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Q. 143. Which is the ninth commandment ?

Ă. The ninth commandment is, Thou shalt not bear fallë witness against thy neighbour a.

Q. 144. What are the duties required in the ninth commandment?

A. The duties required in the ninth commandment are, the preserving and promoting of truth between man and man b, and the good name of our neighbour, as well as our own c: appearing and standing for the truth d; and from the heart e, fincerely f, freely g, clearly h rand fully i speaking the truth, and only the truth, in matters of judgment and justice k, and in all other things whatso *

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hath denied the faith, and is worse & the Lord wrought a great falvathan an infidel.

tion for all Israel: thou sawest it, 143. a Exod. 20, 16.

and dijft rejoice: wherefore then 144.b Zech.8.16. These are the wilt thousinagainst innocentblood, things that ye shall do, speak ye to slay David without a cause? every man the truth to his neigh-, h Josh. 7. 19. And Joshua said, bour : execute the judgment of unto Achan, my lon, give, I pray truth and peace in your gates. thee, glory to the Lord God of its

C 3 John 12. Demetrius hath rael,& make confession unto him; good report of all men, and of the and tell me now what thou hast truth in itfelt : yea, and we also done, hide it not from me: bear record, and ye know that our i 2 Sam. 14. 18. Then the king record is true.

answered and!aid untothe woman, d Prov.31. 8. Open shy mouth hide not from me, I pray thee, the for the dumb in the cause of all thing that I shall ask thee. And fuchas are appointedtodestruction. the woman said, let my lord the v:9. Open thy mouth, judge righ- king now speak. v, 19. And the teously, and plead the cause of the king faid, is not the hand of Joab poor and needy.

with thee in all this? and the wo“ c Pfal. 15, 2. He that walkethi man answered and said, as thy soul uprightly, and worketh righteoul- liveth, my lord the king, none can ness, and speaketh the truth from turn to the right hand or the left his heart.

from ought that my lord the king f4 Chron.19:9. And he charged hath fpoken: for thy servant Joab theni, saying, thus shall ye do in he bade me, and he put all these the fear of the Lord, faithfully and words in the mouth of thine handwith a perfect heart:

maid. v. 20, Tu fetch about this g 1 Sam. 19. 4. And Jonathan form of speech hath thy servant Spake good of David unto Saul bis Joab done this thing: and mylord Father, and said unto him,let not is wise, -the king lin against his fervant, a k Lev.19,15. Ye shall do no ungainst David: because he hath not righteousness in judgment; thou linned against thee, and because his shalt not respect the person of the works have been to thee-ward very poor,nor honour the person of the good. v. 5. For he did put his life mighty, but in righteousness shalt in his hand, and New the Philifine, thoujudgethyneighbour. Prov.14.

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ever 1: a charitable esteem of our neighbours m, loving, desising,and rejoicing in their good name n; sorrowing for o), and covering of, their infirmities p: freely acknowledging of their gifts and graces q, defending their innocency r; a ready receiving of a good report 1, and unwillingness to admit of an evil report concerning them t; discouraging tale


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5, A faithful witness will not lie: 2 Cor. 12,21. And lestwhenicome but a false witnels will utter lies. again,my God will humble me a7.-25. A true witness delivereth mong you, and that I shall bewail fouls,but a deceitfulwitness speak- manywho have finned already,& eth lies.

have not repented of the unclean12 Cor. 1.17. When I therefore nels, and fornication, and lafciviwas thus minded, did I use lights ousness which theyhavecommitted: pess? or the things that I purpose p Prov. 17.9.He that covereth a do I purposeaccording to the flesh, tranfgression, feeketh love, but he that with me there should be yea, that repeateth a'matter, seperateth yea, and nay, nay? v. 18, Bue as very friends. I Pet.4,8. And above God is true, our word toward you all things have fervent charity awas not yea, and nay. Eph.4.25. mong yourselves, for charity shall Wherefore putting away lying, cover the multitude of lins. fpeak-every man truth with his O I Cor.1. 4. I thank my Godal. neighbour : for we are members ways in your behalf, for thegrace One of another.

of Godwhich is given you by Jefus m Heb. 6.9. But, beloved weare Christ. v: 5: That in every thing perswaded better things of you, ỹe are enriched by him, in all utand things that accompanysalvati- terance, and in all knowledge.v.7. on, though we thus Ipeak. I Cor. So that ye come behind in no gift; 13:7. (Charity) beareth all things waiting for the comingof the Lord believeth all things, hopeth all Jesus Christ. 2 Tim. 1. 4. Greatly things, endureth all things. defiring to see thee, being inind.

n Rom. 1.8.First Ithank my God ful of thy tears, that I may be filthrough Jesus Christforyouall, that led with joy :v. 5. When I call to your faith is spokenof throughout renembrance the unfeigned faith the whole world. 2 John 4. I re- that is in thee, which dwelt first joiced greatly that I found of thy in thy grandmother Lois, & thy children walking in the truth, as mother Eunice; and I am perswawe have received a commandment ded that in thee allo, froin the father. 3 John 3. For I r I Sam; 22. 14:Then Ahinelech rejoiced greatlywhen the brethren answered the king and said, And came and testificd of the truth that whois fo faithfulamongallthy feris in thee, even as thou walkelt in vants, as David, whichisthekings the truth. v. 4. I have no greater fon in law, and goeth at thy bida joy than to hear that my children ding, and is honourable in thine walk in the truth

-house ? o 2 Cor. 2. 4. For out of much fi Cor. 13.6(Charity) rejoiceth, affliction and anguish of heart, not in in iniquity.but réyoicech in wrote unto you with many tears; thetruth. 7.bearethall things,belinot that you shouldbegrieved, but veth all things, bopeth all things, that yemight know thelovewhich endureth all things. I have moreabundantly unto you. t Pfal. 19. 3 He that backbitèth


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flatterers w, and slanderers x; love and care of our own good name, and defending it when need requireth y keeping of lawful promises z; studying and practifing of what foever things are true, honest, lovely, and of good report do

Q. 145. What are the fins forbidden in the ninth commando ment?

A. The fins forbidden in the ninth commandment are, all prejudicing the truth, and the good name of our neigh. bours, as well as our own by, especially in public judicature c;

giving not with his tongue,nor doth evil left those few sheep in the wilder. to his neighbour, nor taketh up a ness? I know thy pride, and the reproach againft his neighbour. naughtiness of thineheart, forthou

v Prov. 25.23. The north wind art come down that thou mightelt drivethaway rain:fodoth an angry fee the battle 2 Sam. 16. 3. And countenance a backbiting tongue. the king faid, And where is thy

w Prov. 20. 24. He that hateth, masters fon? And Ziba said unto diffembleth with his lips, and lay- the king, behold, he abideth at Jeeth up deceit within him. v. 25. rusalem: for he said, to day shall When he speaketh fair,believe him the house of Israef restore me the not: for there are seven abomina- kingdom of my father.2 Sam. 1.9. tions in his heart,

He said unto me again, Itand, I x Pfal. 101. 5. Wholo privily pray thee upon me, and slay me. Standereth his neighbour, him will for anguish is come upon me, bea I cut off :

cause my life is yet whole in me y Prov. 22.1. A good name is v. 10. So I ltood upon him, and rather to be chosen than great New him, because I was sure that he riches, and loving favour, rather could not live after thathe was fal than filver and gold. John. 8. 49. len: And took the crown that was Jelas anfwered, I have not a devil; on his head, And the bracelet that but I honour niy Father and yedo was on his arm, and have brought dishonour me.

them thither unto my lord. v. 15. z Plál. 15. 4. He that sweareth And David calledone of theyoung to his own hurt,and changeth not, men, and said, Go near, and fall

a Phil. 4, 8. Finally, brethren, upon him. And he smoté him that whatsoever things are true what he died. v. 16. And David said tover things are honelt, whatso- unto him, Thy blood be upon thy ever things are just whatsoever head : for thy mouth hath testified things are pure, whatsoever things against thee, saying, I have sain are lovely, whatsoever things are the Lord's anointed. of good report: if there be any c Lev.19.15. Ye shall do no un virtue, and if there be any praise, righteousness in judgment; thou think on these things.

fhalt not respect the perion of the 145. b 1Sam. 17.78. And Eliab poor, nor honour the person ofthe his eldest brother heard when he mighty; but in righteousness shalt fpake unto the man; and Eliabs thoujudgethyneighbour.Hab.1.4, anger was kindled against David, Therefore the law is slacked, and and he laid,

Whycamelt thoudown judgment doth never go forth: for bither? and with whom halt thou the wicked doth compals aboutthe

hate; yea

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fion unto Smare aii abomina- the wicked, and he that condem

of giving false evidence d, fuborning false witnesses é, Witting

ly appearing and pleading for an evil cause, out-facing and over-bearing the truth ; passing unjust sentence g; calling evil good, and good evil; rewarding the wicked according

to the work of the righteous, and the righteous according he to the work of the wicked h; forgery i, concealing the

truth, ha

fighteous: therefore wrong judg. Thou lovelt évil more than good: fhent proceedeth.

& lying rather than tofpeak righ:6 dProv.19.5.Afalse witnessthall teousness. Selah. v.4. Thou lovest ng hot be unpunished, and he that all devouring words, 0 thou de

fpeaketh lies shall notescape,Prov. ceitful tongue.

6.16. These fixthingsdoththe Lord g Prov.17as. He that justifieth hori

V. 19. A false wit- neth the just, even they both are hefs that Ipeaketh lies,& him that abomination to the Lord. 1 Kings

foweth discord among brethren. 21. from verse9. to 14: And she(jeby e Acts 6. 13. And set up falfe zebel) wrote in the letters, saying,

witnesses, which faid, This man Proclaim a fast, and let Naboth out ceaseth notto speak blafpheinous high among the people.v: 10. And

words against this holy place and set two mens sons of Belial,before C the law.

him, to bear witness againft him, fjer. 6.3. And they bend their faying, Thou didst blaipheme God tongue like their bow for lies: but and the king and then carry him they are not valiant for the truth out and stone him that he maydie. Apon the earth; for they proceed 7.11.And the men of his city,cven

from evil to evil, and they know the elders & the nobles who were nd not me, faith the Lord. v. 5. And the inhabitants in his city, did as he they will deceive every onehis Jezebel had sent unto them. V. 13. neighbour, and will not fpeak the and (they)

stoned him with stones truth:they havetaughttheir tongue that he died. to speak lies and weary themselves h Ifa. s.23. Which justify the to commit iniquity. Acts 24. 2. wicked for a reward, and take a** And when hewas calledforth, Ter- way the righteousness of the rightullus began to accule him-,v. 5. teous from him. For we havefound this man a pesti i Psal, 119. 69. The proud have dent fellow, and a mover of fedi - forged a lie against me but I will tion among all the Jewsthroughout keep thy precepts with my whole the world, and a ring-leader of the heart. Luke. 19.8. And Zacchers fect of the Nazarenes. Pfal. 12. 3. Itood and laid unto the Lord, Be. Thelord shall cut off all Aattering hold, Lord, the half of my goods lips, and the tongue that speaketh I give to the poor : and if I have proud things.v. 4. Who have said, taken any

thing from any iñan by With our tongue will wė prevail; false accusation, I restore him four our lips are our own: who is Lord fold. Luke 16:5. So he called even over us? Pfal. 52,1. Why boaltelt ry one of his lords debtors unto thou thy felfin mischief, o mighty him, and said unto the first, How man? the goodness of God endue much owest thou unto my lord ? retli continually.v.2. Thy tongue v. 6. And le faid, An hundred deviseth' mischiefs: like a sharp measures of oil, And he said unto* Fazor, working deceitfully, v. 3. him, take thy bill, and lit down


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truth, undue silence in a just cause k, and holding oor peace when iniquity calleth for either a reproof from ourselves l, or complaint to others m; speaking the truth unleasonably n, of maliciously to a wrongend o, or perverting it to a wrong meaning p, or in doubtful or equivocal expressions, to the preju. dice of truth or justice 9; speaking intruch r, lying f,


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quickly,and write fifty.v.7. Then Nob,to Abimelech the son of Ahi. said he to another, and how much tub. v. 10. And he enquired of the owest thou ?

Lord for him: and gave him vik Lev.5.1. And if a foul sin,and ctuals, and gave him the sword of hear the voice of swearing, and is Goliah the Philistine. (Compared a witness, whether he hath seen or with Pfal. 52.) A Pfalm of David, known of it, if he do not utter it, when Doeg the Edomite came and then he hallbearhisiniquity.Deut. toldSaul,--V:1. Why boaltelt thou 13.8. Thou shalt not consent unto thy self in mischief, o mighty him, nor hearken unto him; nei- man? &c. to verse 5. ther shall thine eye pity him, nei p Plalm 56. 5. Every day they ther shalt thou spare, neither shalt wrest my words; all their thoughts thou conceal him. Ads 5. 3. But are against me for evil. John 2. 19. Peter said, Ananias, why hath Sa- Jesusansweredand said unto them, tan filled thine heart to lie to the Destroy this temple, and in three holy Ghost, and to keep back part days I will raise it up. Compared of the price of the land ? v. 8, with Mat.26.60.--At the last came And Peter answered unto her, tell two false witnesses, v.61. And said, me whether ye fold the land for so this fellow said, I am able to dea much. And she said, yea, for so stroy the temple of God, and to much.v.9. Then Peter said unto build it in three days. her, how is it that ye have agreed 2 Gen.3. 5. ForGod doth know, together, to tempt the spirit of the that in the day ye eat thereof,then Lord?--2 Tim. 4. 16. At my first your eyes shall be opened : and ye answer no man stood with me, but shall be as gods knowing good and all men forfook me : 1 pray God evil. Gen. 26.7. And the men of that it may not be laid to their the place alked him of his wife : charge.

and he said, she is my sister : for 1 i Kings 1.6. And his father had he feared to say, she is my wife. not displeased him at any time, in v. 9. And Abimelech called Ifaac, faying, why hast thou done 10?-- and said, behold, of a surety she is Lev.19.17. Thoushaltnothate thy thy wife: and how faidít thou, brother in thine heart : thou shalt fhe is my fitter?--in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, rifa: 59.13. In transgresling and and not suffer sin upon him. lying against the Lord, & depart

m Ifa.59.4. None calleth for ju ing away from our God, speaking stice, nor any pleadeth for truth: oppression and revolt, conceiving they trust in vanity,

and uttering from the heart, words n Prov. 29, 11. A fool uttereth of fallhood. all his mind: but a wife man keep [Lev. 19. 11. Ye shall not steal, eth it in till afterwards.

neither deal falsly, neither lie one o i Sam. 22.9. Then answered to another. Col. 3. 9. Lie not one Doeg the Edomitc, (which was set to another, seeing that ye have put over the servants of Saul)and said, off the old man with his deeds. I saw the son of Jelle coming to


t Plal.

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