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cing r, reproving, and chastning such as do ill f; protecting t, and providing for them all things necessary for Soul v and Bodyw: and, by grave, wise, holy and examplary carriage, to procure glory to God x, honour to themselves y, and so to preserve that authority which God hath put upon them z.

Q. 130. What are the fins of fuperiors ?

A, The sins of superiors are, beside the neglect of the duties required of them a, an inordinate seeking of them

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r Rom. 13.3. For rulers are not a WI Tim. 5. 8, Butifany provide terrortogoodworks,but tothe evil. not for his own, and specially for Wilt thou then notbe afraid of the those of his own house, he hath power? do that which is good, and denied the faith, and is worse than thou shalt have praise of the fame: an infidel. v. 4. For he is the minister of God XiTim.4.12.Let no mandespise to thee for good. But if thou do thy youth, but be thou an example that which is evil, be afraid; for ofthebelievers in word, in converhe beareth not the sword in vain: sation, in charity,in spirit,in faith, for he is the minister of God,a re- in purity. Tit,2.3. Theagedwomen venger to execute wrath upon him likewise, that they be in behaviour that doth evil.

asbecometh holiness,notfalseaccuProv. 29. 15, The rod and re- sers,not given tomuchwine,leachproof give wisdom: but a child left 'ers of good things, 7.4. That they to himself, bringeth his mother to may teach the young women to be Ihanic. 1 Pet.2.14. (See abovein p.) sober, to love their husbands, to

t Job 29.11. Because I delivered love their children. v.5. To be difthe poor that cried and the father- creet,chalte,keepersathome,good, less, and him that had none to help obedient totheirown husbands, that him.v.13. The blessing of him that the wordof Godbe notblafphemed. was ready to perish,came uponme: yıKings3.28.Andall Israelheard and I caused the widows heart to' of thejudgment which the kinghad fing for joy.w.14.I put on righte- judged, and they feared the king: ouiness,& it clothed me: myjudge for they saw that the wisdomofGod ment was a robe & a diadem. v.15. was in him, to do judgment. I was eyes to the blind,and feet was z Tit. 2.15. These things speak I to the lame. v. 16. I was a father & exhort, and rebuke with all auto the poor: and tlre cause which I thority. Let no man despise thee. knew not,Isearched out.v. 17.And 130. a Ezek. 34. 2. Son of man, I brake the jaws of the wicked,and prophesy against the shepherds of plucktthe spoilout of his teeth. Ila. Ifrael,prophesy,and say unto them, 1.10.Here the word of the Lord,ye Thus faith the Lord God unto the rulers of Sodom; give ear unto the shepherds, wo be to the shepherds law of our God, ye people of Go- of Israel that do feed themselves : morrah. v. 17. Learn to do well, should not the shepherds feed the seek judgment, relieve the opprelflock? v. 3. Ye eat the fat, and ye sed, judge the fatherless, plead for clothe you with the wool, ye kill the widow.

them that are fed: but ye feed not v Eph. 6.4. And ye fathers,pro- the flock, v. 4. The diseafed have voke not your children to wrath : yenot strengthned, neither have ye but bring them up in the nurture healed that which was sick, neither and admonition of the Lord.


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Telves b, their own glory c, ease, profit, or pleasure di commanding things unlawful e, or not in the power of inferiors to perform f; counselling g, encouraging h, or favouring them in that which is evil i; disswading, difcouraging,or discountenancing them in that which is good k;



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have ye bound up that which was But that it fpreadno furtheramong broken, neither have ye brought the people, let us straitly threaten. againthat which was driven away, them that they speak henceforth to neither have ye sought that which no man in this name. v. 18. And was lost; but with force and with they called them, and commanded cruelty haye ye ruled them. them not tolpeakat all,nor to teach

b Phil. 2, 21.For all seek their in the name of Jesus. own, not the thingswhichare Jesus fExod.5.fromverse1o.tothe 18. Christs,

And the task-masters of the people c John 5:44, How canyebelieve, wentout,and their officers,andthey which receive honour one of ano- spake to the people, saying, Thus ther, and seek not the honour that faith Pharaoh, I will not give you cometh from God only? John7. 18. straw, &c.Mat. 2.23.Saying, The He that speaketh of himself, leek, Scribes and Pharisees lit in Moles eth his own glory; but he that feat. 04. For they bind heavy burfeeketh his glory; that lenthim, the dens, and grievous to be born... same is true, and no unrighteous g Mat. 14. 8. And she,being beness is in him.

fore instructedof her mother, laid; difa. 56. 10. His watchmen are Give me here John Baptists head in blind: they are all ignorant, they a charger. Compared with Mark 6. are all dumb dogs, they cannot 24. And she went forth, and said bark; sleeping, lying down, loving unto her mother, What shall I ask? to slumber, v. 11. Yea, they are and she said, the head of John the greedydogs, which can never have baptist. enough,&

they are shepherds that h 2 Sam. 13. 28. Now Abfalom cannot understand : they all look hadcommandedhisservants, saying, to their own way,everyone for his Mark ye now when Ammons heart gain fromhis quarter. Deut.17.17, is merry with wine; and when I say Neither shall he multiply wives to unto you, Smite Ammon,then kill himself, that his heart turn not a. him, fear not; liave not I commanway,neither shall he greatly mul- ded you? be couragious and be vatiply to himself silver and gold, liant.

e Dan. 3. 4. Then an herald. i Sam, 3.13.ForI have toldhim, cried aloud, To you it is comman- that Iwill judge his housefor ever: ded, people, nations,and langua. for the iniquity which heknoweth: ges, v, 5: That at what time ye because his sons made themselves hear the found of the cornet, flute, vils, and he restrained them not. harp, facbut, pfaltery, dulcimer, k John 7. 46. The officers anand allkinds of musick ,yefall down swered, never man spake like this and worship the golden image that man: v. 47. Then aniwered them Nebuchadnezzar the king hath set thePharisees, Areye also deceived? up, v, 6. And whoso fàllcth noć 7:43.Have any of the rulers, or of down and worshippeth, shall the thePhariseesbelievedon him?v.49. same hour be cast into the midlt of But this people who knoweth not a burning fiery furnace. Acts4.17, the law are curled, Col.3,21, Fa


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correcting them unduly 1; careless exposing, or leaving them to wrong, temptation and danger m; provoking them to wrath n; or any way difhonouring themselves, or lessening, their authority, by an unjust indiscreet, rigorous or remiss behaviour o.

l. 131. thers, provokenot yourchildrento but bring them up in the nurture anger, lest they be discouraged. and admonition of the Lord. Exod. 5:17.Buthe faid, Ye are idle; oGen.9.21. And he drankofthe yeare idle, therefore ye say, Let wine,and was drunken,and he was us go and do facrifice to the Lord. uncovered within his tent. I Kings

ki Pet.2.18. Servants,befübject 12.13. And the King (Rehoboam) to your masters with all fear, not answered the people roughly, and only to the good and gentle, but forsook the old mens counsel that also to the froward v. 19. For they gave him; v. 14. And spake this is thank-worthy, if a man for to them after the counsel of the consciencetowardGodenduregrief youngmen, saying, My Fathermade fuffering wrongfully, v, 20. For your yoke heavy, & I will add to what glory is it, if when ye bebuf. your yoke;my father also chastised feted for your faults, ye shall take you with whips, but I will chastise' it patiently; but if when ye do well, you with scorpions.v.15. Whereand sufferforit,ye take it patiently: fore the king hearkned not unto this is acceptable with God. Heb. the people; for the cause was from 12. 10. For they verily for a few the Lord,-0.16.So when all Israel days chastned us after their own saw that the king hearkned notunpleasure, but he for our profit, that to them, the people answered the we might be partakers of his holi. king, saying, what portion have ness. Deut. 25. 3,Forty stripes, he we in David"? neither have we inmay give him and not exceed: left heritance in the son of Jesse: to if he should exceed, and beat him your tents, o Ifrael: now see to above these with many stripes, thinė own house, David. So Ifrael then thy brother should seem vile departed into their tents i Kings into thee,

1.6,And his father hadn't displeam Gen. 38.11. Then said Judah sedhim(viz. Adonijah) at anytime, to Tamar his daughter in law,Re- in saying, Why halt thou done so? main a widow at thy father's house, Sam. 2, 29. Whereforekick ye at till Shelah my son be grown ; (for my facrifices,and at mine offering he said Left peradventure he die which/ bavecommanded in my haalso as his brethren did) and Ta- bitation, and honourest thy fons mar went and dwelt in her father's above me,to make yourselves fat, house. v, 26. And Judah acknowo with thechiefest of all the offerings Jedged them and said, Shehath been of Israel my people? v.30. Wheremore righteous than 1; because I fore the Lord God of Israel faith, gaveher not unto Shelah my son:& I laid indeed, that thy house, and he knew her again no more. Acts the house of thy fatherihould walk 38.17. Then all the Greeks took before me for ever: but now the Sosthenes the chief ruler of the sy- Lord faith, Be it far from me: for nagogue, and beat him before the them that honour me, I willhonour judgment-feat, and Gallio, cared and they that despise me, thall be for none of those things.

lightly elteemed; v. 31. Behold, n Epb.6.4. And ye fathers, pro- the days come that I will cut off Yoke not your children to wrath: thine arm, and the arm of thy fa

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e anotherw;and usurping pre-eminence oneoveranotherx.

Q. 131. What are the duties of equals ?

A. The duties of equals are, to regard the dignity and

worth of each other P, in giving honour to go one before its another q; and to rejoice in each others gifts and advances

ment, as their own r.

Q. 132. What are the fins of equals ? re

A. The sins of equals ara, beside the neglect of the he duties required f, the undervaluing of the worth t, en

tying the gifts v, grieving at the advancement or prosperity

Q.133.What is the reason annexed to the fifth commandment, the more to enforce it?

A. The reason annexed to the fifth commandment, in

these words, That thy days may be long upon the land de

which the Lord thy God giveth thee y, is an express promise d of long life and prosperity, as far as it shall serve for God's

glory thers house, that there shall not be v Aets 7.9. And the patriarchs, an old man in thinc house, moved with envy,fold Joseph into

131. pi Pet. 2. 17. Honour all Egypt: butGod waswith him. Gal. men. Love the brotherhood. Fear 3. 26. Let us not be desirous of God. Honour the king.

vain glory, provoking one anog Rom. 12. 10. Be kindly affe- ther, envying one another. étioned one to another; with bro w Numb. 12. 2. And they said, therly love, in honour preferring hath the Lord indeed spoken only one another.

by Mofes ? hath he not spoken also 1

r Rom. 12.15. Rejoice with them by us? and the Lord heard it. Efth. that do rejoice, & weep with them 6.12. AndMordecai came again to that weep. v. 16. Be of the same the kings gate; but Haman hafted mind one towards another. Mind to his house,mourning, and having not high things, but condescend his head covered. v. 13. And Hato men of low eltate. Be not wise man toldZerelh his wife and all his in your own conceits. Phil. 2. 3. friends every thing that had befalLet nothing be done through strifelen him. Then said his wise men, or vain-glory, but in lowliness of and Zeresh his wife unto him, if mind, let each esteem other better Mordecai be of the feed of the Jews, than themselves. v. 4. Look not before whom thou hast begun to every man on his own things, but fall, thou shalt not prevail against every man allo on the things of him, butshalt surely fall before him. others.

*3.John 9. I wrote unto the
132. [Rom: 13. 8. Owe no man church; butDíotrephes, wholoveth
any thing, but to love one another: to have pre-eminence amongthem,
for he that loveth another, hath receiveth us not. Luke 22.24. And
fulfilled the lat.

there was allo a strife amongst
t2Tim.3.3. Without natural af- them, which of them should be ac-
fection, truce-breakers, false accu- counted the greatest.
fers, incontinent, fierce, despisers 133. y Exod. 20. 12.
of those that are good.

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glory and their own good, to all such as keep this command-
ment z.

Q. 134. Which is the sixth commandment?
A. The fixth commandmenris, Thou shalt not kill a.

Q. 135. What are the duties required in the sixth commanda ment?

A. The duties required in the sixth commmandment are, all careful studies, and lawful endeavours, to preserve the life of ourselves b and others c, by resisting all thoughts and purposes d,fubduing all passions e,and avoiding all occasionsf,


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z Deut, 5.16. Honour thy father of; for of a truth the Lord hath and thy mother, as the Lord thy fent meumto you to speak all these God hath commanded thee; that words in your ears. v. 16. Then thy days may be prolonged, and said the princes and all the people that it may go well with thee,in unto the prielts, and to the prothe land which the Lord thy God phets, This man is not worthy to giveth thee. 1 Kings 8.2 5. There- die; for he hath spoken to us in fore now,Lord God of Israel, keep the name of the Lord our God, Acts with thy servant David my father 23.12. And when it was daycertain that thou promisedít him, saying, of the Jews banded together, and There shall not fail thee a man in bound" themselves under a curse, my light to fit on the throne of Il- saying, that they would neither eat rael;fo that thy children take heed nor drink, tillthey had killed Paul. to their way,thatthey walk before v. 16. And when Pauls filters son me as thou hast walked before me. heard of their lying in wait, he Eph. 6. 2. Honour thy father and went andentred into thecastle,and thy mother (which is thefirst com told Paul. v,17 • Then Paul called mandment with promise)v.3. That one of the centurions unto him,& it may be well with thee,and thou laid, bring this young manuntothe mayelt live long on the earth. chief captain: forhe hath a certain 124. a Exod. 20. 13.

thing to tell him.v.21, But do not 135.6 Eph. 5,28. So ought men thou yield unto them: for therely to love their own wives as their in wait for him more than forty own bodies: he that loveth his men, which have bound themselves wife, loveth himself, v.29. For no with an oath, that they will neither man ever yet hated his own flesh; eat nor drink till they have killed. but nourisheth and cherisheth it, him and now are they ready lookeven as the Lord the church. ing for a promise from thee,v. 27.

c i Kings18.4.Forit wasso,when This man was taken of the Jews, Jezebel cut off the prophets of the and should have been killed of Icrd, that Obadiah took an hun. them: then came I with an army, dred prophets, and hid them by and rescued him, having underfisty in a cave, and fed them with stood that he was a Roman. bread and water.

e Eph. 4. 26. Be ye angry, and d Jer. 26.15. But know ye for fin not: let not the fun go down certain that if ye put me to death, upon your wrath: V. 27. Neither yesh all surely bringinnocentblood give place to the devil, upon yourse ves,and upon this ci f 2 Sam, 2.22. And Abner said tygand upon the inhabitants there again to Alahal, Turn thee aside


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