking child) up, and call her blefled; her hus.


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our n; prayer and thanksgiving for them o; imitation of their virtues and graces p: willing obedience to their law, ful commands and counsels q; due fubmiffion to their Cor


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hand also, and he praiseth heri Pet. men. I Pet. 2, 13. Submit your 3. 6 Even as Sarah obeyed Abra- felves to every ordinance of man ham, calling him Lord: whose for the Lord's fake : whether it be daughters yeare as long as ye do to the king, as supreme; 7.14,Or well, and are not afraid with any a. linto governors, as unto them that mazement.

are sent by him for the punishment n Lev. 19. 32. Thou shalt rise of evil doers,and for the praise of before the hoary head and honour them that do well. Rom.13. 1. Let the face of the old man, and fear everysoulbesubject unto the higher thy God. I am the Lord. i Kings powers. For there is no power but 2. 19, Batshebatherefore went un of God: the powers that be, are to king Solomon, tolpeakunto him ordained of God.v.2. Whofoever for Adonijah; and the king rose therefore resisteth the power, re up to meet her,and bowed himself fisteth the ordinance of God: and anto her,andfatdownonhisthrone, theythatresift,shall receive tothemand caused a seat to be set for the felves damnation. v. 3. For rulers kinds mother; and the fat on his are not a terror to good works,but right hand.

to the evil. Wilt thou then not be 0 1 Tim. 2. 1. I exhort therefore afraid of the power? do that which thatfirst of all, fupplications pray is good, and thou shalt have praise ers, intercessions, and giving of of the fame:7.4. For he is the mi. thanks be made for all men: v. 2. nister of God to thee for good, But i for kings, and for all that are in if thou do that which is evil, be authority;thatwe may lead a quiet afraid:for he beareth not the sword and peaceable life in all godliness in vain: for he is the minister of and honesty.

God,a revenger tbexecut wrath up Heb. 13: 7. Remember them pon himthatdothevil.v.5. Where which have the rule over you, who fore ye must needs be subject, not have spoken unto you the word of only for wrath, but also for conGod:wholefaithfollow,confidering sciencesake.Heb.13.17.Obeythem the end of their conversation.Phil. that have the rule over you, and 3:17. Brethren,be followers toge submit yourselves; for they watch ther of me, and mark them which for your souls, as they that must walkso,asyehaveusfuranenfample. . give account; that they may doit

q Eph.6.1. Children,obey your with joy, and not with grief : for parents in the Lord:for thisisright, that is un profitable for you. Prov. V. 2. Honour thy father and mo. 4.3.For I was my father's son,tenther, (which is the first command, der and only beloved in the light ment withpromise) v. 5.Seryanțs, of my mother. v. 4. He taught me be obedient to them that are your also, and said unto me, Let thy masters according to the flesh,

with heart retain my words, keep my fear and trembling,in singleness of commandments andlive. Prov.23 your heart, as unto Christ; v. 6. 22. Hearken unto thy father that Not with eye-service,as men plea- begatthce,and dispise not thy mosers, but as the servants of Christ, ther when she is old. Exod.18.19. doing the will of God from the Hearken now unto my voice, I will heart;v. 7, With good-will doing give thee counsel and God shall be service, as to the Lord, and not to


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rections r; fidelity to f, defencet and maintainance of their persons and authority, according to their several ranks and the nature of their places v; bearing with their infirmities, and covering them in love w, that fo they may be an honour

to with thee, v, 24. SO Moses heark- fuccour usout of the city. Esth, ned to the voice, of his father in 6.1. And it was found wrttten, that law, and did all that he had said. Mordecai had told of Bigthana and

r Heb. 12. 9. Furthermore, we Terelh, two of the kings chamber. have had fathers of our felh, who lains, the keepers ofthe door, who corrected us and we gave them re- fought to lay hand on the king Averence; shall we not much rather hasuerus. be in subjection unto the Father of vMat.22.21. They say untohim, spirits and live ? 1 Pet. 2. 18.Ser. Celars. Then said he unto then, vants, be subject to your masters RenderuntoCesar thethingswhich with all fear,not only to the good are Cesars: and unto God the and gentle, but also to the froward things that are Gods. Rom. 13. 6. V.19. For this is thank worthy,if For, for this caule pay you tribute a man for conscience toward God also: for theyare Gods ministersatendure grief, sufferingwrongfully. tending continually upon thisvery 7. 20, For what gloryis it, if when thing. v. 7. Render therefore to ye be buffeted for your faults,ye all their dues, tribute to whom tria Ihall take it patiently?

but if when bute is due, custom to whom cnye do well, and sufferfor it, ye take stom, fear to whom fear, honour to it patiently; this is acceptablewith whom honour. 1 Tim, 5. 17. Let God.

the elders that rule well, be coun{ Tit.2. 9. Exhort servantsto be ted worthy of double honour, eobedient unto their own masters, specially they who labour in the and to please them well in all word and doctrine, v. 18. For the things; not answering againv. 10. scripture faith, Thou Malt not Not purloining, but shewing all muzzle the ox that treadeth out goodfidelity that they may adorn the corn, and, the labourer is the doctrine of God our Saviour in worthy of his reward. Gal.6.6. Let all things.

him that is taughtintheword.comt i Sam.26.'15, And David said municateunto him that teacheth in to Abner, Art not thou a valiant all good things. Gen. 45. 11. And man? and who is like to thee in If there will I nourish thee (for yet rael? wherefore then hast thou not there are five years of famine) left kept the lord the king? for there thou; and thy houshold, and all came oneofthe people into destroy thatthou haftcometopoverty.Gen. the king thy lord. v. 16: This 47.12. And Joseph nourished his fathing is not good that thou halt ther and his brethren, and all his done : As the Lord liveth, ye are fathers hour old with breadaccorworthy todie, because ye have not ding to their families. kept your master the Lords anoin w i Pet. 2. 18. Servants, be subted. 2 Sam18. 3. But the people ject to your masters with all fear, answered, Thou ihalt not go forth: not only to the gond and gentle, for if we fee away, they will not but also to the froward Prov. 23. care for us ; neither if half of us 22. Hearken unto thy father that die, will they care for us: but now begat thee,and dispise not thymo thou art worth ten thousand of us: ther when she is old. Gen, 9. 23, therefore now it is better that thou And ShemandJapheth took a gar





to them and to their government X,
Q. 128. What are the sins of inferioursagainsttheir Superiors?

A. The fins of Inferiors against their luperiors are, all neglect of the duties required toward them y; envying at contempt of a, and rebellion bagainst their persons c and places d, in their lawful councils e, commands, and correEtions f; cursing, mocking g, and all such refractory and


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ment and laid it upon both their me, that I should not reign over shoulders, and went backward, & them. Ifa. 3. 5. And the people covered the nakedness of their fa- shall be oppressed, every onehyather andtheirfaceswere backward, nother,andeveryoneby his neighand they saw not their fathers na. bour; the child shall behave him kedness.

self proundly againsttheancient, & x Pal: 127. 3. Lo, children are the base against the honourable. an heritage of the Lord ; and the b 2Sam. 15. froin v.1. to 12. And fruit of the womb is his reward. it came to pass after this, that Abe 1.4. As arrows arein the hand of a falom prepared him chajots and mighty man: so arechildren ofthe horses, 6c youth. v. 5.Happy is the manthat c Exod 21. 15. And he that smihath his quiver full of them : they reth his father or his mother, hall Thall not be ashamed, but they all surely be put to death speak withtheenemies in thegate. di Sarn. 10. 27. But the children Prov.31.-3.Her husband is known of Belielsaid, how shallmanthis fave in the gates, whenhefittethamong us? and they despised him, and the elders of the land.

brought him no presents, but he 128. y. Mat. 15.4. For God com: held his peace. manded, saying, honour thyfather ei Sam.2.25.--Notwithstanding and mother: and, He that curseth they(viz.the lons of Eli) bearkned father or mother, let him die the not unto the voice of their father, death.v.5. But ye say, Whosoever becausethe Lord would say them, Ihall say to hisfather or hismother, f Deut. 21,18. If a man have a Įt it a gift by whatsoever thou stulborn and rebellious son, which mightest be profited by me, v.6. will not obeythe voiceof his father And honour not his father or his or theyoice of his mother and that mother, he shall be free. Thus have when they have chastned him, will ye madethe commandment of God not hearken untothem:v.19. Then of none effećt by your tradition. {hall his father and his mother lay

z Numb. 11.28 And Joshua the hold on hini and bring himout un, fon of Nun, the servant of Moses, to the elders of the city, and unto one of his young men, answered the gate of his place: v, 20. And &laid, my lord Mofes, forbid them they shall say unto theelders ofhis v. 29. And Moles faid unto him city, This our fon is stuborn and Envyest thou for my fake? rebellious, he will not obey our WouldGod that all the Lords peo- voice,he is a glutfon and a drunk: ple wereprophcts,and that theLord ard.v.21.And all themenof hiscity would put his fpirit upon them, hall stone hin with stones, that he

a I Sam. 8. 7. And the Lord said die: folhaltthou put evilaway from unto Samuel, Hearken unto the among you, and all Israelshaļlheap voice of the people in all that they and fear. say unto thee: for they have not & Prov. 39. ĮI, There is a gene: rejectedthce, butthey haverejected


1 it d

fcandalous carriage, as proves a shame and difhonour to them and their government h.

l. 129. What is required of superiors towards their ing feriors ?

A. It is required of superiors, according to that power they receive from God, and that relation wherein they stand, to love i, pray for k, and bless their inferiors 1; to instruct n, counfel and admonish them n; countenancing •, commend. ing P, and rewarding such as do well q'; and discountenan.


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xation that curseth their father,and 49: 28. All these are the twelve dath not bless their mother. 7.17, tribes of Ifrael; and this is it that Theeye that mocketh at his father, their father spake unto thein, and and despiseth to obey his mother, blessed them; eyery one according the ravens of the valley shall pick it to his blessing he blessed them, out,& theyoung eagles shall eat it. m Deut. 6. 6. And there words

h Prov, 19. 26. He that wasteth which I command thee this day, hisfather and chaleth away his mo- shall be in thine heart. v. 7. And ther, is a fon that causeth shame, thou shalt teach them diligently and bringeth reproach.

unto thy children, and shall talk of 129.1 Col.3:19. Husbands,love them when thou fittest in thine your wives,&be not bitter againt house, and when thou walkest by them. Tit. 2; 4: That they may the way,and when thou liestdown, teach the youngwomen to belober, and when thou risest up; to love their husbands,to love their n Eph. 6.4. And ye fathers,prochildren,

voke not your children to wrath : k i Sam, 12.23. Moreover,as for but bring them up in the nurture me, God forbid that I fhould fina and admonition of the Lord. gaint the Lord in cealing to pray o 1 Pet.3.7. Likewiseyehusbands, for you: but I will teach you the dwellwith themaccordingtoknow good and the right way. job 1, 5, ledge givinghonouruntothewifeas And it wasso, when thedays oftheir unto the weaker veffel, & as being fasting were gone about, that Joh heirs together of the grace of life; sent and fan&ified them, and rose that your prayers be not hindred. up early in the morning, and of piPet.2.14. Orunto governors, fered burnt offerings,according to as unto them that are sent by him the number of theni all: for job for the punishment of evil doers,& faid, it may be that my fons have for the praise of them that do well. sinned, and curled God in their Rom.13.3.For rulers are not a ter hearts. Thus did Job continually. ror to good works, but to the evil.

| 1 Kings $.55.And he stood and Wilt thou then not be afraid of the blessed all the congregation of if- power? do that which is good, & rael, with a loud voice, saying, thou shalt have praise of the same. 0.56. Blessed be the Lord, that hath 9 Esth. 6. 3. And the king said, given rest unto his peopleIfrael,ac what honour and dignity hath been cording to all that he promised: done to Mordecai for this? then there hath not failed-Heb. 7. 7. said the king's servants that miniAnd without all contradiction, the stred unto him, there is nothing Jess is blessed of the better, Gerly done for him,

r Rom.

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